A Great Weekend Comes To An End

February 16, 2014 — 52 Comments

I have just arrived back in Glasgow after a long but exhilarating day recording with the Tideswell Male Voice Choir for their CD of this Summer’s performances.  I know that I will have many long train journeys to contend with in the future so it is a good job that I find it easy to occupy my time or catch a little sleep if I need to 🙂  Coming from a family who work in transport coping with these trips feels quite normal.

I have not much time to get my post out tonight but I wanted to share these pictures from my recital at the Bury Parish Church last Friday lunchtime 🙂


Bury Parish Church – St Mary The Virgin

It was a beautiful church and I thoroughly enjoyed performing there again this year.  It was made even more special by seeing some old friends again and  meeting new ones.


Here I am with Maurice Hargreaves, Malcolm Ross, Margaret Richie, John Richie and Martin Crookall.

I have known Maurice since performing in local Music Festivals where he worked as a volunteer steward and has been a keen supporter and always encouraged me to continue with my training.

I first met John and his wife Margaret when I competed in the Hazel Grove music festival which he coordinated for many years. It was great to see them in the audience.

As both Maurice and John are keen members of the Tideswell Male Voice Choir it was great to perform with them on today’s recordings.  I hope that they enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂


Here I am with Michael Ross.

Michael came to several of my recitals last year and I appreciate the distance he travels to come and listen to my performances.


Martin Crookall who writes one of the blogs that I follow

After missing Martin at the concert in Stockport that he came to watch last October I was pleased that this time I got to meet him.

I would also like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to vote for me on my Artist Signal page. All five of my songs have been listed in the top 52 most played tracks this month with “Amor Commanda” making it to number 26.

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    Hi Charlotte, merci for sharing. Have a fantastic, lighly, colored and energetic week !! 😉

    All th best


    Thanks for the update. I’m still watching, still listening and still voting.


      I’ve seen that you have thank you very much 🙂 I think people think that if they like my facebook link that is a vote for me, if my likes had been added from the three links I gave on facebook, I’d have got about 11000 votes more. It’s been a really interesting project and gave me lots more people to share my music with. I think I’ll put another video on the updates if I can.

      Best wishes


        Hi Charlotte,

        We’ll welcome a new video if/when you can get round to it.

        Congratulations on entering the ArtistSignal Top-100 Ranks this morning. That’s a great position to be in after such a short time. You must be very pleased.

        Having joined after the beginning of the month, you have had to play catch-up and that’s not easy. Perhaps March will make a big difference.



        Hi Terry

        It has been wonderful to see the support that people like you haven given me on the site. I love to sing and I am having an absolutely fantastic time at the RCS. Working with so many great teachers is helping me hugely. It will definitely be worth it in the end.

        I will try and post another video on the site before the end of the month but it is a lot to ask of people to keep voting. I hope they do but I understand if they cant 🙂

        Best wishes


    And a pleasure to meet you too, Charlotte. Even to one as musically illiterate as I, your talent was obvious.


    Ellen Morris Prewitt February 16, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    How nice it must be to sing in such beautiful spaces!


      Hi Ellen one of the reasons I love to do lunchtime recitals is the pure joy of singing in these beautiful churches, the acoustics really are phenomenal you don’t need microphones and sound equipment it’s just you and the piano or Elizabeth’s beautiful flute playing.

      Best wishes


    Lovely place. I’ll bet your voice filled the church with joy.


    A lovely background for your music for sure. Must be inspiring.


    That’s really nice…finding people who appreciate your work 🙂 Congrats 🙂 😀 Really young group of followers you have 😉 😛


      Hi Gaurab, Actually your comment about the age of audiences is something I’m really interested in. The recital was on a working day lunch time so that puts most workers out of the picture but why do local schools never bring the children to listen to free recitals? In the UK, children have so little exposure to classical and opera music they don’t think it is for them without ever really exploring it. Ivan Hewett wrote in the Telegraph “the most wonderful thing about classical music, which is that it’s a vast ocean, waiting to be discovered. Three lifetimes wouldn’t be enough to plumb its depths.” If all you ever get served up at meal times is beans on toast or sausage, eggs and chips then how do you know if you like salmon in watercress sauce with green vegetables and new potatoes. Schools often turn out musical theatre productions each year and music lessons play popular music and band music there is room for more diversity and I intend to do my own little bit to expand new listener’s horizons with opera recordings, that like me, they’ll learn to fall in love with 😉

      Best wishes


        I was not aware that it is actually a problem, I just made that point looking at the picture 😉 🙂 I ventured into a wrong domain I suppose 🙂 I feel schools should definitely do their bit but I think parents are responsible for these things also…My parents used to take me to classical music lessons even though it was not there in my school…and I see in your case your parents played a pivotal role. Keep up your good work, you will definitely make them fall in love with it 🙂 😀


    Great to have come across your blog and to read about your performances:)

    I wish you all the very best 2014.

