Art Is Calling For Me

August 9, 2013 — 186 Comments

I would love to dedicate this post and these songs to my Mum who has her birthday later this week. She has always been an inspiration to me and my very best friend, although she will probably kill me when she sees that I have put this picture of us both on my blog 🙂


I have been working on ‘Art is Calling for Me’ for several years now, I have always imagined that I was a Princess and I when I first heard this song I just had to learn it 🙂

I used to get the cute factor when I was belting it out when I was thirteen but as each year has gone by all of my vocal teachers have expected improvements, extra frills, trills and as you watch it you’ll see what I mean, more character. I’m still working on that and there is still more comedic acting I could do, space allowing.


Russell Lomas, Charlotte Hoather and Colin Blamey ( Clarinet )

I have two versions of this recording, the first at Lytham Assembly rooms on 2nd August 2013, with the beautiful piano accompaniment of Russell Lomas, who was the former Head of Accompaniment at Chetham’s School of Music until his retirement in 2003, he was the only accompanist to appear on at least one televised programme in every series of the BBC TV Young Musician of the Year competition between the first year of the competition 1978 and 2004, Russell graduated from the Royal Manchester College of Music with a distinction in both Performers and Teachers Diplomas and was awarded the Ricordi Prize for Accompaniment.

The second recording was during my concert at St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh on Monday 5th August, with Marcus Kitchen accompanying me on this complicated piano piece, he also did a fabulous job and it was a newly learned piece for him.

I just could not decide between the two which one to post for you to watch. So I’ve decided to put both on in this post; let me know which you prefer and I’ll put the one with the most votes on to my performance (videos and recordings) page 🙂

Art is Calling For Me (I want to be a Prima Donna) is from the Broadway Comic Opera ‘The Enchantress’ (Victor Herbert / Harry B Smith). First performed in 1911 in the New York Theatre, New York. The style of the piece is ‘Romantic’.

I absolutely love this piece of music, I feel it was written for me 🙂 even though I can only dream of being a Princess.

First Version

Second Version

I hope you enjoy listening to them and please vote for your favourite 🙂

186 responses to Art Is Calling For Me


    I personally prefer the first one, it felt more personal and the sound quality is better! Thank you for following my blog, and leading me to find yours. I’m going to recommend this to my sister, who will apply to specialize in performing arts in college next fall!


    The photograph of you and your Mum is so personal. you look like a smaller version of her. Do not believe for a moment that she will object to it being displayed for you are both perfectly posed and the bond of affection is tangible for all to see. Your readers enjoy sharing precious moments with you.

    Whilst I enjoyed both videos, I much prefer the quality of resonance in the second one. You look beautiful with the deep teal and the dress is so feminine, which suits your coloring and golden hair. The ambiance of Saint Mary’s Cathedral, with its gorgeous background plays the perfect part, embellishing your story and complimenting both you and the pianist. I liked the sound of this piano better, too.

    Because I am a professional vocalist (more in the jazz and sultry types of genre) and also being an artist, I love the balance of colors, there for us to appreciate. The way the church allows the fullness of your notes to linger around the room, lends to your pitch being spot on. Whereas the other, much smaller room failed to provide the freedom all vocalists yearn for. In the first video the drapes behind you actually absorbed the true sound and quality of your voice. The lyrics were distinct, but we all know that music pieces for sopranos, are more for the audience to experience the way the human body is a true instrument for the notes, outweighing the need to understand every single word. Don’t misunderstand, I appreciate good diction and hearing the lyrics, but when the vocals are so lovely the melody is the most important thing.

    My husband is the bassist of The Blackbyrds, and when they toured in the UK he mentioned Edinburgh a number of times. I’ll get there one day. I wish you continued success and hope more of the world gets to hear you sing! Thank you for following my blog and I shall do the same for yours. So lovely to meet you Charlotte … keep growing your talent!


      Hello Theresa, thank you so much for your supportive message. Does your husband’s band have a blog?

      I love jazz I’ve only tackled one song though ‘Blue Moon’ because it’s my football teams anthem. Marcus and I discussed doing some easy listening pieces for piano bars to see if we could earn some money during term time but I’ve got to put some hard work into learning some new repertoire by the end of October. What are your top three favourite songs to sing?

      I’m only 19 so I’ve plenty of time to develop and improve my techniques, however, saying that my first year flew by and this summer break has just disappeared 🙂

      Thanks again, best wishes


        Hello Charlotte,

        The site they have is presently under construction and the group is working on a new record deal. Last year, they released their CD Gotta Fly on . The majority of their hits were during the 1970s and into the 1980s. Here is a link for TheirGreatest Hits CD, with many songs I believe you’ll recognize (copy and paste) .

