Fall into Winter

September 15, 2013 — 64 Comments


On April 20th , I wrote Spring into Summer ( Link ) five months later, I’m on another train for the three hour 20 minute journey back up to Glasgow.  Which gives me plenty of time for listening to a music list I’ve planned for possible new repertoire as I enter my second year at the RCS.

I have a week off next week to catch up with all my friends in Glasgow, settling in to my flat, before getting back to my full time studies.  I will still be practising my singing and experimenting with new repertoire, so hello new neighbours! 😉    At least I’ve got headphones for my piano so they don’t have to suffer that when I am practising.  I’ve packed a couple of romance novels to read too if I get the time.

I have the following exciting events planned from October to December and more to tell you about when I have all the details:

Saturday 5th October: The Les Mis’ Spectacular at The Plaza Theatre in Stockport with Tideswell Male Voice Choir, the Military Wives and other young soloists.

Sunday 6th October :  The Les Mis’ Spectacular at The Buxton Opera House in Buxton with Tideswell Male Voice Choir, the Military Wives and other young soloists.

Sunday 24th November 2013, 2:30pm a Les Sirènes concert for the Beith Arts Guild. Beith Community Centre, Kings Road, Beith, KA15 2BQ

30th November Bowden Christmas Concert ( details to follow )

Show at  6th December Cumbernauld Church ( details to follow )

Friday 13th December 2013, 7:30pm, Les Sirènes will be guests artists at the Glasgow Phoenix Choir Christmas Concert at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall,

Tuesday 17th December 2013 Les Sirènes Christmas Concert ( details to follow )

I achieved my Summer aims:

1. Earn some money so that I can enjoy my second year at University 🙂

2. Set up my facebook page. ( Link )

3. Learn all my concert material.

I also set up a twitter account this week. ( Link )

Fall aims:

1. Learn new repertoire

2. Organise writing software training and write better essays, answer the questions!

3. Book dance lessons

Finally after reaching my new flat I found out that I need to repair a Summer leak from the flat above.  There goes some of my Summer earnings 🙁

64 responses to Fall into Winter


    You look so pretty! And your schedule is so busy.. i like your organization. You write your goals in your blog which this will really remind u all the time! God bless to you


      Hi Cheng, loved your pictures of super sized Pizza and the San Antonio River Walk, did you eat all of those meals in just one day? I like targets and goals to achieve. Blessings to you too.

      Best wishes


        Thank you.. I was lucky to see that pizza. And the food? Yeap! Haha.. I tasted all of them. It’s actually ansample size, so it’s not that heavy. We got full actually thats why we didnt try the last rsstaurant. That’s like 10restaurant in one day. Haha! It was fun!

        Thank youfor stopping by..


        That sounds like a great day, I would quite like to eat just sample sized meals but more variety, that’s why I like Chinese banquets with lots of meals to share. 🙂


        🙂 it was perfect! We got to taste different specialties from different restaurants. Now we know what restaurant we will dine in next time. Great deal actually and lots of fun!


    Well, a real timetable artist!!
    I am sending you my most energetic and bright thoughts!
    the best for you


      Hi Pascal, thank you for your wish for energy, the last words my Mum said to me before I got on the train were eat well you will need the energy.

      Best wishes


        Hi Charlotte, in fact, you’re so cheerful and bright, giving you so much positive energy around you that we are afraid that you forget to also keep it to yourself!

        All the best for you ….


    always schedule enough time for fun — that’s the reward for hard work 🙂


      Good reminder Bill, I do have fun singing and dancing, I have a big party lined up a masquerade ball, I can’t wait 🙂

      Best wishes


        sounds like a glittering opportunity 🙂

        Part of the school experience to learn to budget your time. But relaxation is an important part of wellness. Budgeting toward success ( work ) and wellness ( fun ) is a good step to wisdom, and understanding what’s important.


        I’ll take your advice on board Bill thank you :). I’m just off out soon to meet friends for Chelsea Rose’s 21st birthday, she’s all the way from Portland so we need to make sure she has a good time with her University family 🙂


    Love this picture of you. You look adorable!
    Good luck with your performances. I know you will knock them dead!


    Good luck with the new school year!


    Go Charlotte!!!


      Hi Lizzi, congratulations to you for sending in your submissions to the agents and editors, very excited for you, my fingers are crossed. You’re very busy too I’d love to try archery, I tried sword fighting once that was fun.

      All the best


    Good luck with the plan!


    Cute photo! Hope you have a great school year!


    Love the photo! I hope your year goes wonderfully! God bless! xx


    Hey yay – a leaping photo! Love! I need some of your organization skills, also need to go look you up on Facebook.


      Hi Marey I was inspired with your inverted jump shots, I’d originally asked my Dad if he could Photoshop it to look like I was falling but he said it wouldn’t work 🙁 Loving your new tutu photo’s.

