Spreading Christmas Cheer for All to Hear.

Following my concert on Friday with Les Sirenes at the Mackintosh Church in Glasgow, I had the pleasure of performing alongside Troon chorus at their Christmas concert yesterday.

Troon Old Parish Church

The concert took place at Troon Old Parish Church which the audience filled with Christmas spirit. Troon is just a 45 minute train journey from Glasgow, I had been asked to perform the Benedictus solo in the Haydn mass along with three Christmas songs by my friend Sam Prescott who is the conductor in residence.

I Loved The Christmas Spirit

I love this time of year! Christmas spirit and sparkling lights illuminate Glasgow in the evening.  I love walking around the city with the happy bustling crowds and Christmas decorations.


Glasgow has plenty to do and see this time of year including the Christmas market on Argyle Street which brings a wide selection of gifts, themed bars and fast food outlets bringing a European feel to the Scottish streets.


George Square comes alive as darkness falls and the Christmas lights sparkle and twinkle. You can even put on a pair of skates and take a spin on the temporary outdoor skating rink. All the music and laughter that you hear in the square this time of year fills you with joy and hope for the New year despite the cold temperatures.


64 thoughts on “Spreading Christmas Cheer for All to Hear.

    1. Yes it is, I’m going to try to meet up with some friends in Manchester after work now I’m home and go to the Christmas Market to compare I’ve heard they have a lovely atmosphere and food.

      Best wishes

    1. Fabulous, I’d never been to Scotland before I went to study in Glasgow either, Edinburgh is lovely to visit too and only a short journey by road or train away.

      Best wishes

      1. I visited Edinburgh back in the early 80s and thought it a beautiful place although it’s probably changed since then (still beautiful though, I bet) but I’ve never been to Glasgow. Time to visit the Celtic cousins I think! Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!

      1. I love that video of you in ’13 ~ so cute! And your voice was great then as well 🙂 The dark mornings and early evenings always surprises me a bit when I come back to Seattle in December ~ agree that it makes the lights that much more special.

    1. I ran out of time I had planned to do more photos and I wanted to show something different to last year. Loved what you’re doing with your new photo software.

      Best wishes

  1. Your Rusalka’s Song to the Moon brings tears to my eyes. You have a lovely voice. Thank you for following my blog. Merry Christmas!

  2. May the Lord bless you Charlotte, as you celebrate the Christmas season. Have a blessed New Year as well. May the Lord bless you richly my beloved.

  3. Good morning (afternoon) Charlotte! Have a blessed week and thanks for sharing the great photos. You must have milder weather there than in this past of the US this time of year. Most amusements are open down south and closed up in the northern climes here. However, it is much warmer today around 10 C. Jim

    1. I think there is some warmer weather coming this week 10-13C, I’m back in Cheshire, but with the warmer weather comes the rain, I’m hoping for a bit of sunshine for the weekend we’re going to the football on Saturday.

      Best wishes

    1. Thanks Barbara, if it was a bit warmer it would be ideal  it’s such a compact City, great transport and shopping, have you been? I’m home now and looking forward to finishing work next week then having a nice break.

      Best wishes

  4. Glasgow is on the top of my bucket list as is the rest of the British Isles. Everyone who comes back from your town always raves about it and the lovely people who live there. It looks so festive this time of year. 🙂

    1. The people make Glasgow it’s true. You would also love Chester the nearest City to where I grew up, much smaller but so much to see in a compact City, the old walls are still there to walk around from Roman times.
      Best wishes

  5. Hey, wonderful pictures and you are looking elegant and beautiful. I also love the lighting during this time of the year. Planning to light my house in a better way this year. 😉 😀

    You enjoyed some of the rides or just stood there for pictures. 😛

  6. Brilliant Christmas post dear Charlotte ! I also love this very special and festive time of year ! Thanks for effortlessly getting me into the spirit ! Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂 <3

    1. Thank you Doda, ive had a hectic weekend, last minute present buying, watching a fabulous football match that my team won, visiting family and wrapping gifts.
      Best wishes

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