Theatre Royal Glasgow

Outside The Theatre This Evening With My Friends Nathan Jenkins And Jessica Hurst Just Before The Opera This Evening

I walked past the Theatre Royal extension this morning on my way in to college excited at the prospect of my visit to watch the opera being shown there this evening. It has been amazing to watch the building change over the months into what will be a beautiful addition to Glasgow’s architecture.

The Theatre Royal, Glasgow Before The Construction Started.

In 1974 the theatre was purchased by Scottish Opera from STV to become the first national opera house in Scotland and also became the home of Scottish Ballet. Over the years that followed the theatre was updated and refurbished creating a fabulous environment to watch live entertainment and one that I would love to perform in one day.

The Plans For The New Entrance And Foyer

In 2011 Scottish Opera had plans drawn up to build an new signature entrance on Cowcaddens Road which was described as “a gilded splendour” incorporating the “sculptural shape of the main theatre into the new foyers in a contemporary manner”.  The project is expected to cost about £ 14,000,000.00 and is considered very ambitious and when finished will create a new foyer on four levels with a feature staircase.  So when it opens in December I cant wait to have a look around, if the new entrance is as stunning on the inside as it looks on the outside then it will be worth the wait.

Nearly Finished – The Entrance Takes Shape

Here are some of the productions on the program for the next few weeks, which as you can see are varied and full of things for everyone 🙂  from Scottish Opera’s La Cenerentola; J B Priestley’s Dangerous Corner; Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee; Richard Alston Dance Company; Beyond the Barricade; An Evening of Burlesque to The Magic of Motown.

La Cenerentola – Rossini

Scottish Opera – “Cinderella is the ultimate rags to riches tale. Featuring a host of colourful characters, this new production is a highly entertaining take on one of Rossini’s most popular comedies. With music that’s bright, breathless and full of energy, it’s a Cinderella story…but not quite as you may know it.”

23 thoughts on “Theatre Royal Glasgow

  1. The new theatre will be beautiful! So exciting for you to be there! I am happy that you are experiencing so many wonderful venues! Enjoy yourself and live life to the fullest! xo

    1. It is very exciting indeed Janice, the new construction feels as if it is dusted in gold fairy dust. Which is perfect for a venue which creates art and wonder.

      Best wishes

    1. The copper colour works really well. I’m looking forward to seeing it shine through the grey clouds and lift my walk into school. I would recommend going to a cinema live streaming, the performances are brilliant and you will hear some incredible talent! It’s more informal too so you can still munch your popcorn at your seat 😀.
      Best wishes

  2. Indeed La Cenerentola has some surprises for a British audience, though the story is close to the European version of the tale. I have seen several versions of this. One in the Unicorn Theatre in London, where school children could take part. It was great fun.

    1. I will have to look into the European tale then in a bit more detail. I was expecting glitter and glamour for Cinderella’s dress but sadly this was not the case. Which for me was heart breaking as the transformation is like every little girls dream.
      Best wishes

  3. Our major theater house here in Houston is undergoing a complete renovation too – it was desperately in need of it and it’s so exciting to see what’s going to happen! Always nice to see money put into something besides football stadiums here in Texas LOL

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