Per la Gloria D’adorarvi – For the Glory of Loving You – Track 3


One of the driving forces in Opera, well in the world really, is ‘love’.  From broken hearts to soaring expressions of true love. Whether returned or unrequited, we sing a wide range of emotions.  When I looked at the fifteen songs I’d recorded I decided the theme of the album was songs of love, “Canzoni D’Amore” in Italian, a journey of love and all its facets.

One of the most popular songs from the collection is Ernesto’s aria ‘Per la Gloria D’adorarvi’ from the opera ‘Griselda’.

‘Griselda’ is a three act opera called a drama per musica that was composed by Giovanni Bononcini.  He was an Italian baroque composer, cellist, singer and teacher.     Bononcini’s story is quite sad he was orphaned at eight, he was celebrated in London and compared to Handel but he left France in disgrace after being prosecuted for plagiarism, he died aged 77 in poverty.

Giovanni Bononcini

Ernesto, is a ‘trouser role’ in the opera which used to be performed by a castrati ( a male singer in the 17th and 18th century who underwent a surgical procedure in order to preserve the boy treble range of their voices).  As the popularity for this type of singer faded, female singers took over the roles and now is often performed by a soprano.

The main cast roles in Griselda are:

Gualtiero, a contralto, the King of Thessaly

Griselda, a contralto, the wife of Gualtiero

Almirena, a soprano, the missing daughter of Griselda and Gualtiero

Ernesto, a soprano (previously a castrato) the lover of Almirena

Rambaldo, a bass, a Sicilian nobleman.

Griselda is the wife of King Gualtiero, she was a peasant woman of great beauty who had been the Kings long term mistress, they’d a child together Almirena who mysteriously went missing.  The King is worried that Griselda will never be accepted by the nobility and sets her a series of tests to prove her worth.   The King announces he is to marry another woman that has caught his eye Almirena (his missing daughter) but Almirena is in love with Ernesto.

With her infant son Griselda is banished to her peasant cottage where she is wooed by Rambaldo a Sicilian nobleman, he threatens to kill her child if she doesn’t marry him.  She flees back to the palace.  As a final test the King orders Griselda to marry Rambaldo but she refuses and having passed her test is restored to her wifely place at the Kings side.

This is my performance of the aria from August 2013 accompanied by Russell Lomas

And you can listen to a preview on Amazon or iTunes from my Album “Canzoni D’Amour” accompanied by George Todica.

I’d love to know which is your favourite track so far?

51 thoughts on “Per la Gloria D’adorarvi – For the Glory of Loving You – Track 3

    1. Sarah Brightmans done it all Paul hasn’t she! Successful on stage, in dance, in classical I think she created classical-crossover, took on rock I just love her passion. We were told in college the other week that those you think will be successful generally aren’t and those that you don’t think will be are. So I’ll just keep on trying to get better and try my best to achieve my own goals.

      Best wishes

  1. Very interesting, thanks Charlotte. And, impossible to choose one favorite track. I listen to your album every day, every song is different, and each of your interpretations is beautiful, you are given each has a life full of sensitivity, power and color. How to tell a rainbow sky is more fantastic than another ?
    All the best for U.

  2. Beautifully sung, Charlotte. After Christmas when I have more time I will try to listen to your CD and let you know my favourite. Have a very happy Christmas. Clare x

      1. We will have a week’s off during Christmas till the new year’s. Some respite from the chill and some time to celebrate. 🙂 :D.

      1. Thanks Charlotte! Happy singing! If I lived nearer to you I would make you one! ⭐️⭐️perhaps I will have to send you one next year! 💝

  3. Lovely performance of the aria, beautiful singing! I do enjoy Sarah Brightman and other sopranos as well but keep up the good work. You have a strong voice and a very good confident poise for a singer, Charlotte. 🙂

  4. Charlotte!
    I’m thrilled you made this top 10 post. Many were posted here before I knew you.
    You are so amazing. I just can’t get enough! xx

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