Music was in the air this weekend in Menston as we visited our good friends Val and Mike to perform a relaxed recital in their family home. We collaborated with Mezzo Soprano Jessica Ouston to perform a selection of songs, arias and duets.

A particular highlight for me was singing the Presentation of the Rose, an operatic scene from Richard Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier where Octavian (Jess) presents Sophie (Me) with an ornate silver rose as a gesture of engagement. Previously I had not had the opportunity to sing this as a duet so it was wonderful to experience this alongside Jess as we could both let rip and enjoy the luscious harmonies.

I also enjoyed the opportunity to recharge in the north of England. Val and Mike suggested that we took a group walk in the Moors. It was very atmospheric as we climbed above the mist. George and I couldn’t resist recreating the “Wanderer above the Sea and Fog” Pose.

11 thoughts on “Music On The Moors

  1. We can always use Moor Music. Excellent photos of you two wandering about wondering above the sea fog.

  2. What a fabulous time the two of you had. Love the idea of music on the moors! Great photos Charlotte. My hubby and I had hoped to get to the UK this year but might be next year now! Take care. Lynn xx

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