It has been a hectic four weeks since the start of term and I’m enjoying being back at the Conservatoire and trying to plan the year ahead. I would like to thank everyone for your comments and contributions to my first piece of “Critical Writing”. It was really helpful to be able to read through your suggestions and I will try really hard to incorporate them when I have to write my next draft, I will keep you all posted :).  It’s a challenging time deciding how to plan out my year and fit in all of the new repertoire and skills I need to learn.

This November I have been asked to join the Tideswell Male Voice Choir to sing in their ‘Never Forget’ remembrance concert, under the musical direction of Dennis Kay along with Christopher Ellis on piano and Des McGill on percussion. The evening will also feature Corus Brass, renowned poet F. Philip Holland and vocal soloists Matthew Mellor, Erin Alexander, Madeleine Osborne, Philip Rigley and Kieron-Connor Valentine.

This year, 2014 commemorates the 100th anniversary of the start of the first world war and there have been a large number of events to help remember those who sacrificed so much during the four year conflict.

The ‘Never Forget’ evening will unfold through dance, visual effects and poetry and offer the audience a feast of delight. The show will pay tribute not only to the heroes of Flanders Fields but also to all those who have made sacrifices in other theatres of conflict down the years and throughout the world.

After practising my songs, all I have to do now is decide which dress to wear for the evening, decisions decisions 🙂

The first of the two concerts will take place in Chesterfield’s Pomegranate Theatre:


And the following evening in Buxton’s Opera House:


Postcodes for the events are Chesterfield S41 7TX and Buxton SK17 6XN

38 thoughts on “November Shows

  1. I’m not the best guide to dresses obviously, but black (given it’s sombre) or a poppy colour might do the trick? The posters are excellent, though I like the first a bit more than the second.

  2. well done Charlotte lovely piece you have written hear from kevin in portsmouth finally made my move and went for britains got talent did fairly well its been awhile since i last looked at your blog keep up the great work and great singing and as you say we mustn forget those we lost in the great war and conflicts since.

      1. Helllo Charlotte thanks for your reply I auditioned in Portsmouth last sunday sand a neild diamond song in accapelo now in quandry as to what to do as they were pleased but told me i had slight touch of nerves in my voice so they didnt put me through but told me to practise and reapply to audition again so as second attempt ever singing live to people I am pleased its a decision as to audition again in november in london with same song or try and quickly learn a new song or use something ive written myself or wait till next year get more practise as they think more practise will lft my confidence. I felt fine i did feel nerves but not in voice emotionall due to everything which has happened this year the cancer losing my kidneys and now being dialysis patient and my girlfriend being very ill a good part of the year to i think its all caught up with me and is coming out in my got to clear it before i audition next.I am pleased to see your doing very well keep up the great work Charlotte

      2. I wish I had some tips for you, what are you feeling now you’ve had a bit of time to think about it, are you going for a quick re-audition or practise long term, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.
        Best wishes

  3. What a wonderful opportunity to sing in memorial of all those brave and noble men who were lost. I’m sure it will be a tear-inducing evening. Congratulations and sing well, Charlotte! (And the posters look extremely impressive.)

    All the best,


  4. You mean the choir don’t insist on a sex change before you join them? 🙂

    They make full use of your image, and then they don’t mention your name?

    I enoyed your reviews, except that I would probably have been more impressed with Mahler – I have been listening to his ‘Titan’ lately on the car player.

    1. Haha that would be a step too far 😉.
      It’s my Dad’s posters he makes them for my Facebook and Google site.
      I’ve been doing lots of listening recently I must add Titan to my list.
      Best wishes

    1. I was only joking about the dress 😀 got to get the sound and the performance right, 🍀 with the book signing, I’ve got a card made that I’d like to send you could you e-mail me an address to send it to if that’s possible.
      Best wishes

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