My Blog’s First Birthday


I first registered my blog on 1st March 2013 and got around to putting my first post up on 7th March 2013, I thought one post looked a little bit lonely all there by itself so I put a few posts up about what I’d been doing in the previous six months then waited to see what happened, and waited, and waited.

At the time there were lots of internet marketers telling everyone how they could get rich quick from blogging and they were some of the first people to stop by my blog and “like” my posts.

I wasn’t sure what I expected to happen but what followed was way beyond anything I could have imagined 🙂

I started my blog to help me improve my writing and to document my training at the RCS so I set my self the task of writing a couple of posts a week. I wrote about my training, my experiences and the things that I enjoyed to do. I wasn’t sure if anyone would share my interests or want to follow my exploits.

Over the following months I found that the discipline of writing my posts helped me with my essays. I met wonderful people within the blogging community who helped me to get my head around my writing, so to each and everyone one of you I would love to say a big THANK YOU 🙂

Can you imagine how I felt today when I found out that I had managed to get a high grade for my most recent history essays – thrilled to bits, over the moon, whoop – lots more to do but I hope that you can tell I was so excited ! Quote “well considered arguments and well researched answers” and “your writing shows care and structure”. STRUCTURE – oh my! It feels like Christmas. Don’t worry it’s not gone to my head, it could have been a fluke 🙂  I still have my off days but like my blog friend Don Royster only told me the other day about writing its “Like making music, it just takes practice” .

I have made lots of truly amazing blogger friends, too many to single any of you out because I’d hate to miss anyone. One of my favourite pastimes is reading through your posts and learning more about the world, different jobs, writing, history, poetry, photography, art, music, fashion and especially farming :).

I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months have in store for me and I do hope that you can find the time to drop by and catch up with me from time to time.

One of the tasks that I have set myself is to understand how the tags work on my posts and try and organise them a little better so if you have any tips….


Here is the picture that I created using the paper roses in my earlier blog post as I realised that I never published the finished result before so I hope that you like it 🙂



I have now written 128 posts which have been read from an amazing 154 Countries some of which I’d not heard of before such as; Myanmar, Benin and Lesotho.

Click On The Image To See The Full Country List

Here are the posts that WordPress say are the most read 🙂

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168 thoughts on “My Blog’s First Birthday

  1. Congratulations. Though I have not been around that long it has been a pleasure. thank you for sharing your singing and a the parts of your life.

  2. Fantastic Charlotte! you have kept us all amused and informed all year and hopefully will continue to do so in the future, lovely blog. (and Eric…. there was cake but we ate it! 🙂 sorry!) look forward to seeing you soon xxx

  3. Amazing how you could find the time to reply to so many individual comments and do so many other things too. 😉 Glad your exam results were good. Happy blogging and thanks for all your sharing. 🙂

    1. Thanks Iris ;). I’ve just got in from college and seen all my lovely messages and smiled reading all my good wishes. Luckily I’ve got a 3 hour train journey tomorrow to reply to everyone and it will help to pass the time, it really isn’t a chore and helps me to wind down.
      All the best

  4. Charlotte cannot believe I have been following your blog for 12 months !!! It has been brilliant, your successes, performances tales interviews, have all been fun…Keep up the good work, I look forward to the next 12 months..xx

    1. I know, the time has flown, I’m really pleased now I have this diary log or I’d forget. I’m glad you enjoyed it, it’s like your scrapbooks 😉
      See you soon
      Charlotte x

  5. That’s fantastic. My account turned 1 in February but I didn’t start posting until September, so I’m waiting until then to do my one year post.

    1. Thanks Evelyn, just finished my hair for today and I’m wearing my pale blue dress again I think, I just wish I had a pair of shoes to match 😉
      Best wishes

    1. Thanks Dianne, I have a photo scrapbook for each year of my life, I wish now i’d have written a description of each photo to keep in there too! 😉
      Best wishes

  6. Thanks for following my blog. I have just dipped into yours and find it fascinating. I am a convert and am following you. Happy birthday to your blog.

      1. I called in a few minutes ago. I am so envious!! I went to the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama a very long time ago and had a wonderful time. I auditioned for the Vienna Conservatoire by sending a tape and was accepted conditionally. They asked me to have another audition in Vienna just before the beginning of term so I went to Austria and worked as a waitress in a hotel in the Tirol during the summer. Unfortunately my local authority who had said they would give me a grant then backed out and as my parents couldn’t afford to pay for me I had to go home again just as term began. I then found a job in London and that was the end of that! It still makes me sad to this day. I was so disappointed at the time that I refused to even consider applying for a college place in Britain and no-one thought to try to persuade me to change my mind. The intransigence of youth!!

      2. I’m sorry that you missed out Claire. I’ve taken on nearly £50,000 of student loans and without my parents weekly support couldn’t manage because I have so little time in term time to get a job, although I do work all of the holidays, which is a pain because I really want to concentrate on my languages and music this summer.
        Perhaps a summer job abroad might be an idea.
        Best wishes to you

      3. Yes I would definitely recommend working abroad. I became fluent in German in just a few weeks. I had studied German at school and got A Level in it but couldn’t have a decent conversation with anyone. When one has to speak in a foreign language all the time it is amazing how quickly one learns and how easy it is too.

  7. congratulations charlotte on your blogs first year well done keep up the good work sorry i havent visited it for awhile from kevin but i have to say how well you have done and how proud you should be for acccomplishing such a lot in a short time well done

      1. Hello charlotte nice to hear from you glad your doing well with blog and conerts maybe i will get to one in future if your doing any in hampshire or portsmouth it would be nice to say hello keep up the great work glad you like my pieces

  8. Can we say “many happy returns”? Well, many happy blog posts anyway! You should be very proud of all the work and care you’ve put into your blog, and the roses are beautiful. Good luck in the upcoming blog year.

    1. Thank you 😉
      I’m running out of photographs though lol and when I’m with the choir or in a group I can’t get the photos I want to use in my posts. You see what goes through my head as well as sight singing and pronunciation ha ha. I need an extra day each week for washing, ironing and cleaning (well that’s my excuse anyway)
      Best wishes

  9. Congrats and Happy 1st Year Blog Birthday! I really enjoy reading your blog and learning so much from you about the music/opera world and hearing your beautiful voice singing from time to time! 🙂 Keep on writing & singing! Wishing you another amazing and fulfilling year!! 😀

    1. Thanks Violet, It’s very nicely spaced out and the rehearsals are really well planned. I must just remember cleaning at home 🙁 I think my parents are coming up to pick me up!

      Best wishes

  10. What is your secret? I too started my blog last year, but I’m lucky if I get 30 views a day. This year I’ve challenged myself to blog every single day if I can, with a target of 300. I think my content is varied and interesting, so how do I get the views that you’re getting?

    1. I try to blog twice each week and catch up with other blogs when I get the chance, blogging to me is about making friendships and the fantastic encouragement and support that offers 😉
      All the best

  11. I really enjoyed this post! I’m new to blogging, but it has helped me keep my resolution. It holds me accountable. The benefit I didn’t expect is getting likes and comments! And connecting with people along the way! It’s like a pat on the back for sticking with your journey. Great to hear about you on your year anniversary. 🙂

    1. Lovely watercolour pictures on your blog keep it up, blogging is a good diary log of my training journey, my family love reading my posts and keeping up with my progress and I’ve made some great blog friends. Thank you.
      All the best

  12. Charlotte,

    Happy Blog Birthday! Thanks for the positivity and the likes! You are right, practice is the key. We all look forward to your year two journey.


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