Lunch time with Charlotte

August 22, 2013 — 56 Comments


The Summer is flying by and this weekend I need to return to Glasgow to sort out my accommodation for the start of next term.  On one hand I can’t wait to get back to my studies but on the other hand I will miss my family 😦

When I get back on Wednesday I will be performing in the last of my summer concerts for this year, in Rochdale.  I love to perform in these church venues as the audiences are so receptive and the acoustics are great for a live performance.

Russell Lomas is a fantastic accompanist to work with and helped me to understand how to prepare for and get the best from these concerts and I would like to thank him for all of his hard work and guidance.


Elliot Gresty, Charlotte Hoather and Russell Lomas

If you can get to the concert I hope it will be well worth your while 🙂

56 responses to Lunch time with Charlotte

    marcusthesingingchef August 22, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    The programme looks great, hope the concert goes well.


      Thanks Marcus, it’ll be my last concert with Russell this year and I’m looking forward to it. He’s been a great help practising my songs with me over the summer. See you soon.
      Charlotte 🙂


    I wish that I could attend this performance. You have great talent and skill, and you also seem like a truly delightful person. I hope that you’ll knock it out of the park–a very American phrase, but I’m sure that you’ll understand it. And I’m also sure that you’ll wow your listeners.

    I’m looking forward to your tour of the States. Please include Minneapolis on your agenda!


      Hi Dan, thanks for checking back in on me, I used to watch lots of Friends, Big Bang Theory, Suborgatory, lots of American sitcoms so I understand lots of phrasing – so thank you very much, I love it when I nail it (there’s an English expression for you :).
      All the best Charlotte


    Best wishes with your concert, Charlotte. I am sure you will be wonderful as usual. You are so talented, truly a gift from Heaven.
    Take care.


    Your concert will be amazing! Hopefully there will be pictures! Best of luck with your studies.


      Thanks Koko lovely to hear from you again, I passed your blog on to my elder brother as I said on your site because he’s on a real healthy eating regime now.
      Best wishes


        Wonderful! Well I hope he finds useful things here or at least interesting. He can email too if he has specific questions. It’s going to be beautiful weather here this weekend so lots of bike riding for me! I hope you have a fantastic weekend too! All the best, Koko


    Have a great semester at school!


      Thank you 🙂 it will be great catching up with my friends again and getting stuck into my studies and make up on lost time with Kath my singing teacher.

      I love that word ‘semester’ sounds more professional than ‘term’.
      All the best


    I wish I could! Have a lovely time!


      I wish you could too, I love big audiences ;). Love your name Guenevere do you insist on the full name or let people shorten it?I always preferred Charlotte to Charlie, Lottie etc.
      Best wishes


    I just listened to your recordings and your voice is stunning. Wishing you the very best luck with your concert and the coming school year.


    Good luck and have a rocking concert!!

    Isabella Rose Photography August 23, 2013 at 9:58 am

    Very best wishes for the concert, and for your return to your studies. Blessings from Isabella[Izzy] Rose


      Hi Izzy, thank you very much :). I’m working for the next three weeks after the bank holiday, then I’m taking a week off to move back to Scotland and hang out with friends, then I’m back to full time study yay.
      Best wishes


    Hi Charlotte, all the best for your next term! Meanwhile, have lots of fun during your performance before going back to books again.



      Thank you for your best wishes, I’m looking forward to my final concert and Elliot is fabulous on clarinet I enjoyed putting on a show with him for the first time this year.
      Best wishes


    Best of luck with the concert. You are obviously a talented lady hard working lady and I love nothing more than to see brains and hard work pay off. Best wishes.


    Good luck and have a great time during your concert! 🙂


    Best wishes for the concert – the programme looks great. Shame I’m so far from Rochdale – will be looking out for dates in London.


      I’d love to have dates in London :). I was there last week on holiday with my family, we had a great time, although now my brothers working in the City he laughed when we stayed in a hotel a stroll away from where he works! He still joined us ’cause he didn’t want to travel.
      Best wishes


    Best of luck with the concert and with your studies!


    Hey great programme Charlotte, all the best with this and your studies.


      Thanks Andy, I bought a big canvass from the Works for £14 to paint some art for my wall, I loved your snaps on Heartland, I did a bit of Aboriginal inspired art at school and it reminded me how brilliant it is.
      Best wishes


    Best of luck!

