Youth Positive – Re:CRUIT

April 11, 2013 — Leave a comment


I was invited along to a Youth Positive event in Manchester today called RE:CRUIT.  There were six workshop sessions to choose from which were broken down in to three groups of two, the idea was to select one workshop from each group.  The groups were:

A Exceptional Planning achieves exceptional results – how to improve your success in achieving your goals
B Choices – making the right choice

C How to sell yourself – Communication skills
D Living the dream – going for what YOU want

E You’ve got the job – exploring the ingredients to a successful interview
F Changing Lanes – Choosing a plan B

I chose A, C, E.  I am hoping to help the project out more with the younger students, those that haven’t been to auditions yet, to help them to prepare and not be afraid of the process.  I wish I’d known more about what to expect, about how to prepare monologues and choice of repertoire and better preparation for the sort of questions you could be asked.  It is fantastic that YP+ are organising events like this, helping young people to take charge of their lives and think positively about their future.

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