O Waly Waly Sing Along

October 23, 2013 — 47 Comments

I have put this video together with my parents to see if it helps Ann who is partially sighted and could not play my audio tracks as she could not locate them on the side of my blog.  I thought if I could attach it to a video player she could locate it and listen to it a little easier.  If it helps I will try and do the same with the other tracks.

We all started laughing as we reminisced about how I used to sing-along to my Disney videos so I thought it would be a bit of fun to add the lyrics to this song.  So if you fancy singing along with me, enjoy 🙂

This is picture of me with Danielle DiDonato who played for me on this recording.


47 responses to O Waly Waly Sing Along


    I feel all culturally enriched once more – thanks Missy H 😀


    Just lovely.


      Thank you Amaatk, I hope Swindon escapes all those winds that are being warned about, my brother is coming up from London to see me in Blackburn and my Mum was worrying about his train back on Sunday when I spoke to her.
      Best wishes


    Stellar performance as usual. Thanks for another thrill.

    It’s possible and easy to attach an mp3 player in wordpress. I can demo via email if you find that it may help.


      Hi Jim, thanks. I have the songs in the right bar above but Ann was having problems locating them. Thanks for the offer, my Dads looking at soundcloud and other recording methods for me but I’ll e-mail you if I need any help thank you for the offer 😉
      Best wishes


    Charlotte that was so beautiful! I click on your post and just put my head back on my sofa and took a break listening to your lovely voice. Thank you 🙂


    It’s great that you did Charlotte. And add lyrics and a very good idea. I tried to accompany song …….
    Since it rains throughout southern France ……..;-))
    The best to you and a big hello to your family


    Wonderful idea along with a beautiful post to go along with your magnificent voice 🙂


    We had this song sung at our wedding! 🙂


      How lovely I hope it brought back your happiest memories. I’ll be singing soon at someone’s wedding, the flower duet and one choice of my own. I’m not sure whether to sing Ave Maria or something more modern such as You Raise Me Up. It’s easier on me if the bride/groom decides 😉
      Best wishes


    One of my favourites since we sang it in choir at school – a long, long time ago.


    What a fabulous idea, you are so thoughtful. I loved the recital, thanks yet again for a lovely piece of music. xx


      It’s a pleasure, thank you for your lovely message. I’ve just got back from college, and am getting ready to pack for the weekend, going to have an early night 😉
      Best wishes


    That is going to be hard to sing along 🙂 However, I enjoy your singing…


    Well I enjoyed that … singing along with you. Next time a live duet perhaps???? LOL!


    Excellent rendition.
    Please post more live work.


    Exquisite voice.


    Beautiful voice. It gives me goosebumps! Thank you for sharing your incredible gift. Xo


    Wonderful! But I’m not going to try singing along with you: I’m too embarrassed to do so, even with only myself as the audience . . .


    First off, you’re never too old for a Disney sing-along. 🙂
    Second, I think you should do more of these videos. The one problem I have with opera/classical singing is that for some reason I have a really hard time making out the words. This helps tremendously.


      Hi Stephanie, I love Disney sing along songs from Mulan, The Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas and Once Upon a Dream. I’m glad you enjoyed the sing along 😉
      Best wishes


    Beautiful! That was so kind of you to do this for Ann.


    What a thoughtful idea, and what a beautiful voice, Charlotte!!


    You sound beautiful as always, Charlotte, and I really like the way the music is set-up, with the changing lyrics, too!


    God, your voice is like an angels, what an amazing voice! :0)


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