George Rimmer “Symborealis” ( World Premiere )


I was asked by my good friend ( and an excellent composer ) George Rimmer to perform alongside Tim Edmundson and The Northern Chamber Orchestra at the Heritage Centre, Macclesfield on 8th December 2012.

George, Tim and myself became good friends during our time at the Junior RNCM.  Tim and I moved up to Glasgow to continue our singing studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, whilst George stayed at the RNCM to study composition.

The piece that George was commissioned to write formed part of the NCO Christmas concert.  George wrote of the piece :

” Symborealis imagines the Aurora Borealis as a curtain of sound that might resonate across a plane – between two worlds.  Charlotte and Tim , the two singers, represent the communications between the spirits and the living.  Fragments of text which are used come from a poem by Dugald Moore and a Haiku “Takiguchi”

It was a part that I really enjoyed as it presented a real challenge to me vocally but one that I hope that I mastered on the day.

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