        I love the old classic, blues and jazz standards. I like the idea of Torch Songs and the very public, yet private connection one gets from their audience. Here are a few of those tunes I enjoyed performing through the years: “Stardust”; the sheet music provides an introduction that surprisingly would never have made me believe they were leading to the song I knew. “When Sunny Gets Blue”, “Chances Are” “The Twelfth Of Never”. MIght I suggest listening, at length, to Johnny Mathis CDs? His voice is wonderful and filled with magical passion. Back in the early days of recording, a lot of singers sang out-of-tune, because they could not hear themselves recording, whilst wearing head phones. You’ll notice this, too, but Johnny is magnificent all the same. Natalie Cole singing along with her dad, (the late and great) Nat King Cole . She matched her recording with his CDs and videos. It was a great combination. Good Morning Heartache” … but I see I am going on and on.

        Just listen to the music, choose something that fits you and the way you can express yourself through that piece of music and … you know, you’re only nineteen and the future lies ahead of you. Check with your vocal instructress so she can help you choose the perfect keys to sing these numbers. A lower key can allow you to sing for longer periods of time. These songs are so much different from the liltingly bright numbers you may be accustomed to singing. But you’ll be great.

        Take care!


        Thanks Theresa, I appreciate your time and I’ll listen to your recommendations. As part of my brothers Graphics project last year he researched music album covers by Reid Miles who did a lot of covers for jazz and blues artists did he do anything for the Blackbyrds?
        Best wishes


    Beautiful photos. Thanks for following my blog. I am humbled.


    Hiii! I’m filing two votes for the second video! Though both are great and I love your dress in the first one! 🙂


    I like the first one more.
    You have a great voice, and superb facial expressions


    What an amazing voice! Thanks for following my blog.


    Really beautiful blog. Thnx so much for sharing.


    The beauty of St. Mary’s adds to your vocal talent in the second version. Thanks for following Violet’s Vibes, my blog about writing, a silent form of art.


      Hello Voilet, Thank you for your vote, St Mary’s certainly was beautiful.
      My Grandma is an identical twin, her twin married an American and moved to Florida, I have twin great aunts too Lily and Iris.
      Best wishes

    Kris Swanguarin August 25, 2013 at 7:26 am

    I am completely enchanted, completely, utterly. Thank your for posting your journey, and thank you for following my blog. Bravo..


    Hi Charlotte,
    Beautiful voice work… both are nice, I liked the second better, more vibrant. Thanks for the support and following! 🙂 Diane


    Thank you, Charlotte for following my blog. You have an amazing voice. I love the photo of you and your mum. You are both beautiful. All the best with your singing career.


    The photo is beautiful!
    I enjoyed listening to both but I will give my vote to the second performance. Thank you for sharing your musical journey.


    Charlotte – beautiful! You truly have a gift. All the best from Sibling Revelry


      Thanks Todd, and Sarah, wouldn’t want to miss you out you being the eldest :). I love it that you share a blog together my brothers and I share lots of activities like dance, karate and even singing although they both stopped around the age of 16.
      Best wishes


    I love this song and you did such a beautiful job!


    Initially I went for the 2nd performance for appearance, venue but really preferred first version as I could hear it better. I look forward to seeing where you are going next.


    I think you are a very talented performer and singer, and I especially like the first version.


      Hi Sabine, I like nail art too, I’m just not very good at applying it, I bought a pen applicator set from a craft fair once to put flowers on my nails but I didn’t put the lid back on the white pen right and when I shook it up the next time I used it, in the living room,…. Well you can guess what happened next so take care; I got banned from nail varnish in the living room after that. Thank you for your message.

      All the best


    Thank you for following my blog!


      Hello Kim, you’re welcome your blog is a fabulous resource; I wish I’d known about it in school. I think some of my home school blogger friends would like your ideas and related articles.

      Best wishes


    Hard to choose: The first version is more intimate, and easier for me to understand the lyrics. That said, I love the embellishments in the second version. I also love the color and life that your outfit adds to the second performance. I am sixty years old, and have been singing for most of those years. My love is musical theater, but I never had the soprano voice for so many of my favorite roles. I am finally writing and performing my own music, and still singing the old standards I love so well. Such a pleasure to find you and your blog!


