Freshers Week In Scotland And Final Recitals

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Glasgow University

This Friday, 12th September, my family are dropping my younger brother Tom off at the University of Glasgow for his first day. My eldest brother Matthew and I have been trying to advise him on what to pack and to help him decide what items he needs to take with him for the big move. Luckily my Mum went to Wilko’s and bought most of the items he might need for his next few months of self-catering, self-laundry, and self-organisation. I wish him all the best with the next step and secretly I am quite glad he’s not too far from me, so I can give him a cuddle any time he gets home sick.


With just one week to the Scottish Independence vote we could both be studying in an independent Scotland from the 19th of September 2014. I wonder if that will make any difference to us, I read one article in the Guardian  that asked if I will need to show my passport to enter and leave Scotland! (the article says not). It is brilliant that Scottish teenagers can vote from the age of 16.

My brother Tom came to help me with my lunchtime recital today in Rochdale, with Russell Lomas accompanying me and with a very enthusiastic audience I had a great time. I performed alongside a fabulous clarinettist called Elliot Gresty, who will going on to study at the RCM this September. I wish him all the best with his studies, and I can’t wait to hear him in the future. At the concert I sang a collection of English Songs, which I had not previously performed. A first outing of a song is always exciting, I hope the audience enjoyed them.


My Recital Today With Russell Lomas In Rochdale.

My last recital before starting back to University will be in Preston, Lancashire on Friday the 19th September following which it is straight up the motorway and back to Glasgow ready for the start of term. The amazing Russell Lomas will be accompanying me and Elizabeth Lawton, (Flute) will be sharing the concert with me. Not one to be missed. 🙂


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    Congratulations to your brother Tom! Packing for first year university is always such a daunting prospect for the entire family. Did you have any sage , older sibling advice for your brother?


      Packing is an incredibly hard task, but choosing, I find even harder!!
      Yes me and my brother Matthew gave Tom some advice on trying to get bright cooking utensils so you can identify your own. Another tip we advised was packing heavy items in suitcases and boxes, whilst saving room by sello-taping clothes hangers together and then putting them in make shift clothes holders, (i.e. bin bags).
      It will be strange seeing him fly the nest!
      Best Wishes,


        Ah, yes, identifying (and keeping) one’s own kitchen and bathroom utilities always proves to be the hardest feat at uni! Good luck to you and your brother for the coming term!


    Charlotte, you are a fantastic girl ! have some some beautifull days ! Good student year to you and your brother ! Best thought


      Hello Pascal,
      Thank you for your kind wishes for my brother and I. I can not wait to get started back at the RCS. I feel like I have so many new and exciting tasks ahead of me.
      May you have a super ‘academic’ year ahead too! 🙂
      Best Wishes,


    Best of luck to your brother at his university and to yourself at your recital. I don’t have a musical bone in my body! 🙂


    that’s a big score of goodies for your brother! best wishes for both of you as you head back to school. 🙂


    That last picture is perfection! One of your best I think. Perfect lighting.


    never did a dorm thing. I wonder how that’d have worked out with how i knew how to then. congrats. 🙂


    How nice for you and your brother to be near each other this coming year. Best of luck in your recital.


    I am glad to hear your younger brother is starting college. Congratulations to him. It is cool that he also not far from you too 🙂


    I’ll bet you will miss him and he you.


    Good luck at your Preston recital. Looks as if we will be in that area two weeks behind you. Pity. Anyway all the best to both your brother and you for the next study year.


    Hope your brother enjoys the “dear green place” as much as we do. Can’t believe summer break is over already 🙂


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    am i invited?


    The very best of luck to Tom and you!


    I was so home sick my first year of college – it’s great that you are close so you can both share a bit of home together. : )

    “With just one week to the Scottish Independence vote we could both be studying in an independent Scotland from the 19th of September 2014”
    I hadn’t heard about this!! Wow!
    In the US it is ramping up to election time so the news is all filled with that – rather than important international changes.

    All the best! – Michael


      I got a bit home sick too but I’m a bit more outgoing than Tom, I agree I’m not far away.
      It’s all we’ve had on our news for a month now.
      All the best to you too Michael 🙂


    good luck for your brother. This picture of you on the flyer is gorgoeus


    Beautiful photo on the flyer ~ and best of luck to you both!


    Congratulations to your brother and to you for your recitals! xx


    Nice. Glasgow University looks like a slightly modern castle. None of my schools looked like that. An important item for me was headphones, so I could listen to what I wanted to whenever I wanted to. Music. Movies. Recordings of my professors’ lectures (because some of them spoke very fast).

    Independent Scotland? I haven’t heard of that before. You get to vote at 16, too? Wow. Blessings to you all in the new and continuing adventures.



      Thanks Eric, I couldn’t manage without my headphones and I don’t think he has any proper ones. I record lectures too another good tip.
      I missed out in 2011 the election was May and I wasn’t 18 until the November. British people don’t get to vote until they’re 18 it’s only this election that they’ve lowered the age for the Scottish Independence vote.
      Best wishes


    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here’s the link if you’d like to know more.


    Beautiful school and cute boy….see college isn’t so bad!

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