Lucia de Lammermoor – Royal Opera House

November 21, 2017 — 40 Comments


Mesmerising singing and acting that made me run home to get some sleep so that I could wake up early today and practice some of the ideas I have learned from watching the opera Monday evening.

The soprano Lisette Oropesa performed Lucia exquisitely and despite telling the story with determination and honesty kept the singing consistently beautiful at all times despite the deeply dramatic gothic libretto.

I didn’t know this opera very well and this evening was my first real encounter with it from start to end I felt transfixed by the story.

The direction was very interesting, I loved it and thought the concept of having two distinct rooms in which separate scenarios of the story were unveiled to us in real time was thoroughly enchanting and allowed me to really connect with the character Lucia as I watched her hatch the plan to meet Edgardo her true love and kill Arturo to whom she had been betrothed. To me, this enhanced the intricate detail of the intrigue and added to my enjoyment of the opera.

However, as a singer, I felt for some of the singers on the stage as at times it was difficult to know which of the rooms to watch on the split-screen set. Often, I was drawn to the scenes that were just acting and the performers didn’t sing, but always returning to the singers communicating the story.

For the majority of the story, I didn’t need to watch the subtitles the plot was strong and the acting really told the intricacies of Donizetti’s tragic masterpiece.

It was a brilliant production for anyone preparing the role of Lucia as you watched her live every moment and understand perhaps why she came to complete the actions that she did as a consequence of a forced marriage.


40 responses to Lucia de Lammermoor – Royal Opera House


    One of my favorite operas.


      PS a number of years ago – too many- I saw Joan Sutherland in this opera in a live performance in NY. Fabulous.


        Dame Joan Sutherland was a wonderful coloratura soprano, I watch her performances on You Tube and listen on Spotify, it is amazing she made her debut at 21 years old, at 23 she went on to study at the Royal College of Music Opera School I’ve literally just been reading about her. Wonderful that you got to see her live.
        Best wishes


    Looks a lush performance. I don’t know the opera well myself. Thanks for sharing your review x


    The scenery and costumes were exquisite, Charlotte. It must have been an uplifting evening.


    Look like a fantastic one. I have not seen one but it seems you can get more closer to the scene or story as you see the persons acting in real life (than film).


      Absolutely, I love films and I used to watch lots of Opera at the Cinema in Glasgow as well as going to Scottish Opera performances, there is nothing quite like a live performance and feeling like your heart is beating in time with the rest of the audience around you.
      Best wishes


    I can see why this might be distracting… to have two different sets to pay attention to. Does sound like a grand performance though. 🙂


    Hi Charlotte, maybe you could just divulge one of the specialties that you noticed during the performance that you wanted to practice the next day, after a good nights sleep. Call it curiosity. This sounds so intriguing. Hope that you have a great rest of the week, Darlene


      Goodmorning Darlene 😀
      The main one was that even though she was acting high level emotions it never affected the beauty of the vocal line, I’d like to work on this to make sure the voice doesn’t become too strident or stark. I also thought her journey from forte (loud) to piano (quiet) was seamless and her quiet singing was very present in the auditorium. Her agility was very impressive so I was listening carefully to how she phrased the runs just so I work on it. Hope that gives you a little taste 😘.
      Best wishes


    I too, might find the two sets distracting; a clever concept though! I have never seen this opera, though I know some of the arias and music.


      In our scenes earlier in the year we worked with split scene sets where a new scene commences before the previous scene completely finished it was fascinating to work on although some people don’t like it.
      Best wishes


    Dear Charlotte,
    Never worry about your opera performance, for you will be a smashing success by the grace of God. So get your rest.


      Sleep is very important to me, 😴. I’ve always got up early every morning from being a tiny baby, even in school holidays and at weekends we got up between 0630 and 0700am. I have more problems staying wide awake after 11pm he he.
      Best wishes


    Fabulous Charlotte. You continue to educate me within the opera world and I am loving it! Thank you xx


    I have never seen an opera Charlotte, but did see a split stage play in London

    in the 1970’s where the furniture of two living rooms had their own colours, yellow and green, mixed up on the set with two couples in their own homes conversing. Took me the first act to work out what was going on ! 😳🙃🙄💟


    Wow, thanks Charlotte – It’s always very interesting to share your vision about Opéra. You have a rainbow voice and eagle eyes and you know how share your feelin ! congratulation chère amie !!! Merci ! All the best for you


    To be honest, Charlotte, I have to confess I never heard of this opera nor one being performed like this. Quite a concept! Thank you for the introduction to this.