      Best wishes


        Yeah I use a solid background if I am going to flip mine because cutting a figure out of a photo with background and pasting it somewhere else is beyond my Photoshop skills! But any kind of jump shot is fun, even right-side up and blurry is still awesome!


    You look so pretty! And your schedule is so busy, Hope you have a great school year!


    Looking preety…and hv a good luck..:-)


    The leak is not down to you. Surely insurance will cover that,
    the insurance of the people in the flat above you?


      Hi Rod, I went to see the Building Manager today as the lady upstairs said it wasn’t her fault it was the flat above her that leaked into her flat so we’ve got a bit of sorting out to do. They say we may have to pay to source the leak?! I’ve got my Dad on the case now. Thank you.

      Best wishes


    Such an adorable picture and good luck with all of your goals and upcoming performances! x


      Hi Carly, thanks for visiting and your good luck wishes. What academic year are you in this year?

      All the best


        I’m actually going into my 4th year at St Andrews, studying English! What year are you in? You’re so lucky to live in Glasgow, I haven’t spent much time there but from what I’ve seen it’s such a great (and very musical!) city. Good luck with your start of term.

        Carly x


        Going into my 2nd year of a 4 year undergraduate course. I’m just back from the cinema in Glasgow where they screened a live opera, the Soprano who played Liu was tragic and pure. I want to write all about it the cast was magnificent. I’m so happy they’re screening these live Operas so that I can feel part of the spectacle. I managed to get a couple of comments out during the breaks but I was scared of using up my 3G allowance :). Wow, I’m still buzzing, it’s just reaffirmed why I want to do this.
        I must get up to St Andrews whilst I’m in Scotland. Good luck for your final year too.
        All the best


    Good luck this year and also I hope you are able to achieve all your goals. I must say however that I am not sure you should take responsibility for the leak if the water came from above you. This is something that either your landlord is responsible for or where the landlord is not responsible the tenants above you should repair.


    Congrats on achieving all of your summer goals. I checked out some of your work and you’re very talented. Best wishes 🙂


    Good luck and btw is it that bad the weather in Glasgow, as I have some friends from Glasgow here in Cape Town and they said that it’s even worst than in Edinburgh… Hmmm


      The weather in Glasgow in the autumn (fall) is chilly because of the wind, I’m told they had a fabulous summer in Glasgow this year, it was very warm. But I’m used to wet weather because I’m from the North West near Manchester. I find dressing well for the weather up here is fine and it’s always warm inside :).
      Best wishes


    Don’t limit your self to only one style of music. I am a musician too and I know that people will pin you to one style. Don’t let them. Listen to a wide range of music… I have a shorter list of what I don’t like than what I do like. When I was young I only listened to one style of music but then a guitar teacher turned me on to Jazz. I didn’t think it was cool at the time but now I thank him for expanding my listening ear and not to mention my playing ability. As Luis Armstrong once said there two types of music, good and bad…


      That’s very true Dragan, I do have to concentrate on classical music for my course, but I listen and appreciate all genres. I’m just starting with jazz, but my background listening was pop and musical theatre so I have a wide range on my iPod, which can be interesting on shuffle 😉
      Best wishes


        Are you on youtube? I would love to hear your voice… Have you heard of Nina Hargen, she is awesome. She has a huge vocal range and I am pretty sure she was operatically trained. Thank you for replying and good luck. Do you write your own compositions?


        Hi Dragan, there are five recordings in the side bar on the right above click on Per La Gloria.. And they will play one after the other. There are also videos in Performances and Videos on this blog. Here is the ( Link ) .


    Charlotte: Women can achieve anything – you go, girl! You have a lovely voice, are attractive, determined, enthusiastic, vibrant, organized – you will go far. Hold onto your dreams and run with them; the rest of it – and us – will follow. My blessings to you on your journey…


    Love the picture Charlotte, looking forward to seeing you again in October. Its very quiet without you here. xx


    Happy pictures of a happy person. Love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love Glasgow. Charles Rennie Mackintosh (sp?). The National Transportation Museum (if distant memory serves me correctly).


      Hello John, I tried to go to the Charles Rennie Mackintosh museum when my parents came to visit but it was closed. My Mum loves his work and we went to the Willow Tea Rooms to compensate because his designs are throughout. Glasgow has been a lovely home City to me other than a dangerous pothole in the pavement lol. 🙂

      Thanks for your visit and lovely comment I hope you get the chance to pop back.
      Best wishes


    Thank you Charlotte for following my blog Aspiring to Inspire. I have enjoyed browsing your blog, listening to your beautiful voice, and looking at your craft section as well. Continued success in all that you do. Thanks again – I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule.


      I hope that I can inspire people to give classical music a chance as well as performing songs that people feel enthralled and uplifted by. Thanks for visiting me on my blogging evening :).
      All the best


    Great photo! So full of energy!


    Fantastic voice


    So organised! I need to borrow your skills on a Monday!

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