Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 2

December 26, 2013 — 43 Comments

Two Turtle Doves


My Dad has been a big Manchester City Football Club fan from being a small boy when he used to go to their old stadium “Maine Road” with his Grandfather. So the whole family follow “The Boys in Blue”.


On the ‘Second Day of Christmas’ my Mum’s gift to me and the boys was a meal at the ground ‘The Etihad Stadium’ in Manchester and seats to watch Manchester City F.C. play Liverpool FC.



It was a very important match because Liverpool were top of the English Premier League and we needed to beat them to stay in contention. Granddad, Dad, Tom, Matt and I were in good voice, although Dad told me at half time to take it easy and not to get too excited as we were 2-1 up by then. We went back inside and ate Mince Pies and had a cup of tea.


It was a fabulous match, we were on the edge of our seats. The final result 2-1 to Manchester City so I thought I’d tape my second day of Christmas from the ground, I had to wait for the stadium to partially empty so that you could hear me.


Hope you enjoy the video. I did think about changing the lyrics to: On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, two Man. City goals and a partridge in a pear tree but I’m not one to gloat “mwha ha ha”.

43 responses to Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 2


    LOL! Happy new year! The very best come 2014!


    A fellow football/soccer fan, I see! Though since I’m originally from Lyon, my team is the Olympique Lyonnais.
    Anyway, loved this video too! “See” you tomorrow! 🙂


      Hi Stephanie, I only keep up with the premier league, Liverpool were very impressive and it made for a great spectator match but they didn’t have the extra sparkle needed. See you ;0
      Best wishes


    brilliant. City Til We Die. XO


    Congrats on the victory! Sounds like it was a blast!


      Cheers Darren, we City fans got used to many lean years and taking a ribbing from our more successful neighbouring fans at Manchester United, it used to be easier to get tickets that’s for sure 😉
      All the best


    Wouaw!!! great, excellent!!!


    The video was cute!!


    Such energy. Drawing. Football match. Singing. And all before I even wake up (course I’m in a totally different time zone.)

    Stay warm!


    You look like you’re feeling well and doing better! So glad. (The tonsil thing is AWFUL to go through as an adult. Believe me, I know!) Hope the rest of your holidays are just as fun and exciting. 😀


      I’ve never had the tonsils thing before and I hope now I recognise the symptoms I won’t let it develop again :/
      There are lots of bugs and things in your first year or so at University and I’ve been pretty fit and lucky up to now.
      I’m enjoying getting out and about again now I must admit 😉
      Best wishes


    Ha ha that was too cute!


    I love that you sang it right there in the stadium! 🙂 Awesome!


    Haha… brilliant post Missy H. Love your zest for life – have a fab New Year!


      Thank you Uncle S 😉
      How do you celebrate New Years in Turkey. I’m going to my first ever New Years party this year.
      All the best


        We had a bonfire in the farmyard after tree felling all day. Marshmallows, baked spuds, a spot of music and even a string of fairy lights – just the 3 of us, plus Uncle Baldrick, my bestie from the UK who came over for a week 🙂


    What a small world it is! From here in Australia I follow Man. City as well. 🙂


      Hi Tony, one of my family friends Dave emigrated to Australia and he still follows Macclesfield Town from down under.
      It’s great to be part of the Man. City team as they’re following their own adventure, it’s been a struggle for them over the past ten years but the fans never gave up and I think that’s what the investors love about our club. It’s fab to see a full stadium, have you seen the plans for the stadium and the area all around, our club does such a lot for the local community, it’s buzzing now in East Manchester and they’ve bought a lot of benefits to the local area whatever club you support.
      Best wishes


    Glad your team was victorious and you had such a awesome time. 😀


      My Grandad looks a little bit like Rodney Marsh, a famous footballer, from a distance so we always get lots of double looks when I walk along with him lol it’s great to go to the Etihad together.
      All the best


    Looks like you had a Wonderful time!!!!! Happy Holidays!


    wayhaaaay… we had a happy Dan here too! lovely to hear you sing at the stadium, next will it be Blue Moon???? lots of love xxxxx


    Soccer player/fan here.

    The great thing about soccer – I mean football – is that on those grayest, wintry, European days; the ball can appear ever so whiter.

    Excellent post.


      I love live football matches, it makes you feel so alive when everyone cheers and jumps up in unison, singing together 😉
      We had good weather too. I didn’t get to the match today but we won again, yay.
      Best wishes


    Glad you had a great time but gotta say…..Yeay for The Gunners!!!!


      Lol, have you always supported the Arsenal? Bet you were happy with the 3-1 away win on Boxing Day ;). My youngest brother is the football fanatic in the family he hates it if my Mum comes to matches with us because she makes him calm down.
      Best wishes


    Looks like you had a wonderful time! Very cute video. 🙂


    Like the ending. 🙂


      Hi David, oh yeah! Man City were averaging four goals per home game, we won our last match 1-0 keeping our 100% home league record so it’s exciting in the premier league at the moment, our next game is Swansea on New Years Day away.
      Best wishes


    It looks like you all had a great time, Charlotte, but I still don’t get the soccer thing. At least you got to see three scores. Usually its nil-nil or something, right? ;-} Pardon my Ermericanness (a word I just made up!)
    ….Did I win the draw yet?


      Hi Dylan, my Mum says the same thing, we don’t like her coming with us because if there are no goals she’s shouted out in the past ‘I’ve seen more exciting netball matches’ ha! Then she enquired once why if they can do all these fancy passes and keepy uppies in tv adverts don’t they play like that in a real game!
      Best wishes


    Hi Charlotte,
    I nominated you for a blogging award. Please stop by to find out more. Happy New Year!

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