What A Difference A Day Makes

February 25, 2015 — 48 Comments

Dido And Aeneas


When I was at school for one week at Easter, we used to spend four days on a performance workshop at Stagecoach theatre arts school. In just four days we memorised lines, song and dance routines, learned how to get along with lots of new children. The team of Directors; Sue, Jo, Zoe and Jan worked hard together with us all to create a final show. It was absolutely brilliant. It was also fantastic training for my memory, a great introduction to stage craft and allowed me to quickly learn dance routines. We put on abridged versions of The Wizard of Oz, Oliver and Mary Poppins to name just three.

I thought of this on Saturday when I was called by the Director of the RCS Opera Project to ask to stand in to perform the part of ‘The First Witch’ in the Henry Purcell opera ‘Dido and Aeneas’ as the girl playing the role had an unfortunate accident. The RCS Opera Project performances are from the 4th March to 7th March, next week! My first thought was I’ve got an essay due in this week that I just have to finish! Then I thought, what a great opportunity go for it. I immediately set about learning the words and music to try to get it off score by the weekend 😊. Then into rehearsal whilst completing as many of my usual classes as physically possible. Today I’ve been there from 10am to 9pm with a couple of breaks to eat which also reminded me of long days of rehearsals at school when the musical theatre productions were under final rehearsal, I absolutely love it.

There are two operas in the Event – Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas and Poulenc’s Les Mamelles de Tiresias fusing Baroque and 20th century repertoire.

Tickets are just £13.50 from the box office, two shows for the price of one.
You can see a great pictorial synopsis of Dido and Aeneas on the Classic FM website, it really helps to visualise the story.

So if you have any positive energy to spare send it my way ready for the performances 😀.  To sign off I just want to say a big thank you to my Dad for sorting out the pictures for me tonight.  Anyway I am off to get some rest now ready for tomorrow zzz.


Mary Poppins



Mary Poppins



Mary Poppins



Mary Poppins



The Wizard Of Oz



The Wizard Of Oz



The Wizard Of Oz


48 responses to What A Difference A Day Makes


    Charlotte you are a fabulous personne ! Thanks for your light and your kindness A big piece of energetics smiles for you, take care too !

    All the very best for you !!


    Fantastic opportunity! Break the operatic equivalent of a leg.


    I like the attitude! Give it go! Even if the hours are long.

    So here is to a great performance!

    I am impressed that someone donated their dog to play Toto. The canine star seems unfazed by the goings on associated with theatre. That is star quality!


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    Somewhat tangentially to the point of the post — which we “like-ed” — MC likes to see that a young woman accepts her Dad to “help her sort through the pictures” for her blog post! IMAGINE 🙂


    What a wonderful experience, and you are a real theatre trouper to take on such roles so quickly. Applause!


    I’m sure you’ll be fabulous as always. Have fun! 🙂


    Opportunities like this will come your way from time to time and I’m sure you will do well.


    What a great opportunity! I don’t know the opera well, but I do know, and love, Dido’s lament, “When I am Laid in Earth”, from it. If I remember it is in a passacaglia form. Good luck! And have fun.


    I just had a dinner and I have a good chunk of energy to spare. It is on the way to you 🙂


    What a wonderful opportunity! I love Dido and Aeneas but haven’t listened to it in a long time. You’ve inspired me to seek it out again.


    The word “Memory” strikes a chord in my heart. It’s a song that I most love.


    I remember all your performances you always put 100% in to all your parts and I know you will do the same with this one, well done xxx


    Best of luck, Charlotte! I’m sure your performance will go off splendidly!

    Best wishes,



    Go for it Charlotte, I’m sure you’ll be brilliant !! If we don’t manage to get there (we haven’t given up all hope but things here are just hectic) we’ll be with you in Spirit !!


    OMG I think you were asking me about costumes somewhere and I forgot about it. I will try to find the comment to see what you were asking! Sorry!


    All my positive energy has been sent your way.


    How exciting! Best of luck with the rehearsals and performances.


    I’m almost as excited as you!


      😆 it’s a shame you’re not a bit closer I’m singing my folk songs tomorrow in the interval of the opera competition, I’d love you to see them live and I’ve been working on the new duet with Jess you’d love it.
      Best wishes


    Absolutely the right decision! Your career is singing, and that’s where you need the experience. (I can even say that as a musicologist who has thought some of those classes that required those essays.) You should cherish the opportunity for a real education in music, because it will make you a more insightful performer, but you also know what the priorities are.


      Thank you Peter I do value my musicology classes and try never to miss a lesson, I do realise the value of them in making sure I’m a fully rounded artist, these next essays are about teaching others I’ve done the research but getting my thoughts and ideas down in the right structure always takes me ages.
      Best wishes


    Oops “taught some of those classes,” of course. But it is true that I thought more classes than I taught. 😉


      😊 so much work gets put in to teaching others and structuring interesting lessons to the different ages and capabilities we get very good support here at the RCS.
      Best wishes


    Have a great time, Charlotte, and enjoy this fabulous opportunity. Hope all goes well for you.


    What a great opportunity ~ and great photos as well. Break-a-leg my lady ~


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    What an amazing Dorothy. You look so much like her in a very special way! Stellar idea and performance.


    I’ve heard it said, “…if it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it.” 🙂

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