New Conservatoire Principal At The RCS And The Start Of My Third Year

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I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, eeep!! The third year of my four year full time degree programme starts from this weekend when I’ve headed back North to Glasgow. You can read more about my course at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland  website I‘m asked on twitter a lot for more details. The vocal department has around 100 first study singers over the six years on BMus and MMus courses, with a further 20 singers taking the advanced MMus Opera route.

We have a new principal this year an American pianist, composer and educator called Jeffrey Sharkey who was previously the Director of the Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins University in Baltimore. Prior to that he was Dean of the Cleveland Institute of Music and before that he was the Director of Music at the Purcell School in London. He is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, Yale University and the University of Cambridge, it’s always exciting for me to be a part of any change and he has told us in his statement that he has great enthusiasm and excitement for our future together. He intends to “hit the ground running” which is just how I like it.


Welcome To The RCS To Our New Principal – Jeffrey Sharkey

In the local newspaper he announces his secret weapon will be a tea trolley something I have plenty of experience with during my summer job if he needs any tips 🙂  and he’s right everyone was always happy to see me at tea time.


Now This Is What I Call A Tea Trolley !!

In all four years of the course amongst other modules there are two singing lessons per week with fabulous teachers and classes in Performance. On a rota basis each singer performs for about 15 to 20 minutes for the whole group to build confidence and create a supportive environment amongst each other.

Year one was Italian language and repertoire.

Year two was more demanding repertoire and starting the study of German language and coaching in Lieder.

Year three is French language and repertoire with a first assessment at the end of the first Trimester, as I’ve not sung much French repertoire this is pretty much is how I feel about that 🙂



Seriously though, I love a challenge and can’t wait to get stuck in, “au revoir à bientôt”.

54 responses to New Conservatoire Principal At The RCS And The Start Of My Third Year


    Wow, your new principle is well qualified for the job!


    Heather, I do not know much about the study of music. I have enjoyed the music you have posted, your voice is just beautiful. I wish you a wonderful and productive year.


      Thank you Mary, I got off to a good start today with singing practice, learning new songs, and even fitted in 40 minutes yoga. I’ve written out my calendar/diary and I haven’t even got to cook because my parents left me with a home cooked casserole 🙂

      Best wishes


    Have a successful year


    That is funny look of you “freaking out” 🙂


    Oh, I missed. Have a great year too!


    Wow !!!! the beginning of a great year ….. Do not forget me if you need help with the French;-))
    All the best for you Charlotte

    Annette Rochelle Aben September 22, 2014 at 12:23 am

    wow, I wish you every happiness during this wickedly exciting adventure… Cleveland, eh? I have been there having lived in Ohio for many years and tea trolley? The closest I came to that sort of experience were my various positions in coffee houses through out Michigan! (deep sigh) again, many blessing for you and looking forward to watching you turn your look of feigned horror to music magnificent!


    What a voice you have! Wow. I’m so glad you are enjoying your training!


    Walk softly and push a large tea trolley, eh? Cunning…
    Bonne chance for the French this year! The pronunciation is, I am sorry to say, the worst bit. Nearly as illogical as English 🙂


      Thanks Deborah, my problem is I expect to learn quickly and get frustrated at my lack of progress. I was told my pronunciation was very good in France in fact too good because I had such limited vocabulary people thought I was more fluent than I was and answered me in complex replies lol.

      Best wishes


    You know, I am thinking they ought to hire you to do their p.r. You do such a great job as it is. Imagine what it would be like if they paid you.


    Best of luck on your studies and on your journey. Have fun, and do give us a sampling of your French once you’ve conquered it…


      Thanks Phil, I have a recording of me singing Ce by Poulenc I recorded before my studies it will be interesting to compare the before and after videos, such a beautiful song.

      Best wishes


    Hope you enjoy with our new principle I wish you some new in future .
    Best of luck


      Thank you Amritpal I never really talked to the old principal although I met him once at an outside event. It will be interesting to see if my next two years are any change from the first two.

      Best wishes


    Best of luck on your third year. As for the tea trolley, I had never heard of one before, so that’s interesting.

    Love your hairstyle.

    au revoir


      Never heard of a tea trolley 😳 it’s one of the best things to do in the UK have an afternoon tea with fresh cream cakes. If you ever get to Glasgow go into the Willow Tea Rooms. And thank you.
      Best wishes


    Go girl…. you’ll be a star I’m sure 😀


    The toughest challenges lead to the greatest accomplishments.


    You can do it!!! 😀


    Best of luck in the new year!! Looking forward to reading all about it! x


    Best wishes for your new year at RCS, Charlotte, and for new opportunities for you. Kind regards, Iris. 🙂


    You are moving toward even better classes and singing opportunities. French! Tres bien. I send you the best for a successful year.


    Good luck with your new school year. Your piano guy is very handsome. Reminds me of an English actor whose name escapes me…senior moment here! PS happy to hear the Scots are sticking with the UK.


    You certainly can’t be accused of being an untrained singer!
    That tea trolley makes me think that it may be Jeffrey’s secret weapon for building the traditional size of Wagnerian prima donnas. 🙂


    Charlotte’s acting of fear , Notice !! “” French Test Moved To Tomorrow “” “”O NO””


    Happy Back to School dear Charlotte! Have lotsa fun! 🙂 XO, Violet


      Thank you Violet, on a serious note it is always important to enjoy what you’re doing and I do 😀 as you know. By the way have you ever made a 30 minute workout you tube video for a yoga session?
      Best wishes


        I totally agree with you Charlotte! 🙂 I have not, and if I ever get really good I might, hehe. For now, I’m just happy to be a student of yoga. 🙂 Happy Sunday!!


    I wish you all the best for your third year at the Royal Conservatoire. I am sure the French language will come very easily to you once you begin concentrating on it.


    Best of luck as you move onwards…and love that photo :-0

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