Mahler And Me

When members of the RCS choir were approached to take part in the season finale of the RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) ‘Symphony of a Thousand’ I knew that the experience was going to be amazing.  When these opportunities cross your path it is always best to grasp them tightly with both hands and enjoy every second of them.

The rehearsals took place every Wednesday 7:30-10pm at the RSNO centre in Glasgow. When the rehearsals first started earlier this year I would step out of the murky Glasgow evening into the converted church venue to find myself immersed in the most beautiful of music, I immediately knew that this was going to be a truly exhilarating experience.

Inside the RSNO Centre

For each rehearsal the magnificently organised Christine Walker would have a seating plan set up and every chair perfectly positioned which made my life as chorus member of a large ensemble so much easier and I’m very grateful to her 🙂

Christine Walker

The RSNO chorus were extremely friendly and welcoming of all the members from the RCS, it was a pleasure to work with them and hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to be part of their ensemble again should they ever need to boost their numbers for another production.  I would especially like to thank Heather Keating, a member of the RSNO chorus who provided me with chocolate which gave me real boost during rehearsals.

During the rehearsals in Glasgow – photo taken by Stephen Fyfe

However the music truly came alive at the final rehearsals with the orchestra and the soloists at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.   During these final rehearsals I really got to experience what I was about to be a part of, the sheer scale of the production and the intricacy needed to bring it all together was just stunning. There were 252 choral singers, 8 soloists and the full RSNO orchestra.

The final night arrived, our performance at Usher Hall in Edinburgh the previous night had left me on a natural high and when I arrived at the concert hall in Glasgow I was still buzzing.

The concert started and when the chorus was combined with the huge orchestra and the children’s choir the sound exploded in the concert hall around us. It was such an amazing feeling and it set my love for music on fire! I knew in that instant this is definitely the life for me. I would love to sing the Soprano 1 part one day!

Glasgow Concert Hall – The Final Night

The only downside to the event was that I missed my baby brother’s 18th birthday 🙁 I had to join in on FaceTime on my computer.

Me, my brother Matt with Tom who is the baby of the family.


Here Is a Throw Back Hug For You Tom
Just To Prove That I Was Taller Than Him Once

39 thoughts on “Mahler And Me

  1. Isn’t there just something so amazing and awesome about a live performance with choir and orchestra? So happy you enjoyed taking part. Keep the dream alive, and achieve. 🙂

    1. Thanks John, I felt quite left out when all the family gathered in Mum’s bedroom on Saturday morning to open Tom’s presents but they put me on the screen via FaceTime so I could join in.
      Best wishes

  2. A wonderful account of the joy that is part of being part of such an amazing production. Love the throwback photo, too. 🙂

    1. There is a definite feel good factor in large scale events like this, I’ve never been involved in anything so big before. The soloists were fabulous to listen to too. He’s a lovely brother I’m always hugging him so it wasn’t difficult to find a photo.

      Best wishes

  3. How wonderful to be part of something you love – music and performing. You are exceptional at both. So nice to see you and your brother together – so special the love of siblings.

    1. It is wonderful Janice, thank you. We are all very close and I miss them, I’m hoping that after his A level exams this month he can get the train up to Glasgow for a visit.

      Best wishes

  4. What an incredible experience Charlotte, and to have all of this to share with your family is special. Well done and congratulations on this great post/experience. You do have quite a few of them 🙂

    1. Thank you, it’s been an amazing second year, I’m happy to share my training with you and it’s a great log to look back on so I’ve really enjoyed my blogging too and it’s important to do what you enjoy most, that’s what my parents keep saying to all of us.

      Best wishes

  5. It was awesome as well taking photos as well during the Mahler. Full on, the singers filled the auditorium and my camera was spoiled for choice. During the rare quiet sections, I could hardly move for spoiling the atmosphere. I’ve had a look to see if I could see you in my shots but I suspect the conductor was in the way.

    1. Thanks so much Stephen for the lovely photographs, I’ve checked your flckr pictures and you can just make me out in a lime green jumper behind the conductor. Second row up, aisle seat 🙂

      Best wishes

  6. I am so glad you enjoyed the experience of singing with a large choir and full orchestra. There is nothing like it – the power you feel being part of something that big is quite over-whelming. Thank-you for sharing your experience -it brought back so many wonderful memories.

    1. You’re welcome Clare, I have a lovely performance to look forward to this Friday with Les Sirenes female chamber choir, we’ve been preparing all year so that’s an exciting finale to my second year.
      Best wishes

  7. Thank you for the photos and behind-the-scenes look at the setup. I’m happy that you’ve found your passion in life. Also, the shade of green with white arches is a unique look to me. The Glasgow Concert Hall is the ultimate in spiffy. Wait, did you say “chocolate”? 🙂 Now I want a Snickers bar.

    1. Hi Eric, Snickers mmmmm, do you have Freddos? Irresistible 🙂 Yes I’ve never seen green and white arches before quite unique, I wish I had some photos inside Usher Hall in Edinburgh to share another fabulous venue.
      Have a lovely week.
      Best wishes

  8. What a wonderful experience for you! Thank you for sharing the work and preparation that goes into a huge production like this. When I’ve attended concerts, the performance looks so smooth and effortless. It’s easy to forget the hard work and dedication that made it possible. (I loved the pictures of you and your brother, too. You’re lucky to have such a close-knit family!)

    1. I am very lucky with my family, I’m even feeling a little nervous for my little brother with all his A levels starting today. I had a flashback to two years ago when he told me that!
      Best wishes

    1. I was grateful that Stephen Fyfe tweeted his pictures then gave me permission to use a few more, very generous of him, it helps to bring the concerts alive doesn’t it.
      Best wishes

  9. What an inspiring concert to be part of. I am a total Mahler addict, though I last saw/heard the symphony of a Thousand at the Cambridge Corn Exchange way back in the 1990s. I am so envious that your talent enables you to be part of something so wonderful. Love the pic of you and your brother as tigers.

  10. That does sound like an amazing experience! I would love to be a part of something like that someday; the last time I was part of anything resembling a choir was when my kindergarten class did a musical about Noah’s ark. Yeah, that was a long time ago. 😛
    Oh, and happy birthday to your brother! 🙂

  11. What a lovely venue and fantastic experience. I would love to have been there. The photos are really good love the ones of you and Tom xxxxx

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