Charlotte la Chat

February 8, 2013 — 7 Comments

Charlotte la Chat

The New Athenaeum Theatre – R.C.S, Glasgow 8th February 2013 I was asked to perform as a Parisienne cat in “Si l’enfant ne dort pas bien”. My character was aptly named Charlotte la Chat. It was a fantastic opportunity and I loved every minute of it.

Well as you can see below we all had very vivid characters to portray to an audience.

The basic plot of the Classy French Pantomime, was that myself and Stefan were young excitable children who didn’t want to go to sleep. The performance unfurls a dream world where the children realise the consequences of this in a nightmare where we are turned into animals with the prospect of being trapped in a dream world forever…

For more information you will have to travel to Scotland this summer as we are hoping to hold some more performances as the pilot was well received.


Here are the rest of the cast ready for the performance: Ahd Tamimi, Sarah Buckley, Lewis Norm, Lucy Anderson, Stefan Trout and me 🙂

This was a bridge week project that enables students from across the disciplines studying here at the RCS to collaborate and create a performance opportunity together.


Here is a page from my scrapbook of some pictures taken during the performance.

7 responses to Charlotte la Chat


    Aptly named Charlotte le Chat! but where’s the picture???? Gilly needs pictures!

      Charlotte Hoather March 5, 2013 at 6:22 pm

      I thought so too! This picture was taken during performance in the Atheneum Stage at the RCS.

      I was discovering that i had turned into a cat! Which of course can be rather bewildering when one has whiskers and a tail!!

      I will see if i can get anymore pictures from the photographer for you. 🙂


    Haha! Adorable! I love the picture! 😀 <3


      I really loved the role and appreciated being asked to take part in my first year at the Conservatoire as it allowed to keep up with my drama performances.

      Thanks for visiting


        Where there’s determination and hard work, success flows in! Im sure you did great! 🙂

        Keep writing!


    I really enjoyed looking back! So fantastic!

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