The last day of my Italian adventure


Saturday 22nd June.

Our last night 🙁

We left the villa at 3:30pm and went by coach to Cortona.  A beautiful city however it was full of hills!  I was assisted by the Chief of the Police to the beautiful venue it was charming of him to help me.

The church was stunning and had an incredible resonance. It made all of our voices ring out through the streets.!!


We had a great and responsive audience and it was a fabulous venue to close our performances.

saturday-charlotte[1]We then were invited to the Chief of Police’s home for tea where we relaxed and admired the view through the lounge it was beautiful. You could see the historical city and the hills in the background.

At the after-party I met David Nichols a film producer, some of the films he produced are Seven Years in Tibet, The Tourist, and From Rome with Love.  I was really very cheeky and asked for an interview for my blog as it was the first time I’ve ever met anyone involved in the film industry, he was a lovely man and agreed, I recorded the chat we had and will post it later in the week  🙂

I also met Max Fane’s truly inspirational mother Dr Sarah Fane who was awarded an OBE last week in the Queens honour’s list, she also agreed to an interview for my blog which I will post later this week.

We left Max and his girlfriend and a couple of other friends behind as we returned home this morning and arrived in Glasgow without our luggage but that’s another story 😉

51 thoughts on “The last day of my Italian adventure

    1. Hi Ariana, before this trip I’ve only ever been on one holiday without my family and that was a school organised drama trip to New York to see several shows in preparation for our exam. I didn’t realise how much organising is involved even just sorting out what to eat each day 🙂
      Best wishes, I hope you can pop back to read the two interviews I managed to do, another new experience for me.

  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous and very privileged time in Cortona. It certainly has hills, I remember a massive ice cream to help me recover from them. MM 🍦

  2. Wow Charlotte sounds like a great last day – and what an experience meeting David Nichols – look forward to the interview! Safe travels back home.

    1. I was so excited when he agreed for me to interview him for my blog. 🙂 I will try and get the post up in the next few days and I hope you get the chance to pop back and have a read.
      Best wishes

    1. Hi Johnny, thanks for coming over and looking through my site. The trip was a great experience and I am pleased that you enjoyed reading about it.

      best wishes and come back again soon.

  3. Your site is beautiful. I just had to come back and tell you. Love the blue. And you have such pretty hair. I would love to hear you sing if I lived closer by.

  4. O How Cool Is That!! To have an exclusive interview with David Nichols! (I’ve totally enjoyed To Rome With Love) I’ll look forward to your post. And I’m sure Dr. Sarah Fane is an inspiring person to interview. Looks like your trip has brought you some unexpected rewards. I’m happy for you!

    1. Hi Cynthia, its nice to see you back and I am so pleased that you have enjoyed reading my posts. The whole experience really was wonderful and I would do it all again if I was given the opportunity 🙂

      Best wishes

  5. Thank you for following my blog , Charlotte, and by doing so giving me the chance to read your blog. I have listened to your recordings and you have a most beautiful voice.
    groetjes, Francina

    1. Hi Francina, I enjoyed looking through your posts and your pictures. I am pleased that you enjoyed the songs that I recorded and I hope to post some more later in the year.

      Best wishes and come back soon

  6. Lovely place! I haven’t been there, but I have a DVD of the Andre Rieu concert there & have it on my list!

    1. Hi Keith, I hope that you get to visit Italy and Florence in particular. Andre Rieu always puts on such grand performances and I would love one day to part of such a wonderful experience.

      Warmest wishes

      1. Four concerts (London, Birmingham and 2X Maastricht), booked for another in Leeds, 2 cinecasts and a shelffull of his CDs and DVDs. I suppose you could call us fans!

  7. So exciting and what amazing connections! I smiled when you mentioned the hills of Cortona. Brought back favorite memories… Via Nazionale. Up one cobblestone at a time. To the wonderful Piazzas della Repubblica and Signorelli. Ah… a difficult climb (and I thought I was in shape!) but worth it every time. Continued success and safe travels.

    1. Hi Renate, I was so grateful to have the assistance of the chief of police to get up to the church. He also was the perfect host after the performance, something I will remember fondly 🙂

      Best wishes and come visit again soon.

  8. Hi, Charlotte. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I want to thank you for visiting my blog. And I’d be very interested to read that interview when you post it.

  9. What a beautiful person you are and your group, had you not followed my site I would have missed having such joy in my life. Your talent is a gift, and I will follow your travels closely. Thank you for following. AJM

  10. This sounds like it was a great trip! Thanks for dropping by my blog and following. Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures!
    Take care 🙂

    1. Hi Princella, I am glad that you have enjoyed reading through my posts. I was looking through your blog and website, your pictures are beautiful 🙂

      Warmest wishes

  11. dear Charlotte. thank you for visiting my blog and for deciding to follow it. I have been listening to you sing and what a beautiful voice you have. wishing you much success and happiness in your career. we will be travelling up to scotland from catalunya over the next month and i will look out for your name on the billboards! dont know if you noticed that i too am scottish and the story of my adventures in catalunya are on my other blog……..cant imagine you have time to look at more but you are welcome to drop by there any time. have a good summer

    1. Hi Kate, I have only had time to have a quick look over your site and I will drop by for a longer look 🙂 Whereabouts are you heading to in Scotland?

      Best wishes

      1. Hi Charlotte We are going to do a grand tour! My partner is Catalan and hasn’t seen more than Glasgow and Edinburgh when we took quick visits to see family. This time we want to see mountains and lochs, islands and seals. Inverness….Skye…..Rosemarkie….Loch Lomond….whisky… name it and we will try to fit it in! We have a camper van so it should be great. Kate

      2. Hi Kate, that sounds wonderful I am sure that this time of year you will have an absolutely wonderful time 🙂 You will have to let us know all about it on your blog.

        Best wishes and I hope that you can come back and visit again soon.

  12. I know that you enjoyed Cortona — it’s one of my favorite places. I get there every couple of years — friends live nearby. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures!

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