Concert Rehearsal

I missed putting a post out on Sunday as I was cherishing a little family time and catching up with my Mum and Dad. My parents always tell me that they can tell when I’m back home, as the laundry has a pink wash 🙂

I soon got back into my routine as I returned to work on Monday and managed to sort out my evening schedule to fit in my singing practice, yoga and make some time to catch up with all my friends on my blog and social media to relax.

Today I had arranged to take a couple of hours off work to meet with Christopher Ellis, the principal accompanist and assistant Director of Music for the Tideswell Male Voice Choir, to go over some of my songs for the concert at Gawsworth Hall on Sunday 10th August. Following the success of their concert at Gawsworth Hall last year the choir is to perform their medley of songs from the musical “Les Miserables” in the second half in which I will be singing Eponine’s songs.

Christopher Ellis and Me

The concert is also to include some new songs from the choir and solo performances from Madeleine Osborne, Erin Alexander, Kieron-Connor Valentine, Matthew Mellor, Phil Rigley and myself. I will be performing two songs from “The Phantom Of The Opera” “Think Of Me” and “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again”. To add a little more atmosphere to the concert this year percussionist Derrick McGill will be joining us and I am looking forward to listening to his suggestions and working with him and Chris on the musical arrangements.

My Good Friend Erin Alexander, Christopher Ellis and Me

The rehearsal went brilliantly and it was great to catch up with Chris. He is a fabulous pianist and I appreciate his creative and imaginative input whilst rehearsing, as it enables me to add a little sparkle to the songs ready for the performance. The time flew by and it was not long before I had to return to work. I hope the choir rehearsal in the evening went well also. I can’t wait to see all the choir and soloists again, I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone in the pre-show rehearsals at Gawsworth Hall 🙂

Back At Work This Afternoon

31 thoughts on “Concert Rehearsal

    1. So right John, my Mums getting sad because my little brother is going away to University this year if he gets the grades he needs, so that will be all three of us but we all fly back regularly 🙂

    1. Merci, I’m getting back into routines, I’m listening to my new songs whilst blogging, enjoying catching up. Getting up at 7am takes a bit of getting used to so if I suddenly disappear zzzz lol
      Best wishes

  1. Great photos, and I am sure those two Phantom songs are going to be brilliant. There is nothing like hearing them live, as we did at a So’ton Phantom performance.

    1. One if my absolute favourite things about being home is having my laundry done for me lol.
      I hope everyone likes my version of them, it can be tricky with popular pieces but I’ve worked hard on them ;).
      Best wishes

  2. After that spell of hard work I am glad to see you having fun with friends. Enjoy. I like all the rose petal type things on your clothes. Good message! 🙂

  3. Your scheduled time home should be a welcome break for you…you’ve had a busy summer. The concert with the male choir sounds awesome, and it’s wonderful to have an accompanist you like. Think of Me is one of my favorite songs in this lifetime, and I’m sure you will sing beautifully. Maybe you can post a video! Warmest wishes,

    1. A welcome break from chores for sure, it is absolutely fabulous. Tideswell choir is so lucky to have such a fabulous concert pianist, you are right Sheila it’s great to be in harmony with your pianist. Think of Me was the very first song Jayne taught me at High School, I auditioned for my very first Search for a Star at school with it.
      Best wishes

  4. I hope the concert on the 10th August goes very well. Finding the time to do all the things you want to do and fit in all your work commitments must be difficult. You have a lot of dedication and energy. Look after yourself.

    1. Thanks Clare, everyone has always said this to me, I used to do school followed by early ballet class, followed by tea then a couple of hours later karate and squeeze in homework, or school, tap then a couple of hours swimming. The little kids used to call me busy busy Charlotte lol. It’s how I like it. Squeezing in cooking, cleaning and laundry at college is the hard bit, when there’s always something more fun to do.
      Best wishes

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