Some Memories From Our Concert With AR Rahman

Back on the 30th January 2014 I participated in a concert celebrating music from different cultures. It was part of the Celtic Connections series of concerts and we performed alongside the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, students form the Chennai Conservatory and AR Rahman himself.  I found some photographs taken by Saravanan Elayappan on his Facebook page and wanted to share them with you.





We had a great time with the students who came from the Chennai Conservatory who recently celebrated the Hindu festival Holi, the festival of colour which takes part in spring each year. You can read more about this festival on my blog friend Gaurab’s blog

In a reciprocal arrangement and as part of an Indian tour the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra will visit Chennai on the Saturday 29th March 2014 to perform in a concert featuring 20 students from the RCS, violinist Nicola Benedetti and composer James MacMillan. Nicola Benedetti is an accomplished violinist who in 2012 won the  Best Female Artist at the 2012 Classical BRIT Awards. James MacMillan is a Scottish composer whose music is said to combine “rhythmic excitement, raw emotional power and spiritual meditation”.

( update by the 25th March the event sold out )

Nicola Benedetti
Violinist Nicola Benedetti


Performing with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Chamber Choir at Paisley Abbey last night was a fabulous experience. The music was inspiring and the audience, who were magnificent, kept the energy of pieces flowing throughout the evening. The organ was a beautiful imposing instrument which created truly delicate phrases against powerful forte chordal passages. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and hope that those of you that were in the audience did so too.

Me and Chelsea
Alex, Jess, Me, Susannah, Inkeri and Davidona.
Davidona, Katie, Claire, Jess, Me and Alex
During the concert in Paisley Abbey

36 thoughts on “Some Memories From Our Concert With AR Rahman

    1. It was a brilliant venue, the sound travelled magnificently and was really easy to project the voice. Very excited to be part of such a lovely memorial service.
      Best wishes

    1. Brilliant acoustical space and it had similar intricate carving to the cathedral in Chester. The solos were fabulous and it was a very moving experience.
      Best wishes

  1. It looks as though you had a wonderful time singing with A R Rahman, it must have been very enlightening to hear the two cultures coming together. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Whaaaa!! You perfomed with A.R. Rahman! I am huge fan of his and have seen him at the O2. That’s amazing!!! How do you like Indian music in general?

    1. I’d love to perform in the O2, I bet his concert was amazing!!! In such a big venue his fans are fantastic. I used to love dancing to Indian music, I enjoy listening and the extravagance of Bollywood suits my personality but I’ve not tackled singing any, yet 😉
      Best wishes

  3. I feel honoured that you followed my blog! I have the utmost respect for classical music and singers. My mom used to play The Three Tenors when I was young, and I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now. I like Andrea Bocelli and I love to listen to Enya (different genre, though).

    I like this video I found:

  4. Dear Charlotte, catching up on your posts. Love the Callas’ vignette. Also your lovely photos from your concert and spring outing. David says his father was in love with Callas. Dianne

  5. Pictures never truly do an event justice, but I think I have an idea of the energy and magic from those concerts, especially the last one. I’ve been to concerts in old cathedrals/abbeys, and the acoustics are phenomenal.

  6. Hi Charlotte, the post is really colorful and vibrant in tune with the festival of Holi. The pictures of the concert looks great, I could actually feel the vibes here.Congrats for your successful concert 🙂 It would have been a great experience to perform alongside A.R.Rahman. 🙂 😀 Thanks for quoting my post 😉 🙂

    1. Hi Gaurab I said at the time it was an Epic concert, the audience was so alive and responsive, you are so right about the vibes. You’re welcome I learn lots from your posts. Are you celebrating the Indian new year on Monday?
      All the best

      1. Thanks. No, I would be celebrating it on 14th April. There are few different new year’s day here. 🙂 😀

      2. Hi Gaurab, I’m doing a post about the Indian New Year, please feel free to add to it as I’m very interested to learn about why there are several New Years in one Country 😉
        Best wishes

      1. Not yet but I love learning about music from all the different Countries, I recently took classes in Indonesian gamelan music which was fascinating. Do you have any you tube suggestions?
        Best wishes

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