      You’re very welcome GP, I like to share more information about new style operas. And operas to people that have never been to see an opera performance to attempt to demystify it.
      Best wishes
      Charlotte 😊


    Charlotte, So pleased you enjoyed the opera.xx


    I was glad to see your review, because I have not yet seen this production. I love this opera very much, but when I listened to the director’s description, before it first appeared at the ROH, of what she had done to the story I knew my husband would hate it and I would struggle too. My cousin, who is a serious opera buff, has been a few times, and says (of last year’s cast) that the singing/acting was great, but that it had suffered badly from directorial bu>>eration.


      My Dad’s a bit like your husband but with the ballet, Mum and I usually go alone but we’re slowly getting him used to more contemporary ballet like the Matthew Bourne performances at Sadler’s Wells, he even suggested we go this year. I think sometimes we need Directors to stretch boundaries and conformities but I also appreciate you need to find a balance to keep everyone on side and happy.
      Best wishes


    i have seen quite a few Set Designs through your Adventures. I must say the Style and Colors of this one are my favorite so far. The Lighting seems a bit more subtle and directed as in Cinematography, which adds ‘Character’ to the Story. I should not be surprised that a love triangle of sorts is going on here. Betrothed? Extremely old-fashioned. I’m not sure how arranged marriages ever worked out well and by your description…this one won’t begin. 🙂 Thank you, as always, for sharing.


      Opera Set Designs are often magnificent things, my best friend through my undergrad studies was a scenic carpenter and I often went to see that part of the conservatoires open days and saw the work everyone from prop designers to painters and designers put together.
      Now you know I’m completely not pc when it comes to romance and still prefer the Disney-fide version of romance that some people are trying to get banned now – ‘being kissed without giving permission first, that will never do!’.
      Best wishes


    I have attended a few performances of this wonderful work including English Opera at the Colosseum, Royal Opera, and the Met, all very different, but all very engaging and moving. It is one of the many operas of the Romantic era based on the novels of Walter Scott, this one being the lady of the Lammermoor, obviously the names are Italianised. (I wonder if that is a word, my spell check does not like it!) It is great that you get the time, and are able to do all these performances, while studying; do you have to ask permission, and do your trainers help you study the parts. Have been to many of Handles oratorios, and the other sounds really interesting. I have also listened to the Janacek, and really loved the music, but have always wondered how it would be staged, in fact I have listened to all Janacek’s operas (did you know that early in the 20th century he wrote a science fiction opera!). Have a great time best wishes and blessings, Charles.


      That’s amazing Charles that you have watched operas at those three wonderful venues! I would love to go and see an opera live at the MET.

      Regarding balancing my studies, I receive emails from the ROH student department when they have special deals available. I then check my schedule and if I don’t have any classes I will try to attend the Opera. However if I have classes in the evening I will wait for another opportunity to watch live performances. You can apply for a Leave of Absence but I tend to save those for work engagements. As part of my course I get a 45 minute opera coaching per week and I can take any repertoire to them to work on and they will help me shape the scene/aria/Recitative using their expertise. It is wonderful.

      I didn’t know he wrote a science fiction opera! I will have to do some researching. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.

      My best wishes


        The science fiction opera by Janacek is called The excursion of Mr.Broucek,Mr. Broucek is taken to the moon on a winged horse, and when he returns finds himself embroiled in the troubles of 15th century Europe!? Yes I’ve been a lucky fellow, but now watch the operas on DVD’s. Not quite the same as being their though. Have a good Christmas and New Year.


    It looks like it was a beautiful opera. I’ve never been to an opera before. Maybe one day i will get to see you.That would be special. You are incredibly talented. Hugs xx

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