On 10th September I went into Manchester after work, dragging my brother along to help me carry all my dresses 😉 , for a photo shoot with a young photographer, Sam Pyatt who I met at the Youth Positive event at the Etihad Stadium.  I promised him then, that when I earned some money over the summer, I’d book a photo shoot with him as I have to send biographies and photos to the organisers of different events that I take part in and I get fed up with the same ones.

Getting ready for the shoot.

Sam sent the photographs to my parents so that they could copy them to their hard drive photograph store before sending them on to me.  They teased me for a couple of hours that they didn’t have the time to send them to me because they were at work and had only had chance for a quick glance over lunch!  I tried different persuasion techniques but they weren’t even reading their text messages.  Then I had to go into lessons.

After College I had a brainwave, I told them that I wanted to do a blog post tonight and could they send some over to me 🙂   Guess what, it worked they sent me these pictures and I would love to know what you think?  I asked Sam to take some alternatives to the full on smiley ones my parents take.

Picture Number 1
Picture Number 2
Picture Number 3
Picture Number 4
Picture Number 5

But in the end as I used to sing in Annie “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” 🙂

Picture Number 6

Kait suggested in her comment at 06:06 am that she would have liked to have seen a picture similar to Picture Number 3 but where she could see mu eyes.  I asked my Mum and she sent me over this shot as an alternative choice.  I would love to hear what you think.

Picture Number 7

The best news is that she said that she would send out a USB drive with all the pictures on by the weekend 🙂

186 thoughts on “Lights, Camera — Action !

  1. Hi Charlotte they are all super photos however the ones Iike the best are no.2 and 5.Lovely to see and hear you over the weekend you were super as usual.Bet wishes for the new term.Maurice

    1. Hi Maurice, I was just about to sign off as I’m up at 7 tomorrow, lovely catching up with you at the weekend, fabulous concerts – did you enjoy them? My first time in the Buxton Opera House its no wonder you guys love going there thanks for having me, hope I didn’t pass on my cold :/ i’m feeling a bit better today.
      Warmest wishes

  2. Hi Charlotte! Just wanted to say thanks for the follow and how beautiful you look in your photographs! I particularly love pictures 1 and 7 as you look the most natural 🙂
    Lauren, Pink Lemonade xxx

    1. Thanks Lauren, that’s really nice from someone that takes such professional photographs, it must be terrifying taking the pictures at someone’s wedding, I bet digital camera made that a lot less stressful. A fashion designer too, I love fashion; you have a great website, blog I love the theme.

      Best wishes

  3. 3 is my favorite, and 7 next. I try to do both smiling and non-smiling photos of my clients during shoots, but almost always I prefer the non-smiling ones later. For clients I guess it’s about a balance, they don’t want to see the same facial expression in 15 or 30 photos. But a job well done, I hope you had fun doing this 🙂

    1. Hi Az 🙂 Thanks for your preferences, I need to do a biog for the Bowdon Music Festival program and wanted to choose a picture no one had seen before. My parents weren’t playing ball about e-mailing me all of the photographs Sam sent and have posted me the usb stick after they took a safe copy. So I had a brainwave and told them I needed about six headshots to choose from and that’s just what they sent me. It was great fun.

      Best wishes

    1. Happy belated birthday Rahul, hope you’re feeling better now 😉 I don’t think it’s childish to celebrate as you enjoyed – I was planning a Minnie Mouse themed party for my birthday next month when I saw some fab invites lol. I had a fab dress, shoes and Minnie Mouse ears hat when I was about three 🙂

      Best wishes

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am glad you enjoy my posts, I loved your post about your 7th grade students moving on to their new lives, you don’t think about the emotional impact on teachers when you’ve had a tight knit group.

      Best wishes

  4. You look absolutely fabulous in all of these. My favorites are probably 1 and 7.
    And Annie was quite right, a lovely smile is the crowning touch to any look. 🙂 On a side note, just out of curiosity, what other musicals have you done?

    1. Thanks Stephanie, what a lovely question for a big show off like me 😉 I’ve been on stage since I was six in chorus working my way up to main roles. I was Annie (with blonde hair) I thought I was marvellous at the time when I listen back now I was a bit pitchy 🙂 lol. Most of my main roles were at Stagecoach I’ll write a blog post about it thanks for the idea.

      Best wishes

  5. You photograph beautifully. 1-3-7 best choices. My opinion though about the photos in general…Context of a photo determines content of the photo. These could be any pretty young girl, they don’t say “Rising Opera star”!! I think that background in each should provide a context. or your jewelry or hand props. Pic-1 musical jewelry-pic-2 Stage lights in background -not studio light. Pic-3 Sheet music just in frame at bottom of image pic-4 again stage lights or props in background. Pic-5 too much like snap shot. Pic-6 Nice if stage props (set pieces) were there with you. Pic-7 In front of your dressing room door with star and name plate. Nice photos of you. but promotional photos should be just right or not released, these show a beautiful generic you. You are too special to go plain.
    Hope my opinion is not uncomfortable, but it is my opinion.

    1. Hi John, of course it’s not uncomfortable reading, you know I respect your opinion 😉 . It was a student shoot on a student’s budget sadly. I grabbed the clothes from my wardrobe including several of my long dresses (you will possibly prefer those pictures), I went to the hair salon after work and put my own make up on. Sam has a stylist friend and I perhaps should have hired her too. Your ideas are good though and my brother and my Dad are quite good on photoshop so they may be able to add some props.

      This first choice of photos is to accompany a short biography for a Christmas music festival programme. Perhaps, if I go with number 3, Dad could put some Christmas sparkly lights behind me or a fireplace with Christmas socks in the background.

      Lovely to hear from you again 😉
      Best wishes

    1. Hello Hilary,
      I appreciate your advice, I do have several photographs in my long evening dresses, but I couldn’t afford all the staging and props but I have taken on all the great suggestions and I will certainly plan my next photo session with your points in mind.
      Thanks again, best wishes

    1. No, I’ve not heard of her before. I’ve done a quick google search its funny what look different people see in you 😉 . Thanks for your message hope you get chance to pop back again.
      Best wishes

  6. Thank you for following my bolg Charlotte.. Your blog is lovely..Good luck to you in all that you are doing with your music…. You are so talented and the angels say to keep doing what you are doing….. The Angels love you very much..

    1. Thanks Rhys, you will be seeing more photos from that photo shoot on future posts and posters for events I’m taking part in. I was pleased with the job that Sam did 😉
      Best wishes

  7. I think I like your 3rd photo best for promotional purposes as an opera singer. But the last one is lovely too – just you look a bit younger on that one – depends which image you want to present really – the first one looks a bit more mysterious and more sophisticated…

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