      Thank you Susan, I love musical theatre too, if you haven’t seen ‘Ghost’ it is so good and the music score is much better than I was expecting. Best wishes with writing and performing your own music I compose a little but when you are surrounded by such wonderful composers at college I’d prefer to sing their material 😉

      Best wishes

      Best wishes


    I vote for number two. And I like that outfit best. Obviously, you have singing talent while I absolutely do not.
    Thank you for following 1950 Suburban Adventures, and enjoying my post ‘A Star Is NOT Born.’


    I like the first one best. Thanks for following my blog!


    I enjoyed both versions. I think I liked the second one better the acoustics of being in that church is so cool! Both are great. Also, that photo of you and your mom is so sweet! Thanks for sharing!


    Charlotte, you have an absolutely enchanting voice. I love both videos and would give the first one just a touch more weight because I love the intimacy of the setting. Thank you for visiting and following. I’m following you, now, too.


      Hello Mary Ann, I’ve told my Nana to read your blog. I was particularly interested in your post about keeping people with dementia active through music, when I was at college I used to sing in a hospice at Christmas, a friend’s mother worked there. I’m interested in music therapy.

      All the best


    Hello Charlotte. Thanks for visiting my new blog. I have absolutely no idea how it feels to open my mouth and have such a beautiful singing voice come out – you are very blessed! Wishing you well in your studies and your career progression. x


    What a beautiful picture of you and your mom. You are both such beautiful ladies!! I enjoyed both versions of the song. You have such a beautiful voice, and your facial expressions really brought home the humor and fun of it all.


    I love both of them! Can I vote for both? It’s too hard to choose.. 🙂 If held at gunpoint, I would probably go for the first one, the sound quality is better. Thanks for following my blog and I am glad I stumbled on to yours. Looking forward to exploring more of it.


      Hi Nick, don’t worry I’m not going to hold a gun at your head 😉 lol. The reason they’re both there is because I couldn’t choose between them. Hope you like exploring my blog, I hope you put this happy song in your listening list.

      All the best


    Both lovely, Charlotte – but the fun you had with the second one really won me over.


    Thank you for following my blog. I enjoyed reading about your singing and wish you well in your future career.


      Thank you for your good wishes, I’m glad you enjoyed my posts. Your photographs of Spain and France are lovely I must get a camera I tend to rely just on my iphone at the moment.

      Best wishes


    Wishing you much success – you have a great talent!


    Beautiful singing! And such a lovely photo of you and your Mum…it speaks volumes. 🙂


      Thank you Joanna, I’d love to visit Australia, a friend of ours, Dave, emigrated to Perth a couple of years ago with his family. Good luck with your novels and writing.

      Best wishes




    I thought your mom was you!


    Brilliant voice, Brilliant performance!


    Love the portrait of you and your mom, so beautiful. You have a stunning voice. I love both performances but my favorite would be the second one, I just wish the camera was as close as it was in the first one to capture your expressions up close. And thanks for stopping by and following my blog.



    This work is excellent. I watched the first video you have posted on here and your range and control is amazing. I am by no means a vocalist, but more so an artist in visual terms, and now in writing. I am currently building back up my music talents after years away from music. Very excited. I wish you well in all of your endeavors and keep up the great work. Thanks so much for following my blog and be well.

    Alexander Johnny.


      Thanks Alexander, today I’ve started my second year properly with my first acting realism class, very excited. Very busy first day back. 9am to 1pm Practical musicianship/lecture; 2-6pm acting realism; 6:15-7:45 Performance Class.

      Best wishes 🙂


    I am watching the video now and it’s so funny in a positive way. YOu are such a good singer. You should be in a Broadway!


    I loved your performance. This is my favorite song, too–I just performed it for the Fall Cabaret at the Bucks County Gilbert and Sullivan Society in Pennsylvania. I think there are going to be videos of it up on YouTube, but I haven’t seen them there yet.

    You used the exact same gesture, in the first video, on the line “oh, very lovely that must be,” that I always do! It comes so naturally, doesn’t it–I mean, what girl doesn’t want to be a princess and/or a prima donna?

    It’s got such a great connection to the book I’ve written, about a princess who doesn’t want to be a princess–she doesn’t exactly want to be a prima donna instead, although her cousin Pete already thinks she is one! I think you just started following my and my siblings’ blog, The Sibling Writery, and I hope you look into my book, because it really is so much like this song–except about three hundred and fifty pages longer. 🙂

    Nice to “meet” you, even in cyberspace! I think we may have quite a lot in common!


    Hi Charlotte – thanks for following my blog. Have a successful concert next week!


    The 1st one is outstanding, The 2nd one is much more ….a finely cut Gem !

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