Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 9


My parents both went back to work today so I packed up Christmas at home for them because they’re taking me back to Glasgow after work tomorrow and will return late on Sunday.


I don’t like packing suitcases but I hate unpacking them again and putting everything away even more. I’ve had a de-clutter and taken out all the clothes I no longer wear and books I’ve read and won’t read again to give away. We do this every year and used to get old unwanted toys too.

My youngest brother finds it hard to get rid of things though and Mum tries to persuade him every year to put ‘Match’ magazines and ‘Nintendo’ magazines in the recycling bags or to pass them on to someone new. Mum says he’ll end up like Mr Trebus,a famous hoarder, because he’s still holding on to his transformers, cars, etc. Then again I can’t say anything, I can’t part with my dolls house or beanies 🙂 Every year my Mum threatens to get rid of our rocking horse and all three of us say “NO”.

Packed up and ready to travel back to Glasgow.

There was just one last thing to do tonight and that was to record today’s verse, “Nine Ladies Dancing”. However after constant nagging from Mini Me to get in on the act I finally gave in and let her take the spot light for one night 🙂

67 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 9

    1. Thanks Alisa, we’re back safe and sound. It was sunny in Cheshire when we set off but it went dark after Carlisle, in Cumbria at about 1550 and was drizzling. I fell asleep so he journey was fast for me.
      All the best

  1. Too funny. Thanks for warming my heart. Here in central New York we have wind, snow, and very cold temps — I think my heart now is the only warm part on me. 😀

    1. Hi Colleen we had to do three takes because we were laughing so much, mini me’s crown fell off and I forgot the verse lol
      I’m freezing in my flat right now so I’m glad I warmed you up 😉
      Best wishes

    1. Merci beaucoup Pascal and thank you for your recording of the French pronunciation for me. I sang it today on a practise and although I sang it well my French was off, so I will use the audio, I’ll send you a copy of the song when I’ve practised it a bit for your critique 😉
      Charlotte 😉

  2. Brilliant Charlotte, I am really enjoying 12 days of Christmas, your drawings are fab. Glad to see you putting away decorations and decluttering, wow I’m impressed..Looking forward to following your blog…xx

    1. I was scared about smashing any, you know what Mums like with her tree deckys and she’s had lots of them for years :/
      Glad your enjoying these blog posts 😉
      Love from Charlotte xx

    1. Hi TJ it’s not Miss Piggy, it’s Mini Charlotte lol 😉
      I had her made in New York in a toy store to look just like me, when I went on a school drama trip we saw Avenue Q and Mr Sheldon and I wanted a puppet but we talked ourselves out of it and I regretted it so when I had another opportunity I didn’t pass it up. I’ve had lots of fun with her too.
      Best wishes

  3. Just a few minutes ago, a friend said that her son does not like to part with old toys that he’s outgrown. Why? Because those he’d received as gifts from other friends… “Someone had paid for those so I don’t want to waste their money, Mom”, he says to her. Your little brother may have some strange reason for hanging on to his toys. I’ll share with my friend your Mom’s theory about Mr Trebus. 🙂 Now you’re headed to Glasgow, and I have some interesting memories of the place, and of the rest of Scotland, that I will remember for a very long time. Nostalgia. Speaking of music, your singing, I’m quite certain I have a pix of the Royal Concert Hall too, in my photo archives. 🙂 Charlotte, that drawing is yours??? Splendid… now what other latent talents do you have… out with them, I’m curious! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your lovely message ;). My youngest brother doesn’t like spending money, when he gets money for Christmas or his birthday he banks it and wears the same clothes for years even though he has new ones so perhaps it is a ‘not wanting to waste money’ thing with him 😉
      I’ll have to take a photo of the Royal Concert Hall soon so you can compare 😉
      I try to learn new skills all the time, in 2013 I took up Yoga for the first time and I love it 😉
      Best wishes

      1. You ARE mighty talented. Now why would I be following a 15-year-old on twitter, otherwise! 🙂 Enjoy the yoga. Glad to hear that a young boy knows frugality, wastes no money, and tucks money away wisely, while others seek instant gratification. 🙂 Charlotte, your voice induced me to listen to others as well who are in a healthy competition with you. Thank you. My best wishes to you all. 🙂 Okay, am not trying to promote this, but you may enjoy the film, ‘The Wisdom Tree’.It’s an indie, if it comes your way some point. 🙂 Yoga, meditation, classical music… somewhat up your alley? 🙂 To be honest I am doing their promos, but here I’m writing since there are elements in it your friends and you may truly enjoy. You may edit this comment (or delete if you feel it’s inappropriate). I shan’t take offense. 🙂 Cheers. 12 days done, eh! 🙂

  4. Decluttering is a great idea to start off the new year! I think you’ve inspired me to take at a look at my own closet and bookshelves too now. 🙂 I think I’m going to have to catch up to your “12 Days of Christmas” recordings; this one is so cute! Have a splendid and healthy 2014 & may you continue to soar with your dreams, Charlotte!! ^^

  5. Charlotte: Front row center, balcony seats! Thank you, for the wonderful vantage point from which to view your “Nine Ladies Dancing.” And Mini-me surely loves to emote! But isn’t that the true nature of theatre anyway? I get the sense you’re having as much fun performing, as your audience is having viewing, your splendid offerings.



    1. I have enjoyed it Tom it’s not been a chore at all. There is a piping centre here in Glasgow, I bet they won’t be there on a Saturday but I’ll go to see tomorrow 😉
      Best wishes

  6. That was very cute and clever of you! It’s nice to give your stuff away if you are not using it any more. I need to go through my closet myself and weed out more stuff! Good way to start the New a Year with a spacious closet! Lol!

    1. My brother is just watching a video show on tv and a girl is spinning on a can on her head he says its a shame I can’t do that!
      Now that would be creative lol
      Best wishes

  7. Oh Charlotte this had me smiling from ear to ear! 😀 As for the toys….my own kids don’t want to part with their things either. What they have told me is, “Mom, our growing up was so good and happy and each thing has a memory of that.” They are young adults now and their toys are packed safely away in cupboards. And their childhood books are still displayed in our nook of a library! Thank you for the cute puppet video and gracing us with your voice! Happy day to you dear Charlotte!

    1. My Mums Christmas ornaments are fabulous, we buy her new ones each year. This year the three of us bought her Swarovski silver and crystal ornaments a gingerbread man, a reindeer and an angel. 😉
      Best wishes

    1. I’d love to pack them up and take them away to Glasgow but my Mum would go bonkers! Lol
      They are wrapped carefully one at a time and packed in storage boxes for the loft.
      Best wishes

  8. Wonderful like always…I like your drawing as well and the puppet 😀 So, its too many things that i like about this post 😛 keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Brilliant as ever Charlotte! love the ladies dancing and your puppetry is phenomenal. Keep it up. Love xxxxxx

  10. Keep the rocking horse, the beanies and the doll houses. You never know when you’ll need one. 😉

    Have a safe trip back to Glasgow.

  11. Nice act by Mini Me. Keep a few things, like the doll house and rocking horse, even if they have to go into storage. Set Minnie Me on it. 🙂 Some day you can pass them on to another special child, but part with some things. It feels good to shed some items.

  12. Well done, Mini Me! Tell Charlotte I’m getting caught up and that I think it’s great she’s doing all that putting away for her parents! My, how we all tend to hang on to our clutter! 🙂

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