Blackpool Festival 2011


This was my last year competing as a junior at the Blackpool Music Festival. 
Songs from the Shows – Astonishing – Veronica Rose Johnson trophy.
Folk Songs – The Three Ravens – Medal
Vocal Solo – Verborgenheit – Ernest Shenton Rose Bowl
The Jennie Whiteside Trophy

Unfortunately I had to give the trophies back.

7 thoughts on “Blackpool Festival 2011

    1. Cheers! Yes, sadly after winning the cups they take a particular maintenance but i can’t moan. After all i do love anything that sparkles. x

    1. Thanks for your words of support, I found the information on the life and experiences of “Smitty” captivating and hope to read more in the future. Come back soon.
      Best wishes

  1. Apparently you visited my web blog, so I am returning the favor. You might check out some of my poetry for possible art-song compositions for your singing performances. Do you know of “my” composer, Malcolm Hill in Bath?

    1. Hi John, I have not heard of Michael Hill and when I get home I will do some additional research into his work. I managed to take a quick look over your poetry blog today and will take a longer look when I have better internet reception at home. When trying to look up the information I came across the two operas that you wrote with Malcolm Hill, “Chauvin” and “Olympias”. Do you know if there are any recordings of your work on the internet that are available to listen to?

      Thanks for visiting and I do hope that you can return again if you have the time.
      My very best wishes

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