    I would like to invite you to visit my blog http://www.lifeislifeis.wordpress.com.

    I am fairly new to blogging and would love to have any feedback that you may have.

    Best Regards


      Hi Ramesh, I checked out your blog and I will call back and visit again soon. Drop by for visit again if you get the time.

      Best wishes


        Hi Charlotte, thanks for your message and for visiting my blog. Surely I will visit your blog again. I am following you now:)
        Thanks much for visiting my blog too.
        Have a blessed day.
        Warm Regards


    Wow..the first photo interior reminded me of the rococo style I learned about in art history..but without the pastel colors.


    Great photos Charlotte, and here’s to another great week!


    Rest up, thanks for the photos and smiles! xx


      I took advantage of being at home to have a lounging day on Saturday; I did absolutely nothing but watch films and sleep. The majority of photos of me when I was little were with a big cheesy grin I guess I was in training from about three months lol.

      All the best


    What a beautiful venue! Sounds like it was a great evening.


    Wow! What a beautiful church. Lovely intricate architecture! Must be a joy to sing there … 🙂 You really have some wonderful opportunities, Charlotte. 😉 Thanks for taking the time to share this interesting post and to see your lovely supporters for the recital!! Well done. Regards. Iris 😉


      Hi Iris, I do have some wonderful opportunities you’re right and I grab them with both hands. I try to be careful with bookings in term time and I always get permission from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland because they are very careful to ensure their vocal trainees build their training with a healthy voice. I would like to try to arrange some more summer opportunities though so that I can concentrate on my music this summer rather than working all of the holiday break in the office. I have to master French next year which will be completely new for me so I could do with a month off to work on that.

      Best wishes


    Sounds like an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing!



      Thanks Kristen, loved looking at your pictures of Cortona brought back good memories, I’ll check out your site later when I have more time 😉 You can see our Italian adventure in the June 2013 archives, absolutely beautiful country. Enjoy yourself.

      Best wishes


    Absolutely love this post! So original! Can’t wait to read the next post!



    You are such a lovely person, I am sure they log you. Dianne


    Stunning venue, good to see your friends.


      It’s a shame my friend Gill wasn’t on the photos too but she was taking them and video recordings for me to review. I was able to send my French recording to Pascal and he’s advising me on vowel pronunciation as I tend to lean towards the Italian pronunciation, I’ve never studied French so it’s a challenge.

      Best wishes


    Congratulations on entering the top 100 in Artissignal top and entering in top 10 in Classical section.

    Best wishies from your daily voter


      Hi Cristian, mulțumesc mult. I didn’t know I was in the top 10 in the Classical section, that’s great. I would like to learn a Romanian folk song this summer; do you know any suitable for my voice?

      Best wishes


        Hi Charlotte,

        Is a very nice surprise to see romanian words in your message.

        I send to you two youtube link.
        First is one with one of greates romanian folk singer Maria Tanase: http://youtu.be/_abvpWeHlt8 (title is “who loves and leaves” (the loved one)).
        Antoher one is “Ciobanas cu 300 de oi” (Shepard with 300 sheep). I send you 2 link.
        One version is interpretated by Ioana Radu: http://youtu.be/PV0ebclW0_0
        And another version of that song is interpretated by Angela Gheorghiu: http://youtu.be/3wjoOxv8LeI
        I hope this could helped.


    Anyway you can search on youtube song interpretated by Maria Tanase or Ioana Radu.


    I don’t know why, but the answer with some links did not apear here. So I try again.
    First is http://youtu.be/_abvpWeHlt8 and the second: http://youtu.be/mq1wo3896ec and this second performed by Angela Gheorghiu: http://youtu.be/N3t8z-8P12U


    Damn, every time I stop back here you have another performance under your belt and great pictures to boot. One of these days, once I’ve posted more, I’m going to have to have you do a guest post! How’d you get so good at the balancing act?


      My next concert is with the RCS chamber choir on the 19th March at Paisley Abbey with all of the singers from my year, I’m really looking forward to it, then I have two recitals booked in April. I’ve been offered a relief role in the opera chorus, my first opera performance, which is very exciting and I’ll blog about soon and some big concerts with the Tideswell Male Voice Choir this year.
      I’ve always been a busy girl, my family are busy people it’s all I’ve known, even on holiday we spend the time exploring, walking and adventures.
      I’d love to do a guest post, you think of the questions and I’ll answer them 😉
      All the best


    Since “epic” is your new favorite word, I hope your weekend was an epic one, especially your recital. The opportunity to participate in a recording session must have been an exciting one. Whenever I’ve done a session, the songs I’ve done are in the head for a few days.


      Hi David, it was an epic weekend, my first studio recording with headphones and a microphone which took a bit of getting used to! I spent a very lazy Saturday to ensure I had enough energy for a busy full day on Sunday and I can sleep sitting up which helps 😉
      Best wishes

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