Opening Night – Dido And Aeneas



Opening night of Dido and Aeneas, stage make-up done, excitement at boiling point, thank you all for your positive energy, feeling it 🙂

Best wishes



Here are some photographs taken by the RCS.

RCS 01

RCS 02


Here is the review from the The Herald written by Keith Bruce

The Opera Project, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow

Four Stars

The unassuming portmanteau title given to this double bill, featuring senior students at the Conservatoire, masks a very fine double bill of short operas written three centuries apart, which has further performances tonight and tomorrow and will more than reward the effort of catching at the Alexander Gibson Opera Studio.

Both crucially showcase the significance of the new name for “the Academy”, as they feature dancers from Modern Ballet course working alongside undergraduates and masters students of music. Kally Lloyd Jones has choreographed both the dancers and the singing company in both shows in what is an admirable example of integration at work.

The dancers crucially animate Mark Hathaway’s staging of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, a piece which is full of good music but only really has the one great tune, given a heart-breaking performance at the close of the tale by the full-voiced Eirlys Myfanwy Davies. She was very ably supported by Charlie Drummond, Jane Monari (Sorceress), Charlotte Hoather and Anna Churchill (coke-snorting witches) and particularly Victoria Stevens as her sister Belinda, whose bold first entrance signalled a skill for dramatic phrasing.

With a baroque band of seven and a chorus of eight, under the baton of Tim Dean, this was a well-resourced and very effectively, if minimally, staged Dido. Our Aeneas, Euros Campbell, however, looked much more comfortable as Le Directeur, opening proceedings for the juicy rarity that is Poulenc’s Les Mamelles de Tiresias. This outrageous post-Second World War appeal for French procreation, with a libretto by Apollinaire from his own First World War play requires a good deal of cross-dressing, much dada-ist larking about, and our heroine to liberate her balloon breasts from her bodice and become a proud, flat-chested, and, um, bearded, feminist.

In fact Le Directeur’s prologue (and another layer of satire about opera staging) is preceded here by tenor Matthew Thomas Morgan singing the rather more serious Apollinaire/Poulenc song Bleuet in a clever piece of period contextualising by musical director Oliver Rundell. Morgan returns later as Le Journaliste in the picaresque tale that incorporates vaudeville, a hilarious snippet of classical ballet, and a big mirrorball palais de dance finish. Barbara Cole Walton and Luke Sinclair are both excellent as the central couple in a company that includes fine performances throughout and is musically sure-footed over tricky terrain, accompanied by pianists Marija Struckova and Michal Gajzler in the version made by Benjamin Britten for Aldeburgh. The piece is a gem, and a real hoot to boot.

70 thoughts on “Opening Night – Dido And Aeneas

    1. Thanks Martin I did enjoy every minute, it was a fabulous opportunity to work with everyone, I’ve put a copy of the program into the original blog post.

      Best wishes

      1. Thanks Charlotte and thanks for following the blog.
        I took a whole week off work for my birthday and it was great. Mrs Harker took me out to buy running shoes, and I managed two miles round the park (albeit very slowly and with much huffing and puffing).
        Are you going to post any of your performance on your blog?

      1. the best times of our lives are not when we relax – they are when we strive with all our hearts for a goal. Good luck 🙂

    1. Ha, no kicking but I got to throw a ballerina onto the floor luckily we’re friends 🙂 and hold a knife to another’s chin lol, mean girl fun.

      Best wishes
      Missy H

      1. I know it’s been a long time. Life you know!? Of course you do! I love seeing through your blog you are chasing your dreams! Hugs! Koko❀

  1. I feel god to know you are lovely and happy. Ever possible fullfill your beauty with the joy of your contentment and self- realization.
    You are very inteligent, smart and an awesome ever. All my best wishes for you like a brillant singer at your chosen career you’ve selected for your life. With greetings of cheers, from friend Telma.

  2. Enjoy your performance and the experience! It is kind of nice to think that for a night, people are forgetting about their day to day lives. All to have your company take them away and entertain them.

    1. Thanks for your great message Steve, this is what helps me to keep my energy up right to the end of a run knowing that the third night in might be someone’s first night out in a long time.

      Best wishes

    1. We got several 4* reviews so that’s fabulous, it was a great show my parents really enjoyed it.

      Best wishes

      p.s. I have added one of the reviews to the bottom of my post 🙂

      1. Hello Charlotte,
        Thanks for the notice I will try -again- to fix it. I haven’t found the way.
        Thanks so much for the interesting! 😊

      2. When you click on my gravatar is opening the gravatar page. Below the image is the blog link.
        But except that I will try to find the right way on the settings.
        Thanks a lot!

  3. What fun and excitement you must be feeling with this…wonderful and it would be something to get lost in such a performance. Cheers to a great adventure!

    1. Oh yes, I did get lost in it, my parents thought I’d been a bit too realistic when I cut into my arm because the blood effects were soooo good. Here’s to more adventures 🙂

      Best wishes

    1. It’s been a great week thanks Hilary, my friend Silvia came to watch tonight and said it was wonderful so that’s great, my parents are up in Glasgow for the final performance tomorrow. I have had tremendous help and support from the cast, dancers, director and choreographer to get into character helped along by great musicianship from the orchestra you’d love the show I’m sure. 4* review in The Herald ( added to the end of my post )

      Best wishes

  4. Wow Charlotte, you look fabulous, so pleased it went well, wish we could have been there. Roll on April see you then.xx😘😘

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