Yesterday Sunday 9th November, at Lunch time the soloists and several members of the Tideswell Male Voice Choir had a run through of some of the songs from the evening show at Best Western’s Lee Wood Hotel in Buxton, a lovely venue, it was a lovely warm sunny day for November, having sampled the delicious carvery I can recommend it if you find yourself in Buxton.


The Tideswell Male Voice Choir ‘Never Forget’ show was a very special event, it was a very ambitious project and was a full journey of emotions sharing an assortment of music, dance, and poetry to help us pay tribute to the men and women who fought and still do for our freedom. As Edwina Currie, the Tideswell MWC President wrote “We are commemorating not only the centenary of the First World War, the ‘War to end all wars’ as it was called at the time, but to remember the lives of men and women in so many human conflicts over more than 200 years.”

We had audience participation too with a sing-along of old favourites; Its A Long Way to Tipperary; Pack Up Your Troubles; Keep the Home Fires Burning; There’ll Be Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover. Everyone was in fine voice and enjoyed it with all the words in their complimentary program. I sang ‘Danny Boy’ and ‘Jerusalem’ after the sing-along with everyone joining in which was just lovely, very moving for me.


The evening was brought to a close with a minute’s silence to allow everyone time for reflection and remembrance which was very touching and I prayed for peace which I know most of us wish for.

Armistice Day, the 11th November 1918 saw the ceasefire on the Western front .  The date was both a celebration of the war drawing to a close and a time to think about those who did not return or carried the wounds they received during the fighting.  I have always been aware that the date was special to many people and over the years I have become more aware as to the reasons why.

It will be my 21st birthday tomorrow on Armistice day and though I will be spending the time with my family to celebrate a milestone in my life we will still remember the importance of the day to so many others.





I have had a fabulous time over the last couple of weeks and I just don’t know where the time has gone.  I was really overwhelmed by all your kind wishes and lovely comments for my birthday.  I have not been able to answer them all and have to dash back into school now so a BIG thank you to everyone 🙂

Best wishes



I would like to thank Simon Bull a photographer who took some pictures at the concert who has given me permission to include them in my post.

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51 thoughts on “Never Forget

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m what, about an hour early? They changed the day here to “Veteran’s Day” and honor all soldiers who fought in any war. We have a day in May, Memorial Day, to remember those who died in battle.

  2. Happy B-Day Charlotte, and may the Lord continue to bless you with that glorious voice to sing to the glory of God. I pray you will have many more days to enjoy, and we will never forget the significance of this day.

  3. A very happy birthday – key of the door at 21 we used to say. Remembrance Day is very important. My father came through WW2 unscathed (he was on HMS Spiteful) but his father died at 52 from legacies of WW1. Thank you for the contribution to remembering.

  4. Have a very happy birthday today, Charlotte! A lovely post about what was obviously a very moving concert. An uncle I never met was killed in the 2nd World War on the beaches in Sicily and another uncle who I did know, was a prisoner of war in Germany after being shot down. He had his 21st birthday in the prison camp.

  5. Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday. I’m sure that ‘Never Forget’ must have been a wonderful evening and I wish that I could have been there. Thank you for yet another touching and memorable post.

  6. Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

    The “Never Forget” Concert sounds like it was a very moving and touching experience, as was the Remembrance Service at my church on Sunday. It is so important to remember and value the people who laid down their lives for a cause higher than themselves, and for the sake of others’ lives, including our own! My mother and sister and I went into London to see the poppies at the Tower of London today. There were over 888, 000 poppies–one for every soldier from the Commonwealth killed in the Great War. It is almost impossible to conceive of so many lives sacrificed. We truly should “never forget.” How many of us would be willing to do the same as they did today?

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  8. Happy birthday! And thanks for contributing to the tribute. Both my dad and grandpa are retired US Navy (Grandpa served in the Pacific during WWII) and my great-grandpa served in the Army during WWI. It’s important that we remember them and all the others who have served their countries over the years.

  9. I love “Danny Boy”, it is a beautiful song and I think the concert was a lovely tribute to celebrate all those brave men and women who have served (and continue to do so) their country. Happy 21st Birthday, Charlotte. I hope it was a wonderful one. 🙂

  10. A belated (sorry) birthday greeting to you, Charlotte! You’ve achieved so much, it’s truly admirable. November 11th in Canada is Remembrance Day. I’m moved just reading your account of that event when everyone sang some oldies. It’s so meaningful. Thanks for sharing with us such a memorable event.

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