An Afternoon With “The Emerging Artists”


Yesterday on my way back to Glasgow the train was delayed for a couple of hours as we waited for a broken down train which blocked the track to be removed, which made for a long and tiring journey.

Today I decided to take in an afternoon concert to make up for yesterday, so I went along to City Halls to watch the Scottish Opera Emerging Artists performance.  It started at 3 pm and featured Erin Pritchard ( Soprano ) and Michel de Souza ( Baritone ) along with vocal students form the Alexander Gibson Opera Studio.  The music for the performance was delivered magnificently by the Orchestra of the Scottish Opera conducted by Stuart Stratford.

Hamish MacCun

The programme was inspired by the works of Sir Walter Scott and as we settled in our seats listening to the overture by Hamish MacCun, which I think was the  “Land of the Mountain and the Flood” this set the scene detailing a heroic picture of the Scottish landscape.  It was a beautiful and excited piece to open the concert which developed with the well-articulated explanations of John Wallace.

The performance was an interesting presentation of individual opera scenes and it gave me food for thought to see how the concert was structured and allowed the individual performances to link together.

The singers were all dressed immaculately with the musicians in the orchestra not being left out in their dinner jackets and bow ties.

I have quite a bit of traveling coming up next week with my Southport recital on Wednesday the 12th Feb followed with another recital in Bury on Friday 14th.  I have not quite finished the poster for the Bury recital but as Martin asked for the address, here it is:

Bury Parish Church,St Mary the Virgin, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0LA. The concert begins at 12:30 pm and will run through to 13:30 pm. Admission is £5.00.

Thanks Pascal for sending me this lovely poster for my Bury recital t 🙂


Lastly, I have found a website called ArtistSignal which allows performers to compete for a prize each month based on the number of votes they receive.  From this Summer I will have to find and fund courses abroad and I thought that this may be a way to generate some income.  So if you have a Facebook account or know anyone who does I need all the votes I can muster.  You can vote by clicking on the green button after following the link below and using your Facebook account,  I know it is a lot to ask but it would be a huge help to my training fund if I could win 🙂  Though I am new to this site it would appear that many of the voters vote several times a day which means I have a lot of catching up to do 🙂

here is the link ;


34 thoughts on “An Afternoon With “The Emerging Artists”

  1. I don’t use Facebook as I hear from another artist that there are some copyright problems with that site. But my heart is with you and I hope others give you enough clicks to make you number one, which, of course, you already are to all your WordPress followers.

    Stay Warm!

    1. My Mum said I looked like Mary Poppins in my boots with my brolly my brother got me for Christmas.
      My Dad has the same reservations with Facebook and You Tube that’s why he puts my videos on Vimeo.
      Thank you it is a bit chillier in Glasgow today.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you, I love trying new things and introducing my music and my style to new people, it’s not just about winning although the prize money would be so useful. I’d like to not work all summer in the office this year so that I can concentrate more on my music and languages.
      Best wishes

  2. Good luck with the voting, Charlotte. You’ve a long way to go to beat the 20,000 vote leader but 400 is a good start. Many a Mickle makes a Muckle, and $3 so far is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

    I’ve set my reminder for 1 hour so, when I’m at home and awake, you’ll get my vote.

    1. I just love those two expressions ;0 ha ha
      I had 5390 individual likes for my request on Facebook just this weekend, I just need to persuade them to convert over lol.
      I appreciate that you’re prepared to regularly vote for me it’s very humbling thank you 😉
      Best wishes

    1. I really see myself as a classical/operatic singer and am still in the very early stages of my training, many of the leaders are professional singers so it’s been great listening to them ;).
      I’ve also introduced the music that I love to perform to new people.
      I’m very grateful to the 170 people voting for me and from those people I have just gone over 1000 votes which is fabulous, not sure what my brothers will want me to do for them in return lol! I hope it’s not cleaning chores.
      The leader this month has 693 fans voting nearly 24,000 times which is a good steady following, very impressive because it’s a big commitment from her fans.
      Best wishes

  3. Wonderful photo of contrasting colours… your neon blue coat and the golden yellow shining from inside. While I can hear your lovely singing from the video clips you include in your posts, I’ve also appreciated the colours on your blog. Indeed an audio/visual delight. 😉

    1. Thanks Arti for your lovely comment 😉
      It’s great to hear and see emerging artists, I try to go to as many of the performances the RCS organise as my diary allows.
      All the best

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