The Walk From The Garden

January 4, 2015 — 65 Comments


I’m excited to announce that in April 2015 I will be performing the role of ‘Eve’ in Jonathan Dove’s Opera “The Walk from the Garden” with Scottish Opera’s Connect Company.



Alongside me performing the role of ‘Adam’ will be the lovely tenor Glen Cunningham from Nairn in Scotland.  After accepting the role in September, I have had the pleasure to work with him whilst learning the score.


Glen Cunningham


The Scottish Opera Connect team have been wonderfully welcoming and it has been fabulous working with Chris Gray, (who is our conductor for the project), Laura Baxter, (who has been coaching us), Lliam Paterson, Iona Jack, Roseann Gross and Donna Macpherson. I am extremely excited to begin production rehearsals with Scottish Opera Connect Company and our director Julie Brown this month.  I will tell you more about it as we progress.



The Scottish Opera Connect Chorus are a very talented bunch, last year I heard them preparing for Dr Ferret’s Bad Medicine Roadshow, which will be performed in the same billing.  Both are ‘New productions’ and it’s exciting to be working on an Opera by a British Composer which hasn’t been performed regularly before.

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    Sounds very exciting Charlotte, I am hoping to be able to come up to Scotland to see your performance in April. I’ll keep watching your blog for ongoing info xxx


      Brilliant Gill it will be at Websters Theatre in Glasgow Saturday 18th April 15:30 or 19:00 and Sunday 19th April 2015, 15 weeks away. I’ll let you know when the tickets go on sale.

      Best wishes


    Great !!! My best wishes to you for this new adventure !!! All the best for you Charlotte !

    Peter Alexander January 4, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    Congratulations! This sounds very exciting for you. And what a lovely photo!


    Congratulations, Charlotte! It’s a lovely opportunity to showcase your talent.


      Thank you it is lovely when I saw the opportunity for soloists I jumped at the chance initially just to have audition experience, when I was offered the role I was thrilled.

      Best wishes


    Wow, Jonathan Dove. This is really something. I’ve heard the children’s parts of Tobias and The Angel and thought they were a lot of fun. Looking forward to hearing more.


      The music is very challenging, I’m loving learning the score, we will be accompanied by the Connect Company Orchestra and we’ll receive coaching from visiting international soloist – so exciting.

      Best wishes


    This is exciting news! Your fame is growing!


      Thanks Dan it’s great to have something challenging to get stuck into, just having the opportunity to work with the music and production staff from Scottish Opera is thrilling, their educational outreach program is a fantastic scheme.

      Best wishes,


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    Congratulations! Sounds exciting and I know you will be awesome in it.


    Wow, that is good news and good opportunity for you.


      Yes it is 🙂 . Lots to think about I’m hoping they’ll let me update my blog with rehearsal photos and information so you can all share my experience.

      Best wishes


    How fitting it is from the Garden of Eden , the beauty Hoather sings , Congrats for all . Charlotte is great pick for this .


    Congratulations. 🙂


      Thank you Eric 🙂 The opera starts as Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden, contemplating what they’ve lost. It’s a great story I’ve enjoyed learning the score.

      Best wishes


    Congratulations. You will have to post more about the opera, and the rehearsal. I look forward to them.


      I will post more Don, I hope I’ll be allowed to document just what goes into putting on these short operas. I love that they are for family audiences.

      Best wishes


    Excellent news!


    Fantastic! I saw Flight at Glyndebourne and it was brilliant. There is no official recording of it but I found this.


    Congratulations, Charlotte. You will be a wonderful Eve! xo


    Charlotte, Many congratulations on getting this role. Sending lots of luck and hugs. May the opera be a resounding success. xxx


    This is great news, Charlotte. I’m sure you’ll do well in this roile.


    Congratulations! Break a leg!


    Quite excited to hear of this upcoming adventure, Charlotte! It looks like you’ve got a good crew to work with, and I look forward to your progress and the final project.


      15 weeks sounds like a long time, Adam and Eve make their way into an unknown world with all the insecurities that entails and it also deals with man’s impact on the planet so it’s a fascinating project.

      Best wishes


    How exciting! Congratulations Charlotte.


    Congratulations to you! How very exciting!


    Good morning beautiful new year best of luck


    Get them t-shirts printed Miss H; you’re goin’ places 🙂


    That’s wonderful Charlotte, We are so excited for you, Cannot wait, hoping to be there:))))xx


    Sounds fascinating! Unfortunately living on the other side of the world means I won’t be able to see/hear it live 🙁


    Sounds wonderful! Can’t wait to hear more about it.


    That’s so great, Charlotte. Heartfelt congratulations!


    congrats we will see your performance in come out of garden, are you prepare for Eve character


    Do you have a link that will take you to were to buy your music


    Also I want to thank you for taking out the time to support my blog and make comments and likes. You are a very busy person and it means a lot to me. 😊❤️


      You’re welcome your fashion ideas save me time putting together outfits not just new outfits but combos from things I already own, thanks for your support too.
      Best wishes


    May the Lord bless you on your role in the Garden at the opera. I know the Lord will use you to His glory to shine the light on the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. I will be praying for your success. May the Lord bless you richly.


    Congratulations. It sounds like the world is ready to embrace you.

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