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First of all I would like to pass on my grateful thanks to David Nichols for agreeing to record an interview for my blog diary. David is a Producer, Writer, Production Manager, Consultant and Advisor in the film industry. His credits include: “The Tourist”; “Seven Years in Tibet” and “To Rome with Love”. (Link)

Charlotte: Do you live in Italy or are you on holiday?
David Nichols: I have lived in Italy for 15 years and speak Italian.
His wife Jenny cooks; she cooked for Angelina, Brad and the kids! Whilst filming ‘The Tourist’. They have seven rescue dogs. (Link)

Charlotte: How do you choose the films that you produce?
David: They call me.

David doesn’t raise the money. Other producers do that job. He organises the film, he is given the script, asked to calculate how much it will cost (create the budget) and determines where will it be filmed.

David: Most fun part is deciding where to film it!
For the “Seven years in Tibet” David spent six months all around the world deciding where to film it, he missed Jenny, his lovely wife, though.

Charlotte: What do you like the best about producing a film?
David: Everyday is a different day. I never know what is going to happen next. It’s a great challenge, I get tired of it too and it can be stressful. Everyday has new problems to solve or experiences to enjoy. Every film is a prototype, every film you have to settle a whole new set of problems. I often have to restart from zero.

Charlotte: What career advice would you give to your daughter?
David: She is 24, a chef training in NYC, Creative writing is her thing. My advice; ‘Do what you love and love what you do. Otherwise you live your life waiting for the weekend’

Charlotte: Who did you enjoy working with the most: Actor; technician; costume; Director?
David: I would have to say Woody Allen. I most enjoyed working with him.

Charlotte: Do you help to select the actors for the film?
David: The Director chooses actors; some films are made because they have the actors e.g. ‘The Tourist’ was made because the opportunity for Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie to be in the same movie arose. In big budget films, the actors create the films.

Charlotte: Do you want to make a film about a young blonde singer who wants to break into the world of Opera? 🙂
David: Laughing – The next time I need a young talented blonde singer I will give you a call! It won’t be as an extra but a singer, if you hear an extra sing you have to pay them featured rates.

David Nichols was a lovely man who was relaxed and welcoming. I was able to have a good laugh with him, in fact when I listened back to the tape I think I need to work on that loud guffaw of mine 🙂 it’s not very lady like.

David said that he’ll follow my blog. So be super nice to him in the comments 🙂

And David if you’re reading this I’m free July to September 🙂 LOL

27 thoughts on “David Nichols – A taste of Hollywood

    1. It was a great evening made all the better by the company. David Nichols was a warm and personable man who put me at my ease immediately. I was really pleased when he agreed to allow my short interview and I am glad that you enjoyed reading it.

      My warmest wishes

    1. Hi Kimberly it was a fantastic week in Italy and I had the good fortune to both perform to appreciative audiences and meet such enchanting and interesting people 🙂 I could not ask for more.

      Best wishes and come back again soon.

  1. What an exciting opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with David Nichols! You know, the renowned Italian tenor Fabio Armiliato is in To Rome With Love. Maybe David could ask Woody to look into his drawer of script ideas … he just might have something scribbled that could be his next film. And, may I have an exclusive interview with that young, blonde opera singer when it’s out? 😉

      1. A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy; Play It Again, Sam; Hannah and Her Sisters; Zelig; Manhattan; Annie Hall; To Rome with Love; Midnight in Paris. I think these were the ones. Geez, I did not realize exactly how many he’s made until I did a search now. We’ve got a Netflix membership and watched it over several weeks.

      2. Hi Belinda, that sounds like a labour of love. I am so glad that you enjoyed watching them all it sounds like a great idea if only I had the time 🙂

        Warmest wishes

  2. Nothing wrong with a loud guffaw~! (The Spouse sometimes laughs like a pondful of startled ducks; but it’s contagious).

    1. Hi Argus, thanks for that as I love to laugh and can not help laughing when I see the funny side of a situation or hear a good joke 🙂

      Best wishes and drop by again soon.

    1. Thanks Lindsay, it was terrific fun talking with David and he made me feel very relaxed and at ease 🙂 I love your pictures and wull make a note of some of your recipe suggestions for when I am back at Uni 🙂

      Warmest wishes

  3. Hi !!Thanks for reading my blog. I read your blog and first of all let me tell you .You are so Beautiful.I never had any idea of what Opera is other than a genre of music.After listening to your track I was really impressed. Thanks for introducing what Opera is ..All the very best for your future endeavours. Keep Blogging and keep reading !!!

    1. Hi Swathi, I do hope that you will give some more classical tracks a listen 🙂 If I am able to record some more tracks I will post them here on my site and would appreciate your opinion.

      Best wishes and I hope that you can call back again soon.

  4. Hi Charlotte, Thanks for following my blog. Nice interview and totally agree with his advice. Will quote it on my Facebook wall with a link to your blog. Cheers!

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