    In the theater you say ‘Break a leg’. Is there a special good luck wish for concerts?

    – Michael


    Charlotte, good luck with your studies. I feel you do great!
    All the best


      Thank you Giuseppe, I’m trying to educate myself a little so I am going to forward your blog to my brother and Dad to read and then ask them to explain about trading to me 🙂

      Best wishes


        Hello Charlotte, that s awesome! Thank you for doing that. And certainly unexpected on my side, seen your interest. That is a nice surprise and shows you are a very intelligent person.

        As an “expert” please allow me to give you 2 small pieces of advices:
        1) if you love psychology you will love trading. However if you are hooked and decide to learn more, please take the long path. Trading can give big satisfactions (when you are paid for the decision you make!) but takes time. Think like this: you will be an expert in 10 years. If you cannot take this long term view maybe trading is not for you (trading is not for everyone, but it may be for you! I hope).

        2) start it with the right steps. A lot of people have to unlearn a lot of “bad” things they learn about trading in the early years. We are all creatures of habit and sometimes it take years to undo non proper “mental files”. I have a free eBook called “Key Concepts to Correct Trading Behavior”. Please download it and read it. It is also a nice way to get your feet wet. You can ask your dad and brother to read it as well so you can get another unbiased idea. You can find the ebook here:

        I wish you all the best about your studies (as Benjamin Franklin, the inventor and US foreground figure: “the investment in education is always the one offering the higher returns”), and I hope you will not stop to educate yourself a little, but rather continue to educate yourself a lot. I myself am a life learning chap.

        All the best, and chat to you soon.


        Hi Giuseppe, thanks for the information and the link to the e-book. I am no stranger to the long game. I like to see things through to a proper conclusion and if I find an obstacle then I will ask for help to find out how to overcome it so that I can continue.

        My brother is very Maths based having completed his Masters degree and is now studying for his Actuary qualifications. He is the one that I rope in to explain things to me when I need a practical viewpoint.

        However if I can find a way to turn $ 250.00 into 5 Concert dresses then I am all for it LOL 🙂

        Best wishes


        Hi Charlotte,
        could it have been different? Well, no. Now we have a very successful, young, pretty, professional Soprano girl well know in the environment that is going to tackle another challenge and learn trading…
        Will she make it? Very probable, very much so. I had a friend back in my place in Italy who was a successful Soprano. I noticed the kind of work that goes into it. It is the work required to perfect any craft…..
        One day you will be buying $250.00 concert dresses, or will just keep buying $50 concert dresses and give the remaining $200 in charity.
        I am sure your brother will make it (I always ask such a small and smaller number of people get involved with Math), and it was a good choice.

        Best wishes and lots of dresses 😀


    How exciting to get to sing in such lovely places! Good luck getting back to your studies.


      It is a fabulous church; they even serve up pie (I think it was meat and potato) and mushy peas for lunch with cake and custard for afterwards, everyone cleared their plates so it must have been delicious, I couldn’t join in because they serve it before the concert. Thanks for your wishes of luck.

      Best wishes


    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!


    After you agreed to follow my travel blog on crossing the US by car, I clicked to return the favor and see yours as well. To my delight I see you sing classically, one of my great interests. Our daughter will be studying for her masters in classical vocal performance. All the best to you, and I hope to read more about your blossoming career!


      Hello Cal, road trips in the UK are getting expensive, petrol here costs £1.45 ( $ 2.25 ) per litre, or approx. £7.20 ( $ 11.18 ) per gallon, but I’d love to explore the whole of the UK on a road trip. What a lovely coincidence that your daughter is also a singer does she blog? Hope you get the chance to pop back from time to time.

      Best wishes


    I would love to go to one of your concerts, but unfortunately I live in a different country… hope it goes well!


    This concert sounds like a great success already. I wish I could have been there, you’ll be fine. About leaving your family, I know that can be tough. I know you’ll make out well. Thank you, also, for stopping by my blog and following it, yours is absolutely interesting also.


    With such a pretty dress and smile, your audience may be distracted for a while. Lovely as always, I’m sure the concert was too 🙂


    Hello. I am a Japanese violinist in London,who would like to give a concert at St.Mary in the Baum church in Rochdale,but I can’t find the e-mail address to contact in the church’s website. If you know it,please help me. Please reply to . from Fumi Otsuki

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