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May 17, 2014 — 32 Comments

It’s been a hectic week for me and I’ve taken a couple of days off with my parents to chill and relax after all the excitement of the opera and the exhilarating Jean Highgate scholarship for singing competition on Thursday 15th May 2014.

My parents took a couple of days off work to drive up to Glasgow to watch the Highgate and the final night of La Rondine as it was my first opera they were delighted for me.  They said it was a wonderful day with much superb singing from around 28 singers from years 1 and 2 at the conservatoire.  We each had 10 minutes and three songs to perform to a judge called Jamie MacDougall, a freelance tenor and radio presenter for Classics Unwrapped for BBC Radio Scotland, so it was a mammoth task for him.


Jamie MacDougall

I was pleased with my performance  and would like to thank my pianist George Todica who interpreted the pieces beautifully and even got a “well done pianist” on my adjudication sheet which was rewarding for all the hard work he put in with me.


George Todica and me.


I was happy with my feedback sheet with comments like: song 1 “you held us beautifully throughout, very accomplished, excellent job”, song 2 “superb use of language, real drama” and song 3 “poised and perfect delivery” the summation was “assured throughout, very polished and a real delight to listen to” which was super and I was thrilled to be one of two singers highly commended on the day, along with three singers commended from a very accomplished field. The winner was my friend and fellow soprano Olga Ivakina from Russia, who you may remember took the lovely photographs of me in the sari at the end of March, we both have the same teacher so Kath must have been thrilled.

After my parents left this afternoon I had friends around to bake some fairy cakes.


Should I have Used Pink Icing …..

Then we went out to watch Godzilla.

I really enjoyed the movie it was full of suspense and I gave it 3.5 stars out of 5 🙂 but Rob and Tim gave it a 4.

I’ve asked my parents to do a review of La Rondine for a post tomorrow, so I’m holding my breath now because they’re like professional critics and rarely hold back 🙂 but if it’s not nice I won’t post it LOL

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    And there I was just thinking I’d not seen a new post from you in a while.

    It sounds as if everything went well, and I can’t think that your parents’ review will be that bad. But real criticism is the best thing you can have at this, or indeed every stage. Praise is brilliant, but you never finish learning, and your first thought should always be, how do I make this even better?

    But you know this already…


    I am glad to hear your performance went well but not too good to hear you do not like Godzilla that much 🙂


      I did enjoy the Godzilla movie, just not as much as my friend Tim who was jumping in the seat next to me. However, Maleficent is coming to the cinema soon and I can’t wait to see that the preview looks fabulous.

      Best wishes


    I didn’t even realize there was a Godzilla movie coming out but everyone’s sure talking about it LOL


      I’m really lucky in Glasgow we have a large cinema within walking distance and student discounts, to be honest after watching the Maleficent promo video I wished we were watching that 🙂 but it was a good film.

      Best wishes


    Sounds like everything was wonderful, and to have your parents there is such a gift. Gong rats and HUGZ:)


    That should have read Congrat’s…lol


      Ha ha lol, thanks Candi, I love predictive text ‘gong rats’, it takes them about a four hour drive, they love the drive after Lancaster its smooth, great scenery and the motorway isn’t too busy. They both really like Glasgow too which is great.

      Best wishes

    Annette Rochelle Aben May 18, 2014 at 1:52 am

    looking forward to hearing your parents proclaim BRAVA! for I am certain you were remarkable! cheers


    What a busy and exciting week you’ve had! Congratulations on doing so well in the competition and on performing in your first opera.


      Thank you Clare, the competition was exhilarating I love the excitement and preparation; it pushes me to concentrate completely on my songs. I simply loved taking part in the opera, brilliant.

      Best wishes


    What is it about these kinds of movies that chills us to the core but still leaves us watching…always wanting more.


    That’s funny. 🙂 Good going.


    Congrats on all your hard work. The cookies look yummy.


      Hi Don, it’s certainly easier to bake at home where we have hand whisks and all sorts, we had fun making them that’s the main thing. I took them to a garden party yesterday but I was too full to eat one 🙂

      Best wishes


    Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful week! I’m happy for you. 🙂 A weekend of rest and spending time with your family and friends sounds well deserved. 🙂


    Enjoy the rest and the cakes. Sounds like both are most certainly deserved! Congrats on your performance and scoring!


      Thank you I did enjoy a nice break and play, back to work again today less than two weeks until my end of year exams and the Mahler symphony concerts, I prefer to be busy though.

      Best wishes


    It’s good that you are taking a break from all the activities. All of us need some time to cool off. My exhaustion level is at peak these days 😉 I saw a new thing in your blog, you are reviewing movies now 😛 You looking beautiful in that selfie and congrats to you and your friends for getting wonderful feedback. 🙂 😀

    PS – I want some of those cakes 😛


      Hi Gaurab, Well I wouldn’t call it a movie review as such you need to look at Arti’s blog for that 🙂 I would recommend the film though. Thanks for the compliments even over my cakes!

      All the best


    Great work in the competition. I look forward to the Rondine review.


    Hi Charlotte, this blue cake is blue of Sctroumpf……very cute…I know an other Gozilla, I gone to looking for this. Give my good thought to your parents. All the best for you!!!!;-)


      Merci Pascal, I liked the rainbow cake cases too you can never have too much colour. Curious about your other Godzilla. Will do and thanks for your wishes.

      All the best


    All sounds wonderful, Charlotte. I bet your reviews will be wonderful! Best regards!


    What a nice photo. I mean the fairy cakes one, as well as the one with your skilled pianist ha.

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