Bergen – The Final Concert

After a few busy days I’m very excited to tell the tale of my last day in Bergen. Sunday 31st May began with a masterclass in the morning, we all performed the two songs that we were going to be singing later that evening in the concert. It was fantastic to receive  advice from the teachers and scholars which helped us all to bring the songs to life. I was delighted to receive the compliment of good Norwegian pronunciation from specialist Wencke Ophaug during the masterclass. Watching the other workshop participants was lovely as I got to see the improvements made by the others over the past few days. It was delightful to work with such positive and hard-working people.

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We then had a break to re-energise ourselves and gather our things for the evening. I took my gold sparkly dress and George brought his DJ. We met the rest of the group at 4:15 pm outside the Grieg Hall and together we caught a coach to Troldhaugen. We arrived with the sun shining and at 5 o’clock a final rehearsal took place. But this rehearsal didn’t take place in a concert hall it took place in Grieg’s house. Now this was an extra special experience, George played Grieg’s piano and I stood where Nina would’ve sung. It felt like the music was coming home and we revelled in all the happy memories held within the walls of this beautiful house. It’s something I can’t quite explain in words, but I feel so privileged to have gained this opportunity and to take away such a marvellous memory. I also managed to press a note for myself. (A tuning ‘A’ to be precise hehe).


Sadly we could not take any pictures inside to share with you but if this means that many more generations can see and feel what I had experienced, then I don’t mind and instead I urge you to visit this fabulous home for yourselves.


After our seven minutes of rehearsal time George and I along with the other participants went downstairs to the maid’s quarters to get ready for the performance. I used some of this time to go and explore, I visited Grieg’s composition hut and it was here and at his piano, which I touched, that the music of ‘Haugtussa’ came to life. We also visited his and Nina’s graves which were carved into the mountains. It was quite spectacular and a beautiful resting place for them both, it felt quite an honour to be part of the history of this inspiring area of Bergen.


We then got changed into our performance clothes so we could take some pictures outside of the house to make the most of the sunny day. However, it was when we returned downstairs that something occurred. I poured myself a cup of berry tea, but moments later, just after being freshly brewed,  in the crowded room as I turned the entire contents of the cup spilled down the front of my dress. At first I couldn’t feel it and I just panicked about the mess but then all of a sudden the hot liquid reached my leg and stuck to my tight dress soaking my thigh. People rushed to help me get to a rest room and take the dress off and finally after a painful struggle I was released from it to reveal a burnt thigh!  But in the words of Freddie Mercury, (I’m a huge fan along with my Mum and Dad) “the show must go on!”,  so after pouring a cold bottle of water all over my leg and rubbing some hand lotion on I put my dress back on, which was more like a wetsuit 🙂 walked back upstairs and sung my heart out. Nothing was going to ruin this experience for me. Then promptly after finishing I retired to some comfy clothes to allow my skin some time to heal.


After the performance we all mingled and took some photos and expressed our joy of such a fabulous experience. I must say that I have now left the workshop as a Grieg enthusiast and I hope to keep singing and sharing his music for a long time.

I must admit that figuring out how to dictate my notes into my iPad has been really helpful and made sharing my adventure so much easier, I can really recommend it.

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  1. Having been some time in preparation, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

    What a great experience, Charlotte. I hope ordinary life isn’t too mundane to come back to after that.

    1. Hi Martin, I had a days travelling on Monday and got back late, had a rehearsal for my exam. Then Tuesday was my Year 3 exam recital not mundane at all 😄.
      Best wishes

  2. That was a real spirit make sure the show must go on. I would be very panic. You did well to deal with the situation gracefully. Excellent.

  3. So sorry to hear about your mishap. I hope your leg is better now. You do look lovely in the dress. I believe you did sing your heart out after that! The show must go on, right?
    Hugs to you! xo

    1. Yes it’s much better thanks Janice my Teacher Kath had a Creme and I put that on when I got back. I’m going to stick to water in the future 😀.
      Best wishes

  4. You were very unlucky with the spill, but your account of this experience is very interesting, to say the least. Did your ipad convert your spken word into text? Sounds a good idea.

  5. Yikes! Sorry about the mishap, but I admire your ability to carry on. Good for you! And I know you learned so much from this experience—something that will be part of you forever.

    1. Yes, Peter I’m sure it will, it was so good for us, I learnt so much, it was packed full of interesting lectures and information and the music was very special.
      Best wishes

  6. Hi Charlotte,
    What a wonderful journey, thanks so much for taking us along. I hope that you heal quickly and that you can take some R and R after your finals! All the best, Darlene

  7. A glorious and memorable (especially with the accident) evening and a wonderful way to finish the trip. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Wow, it sounds like a fabulous experience. Well, except for the tea and your poor leg, that is. But to pick up the vibe of the composer as you practiced his music – great!

  9. what an adventure you have had Charlotte, good to hear that you did not do any major damage to your leg and the concert went well.
    The Photographs are great 📷

  10. Soundss like a very memorable trip.I hope you were able to sing Solveigs Song.That is one of my favorites to sing!Did you get a video?I will post it on my Fb if you like.Great of you to post this…Hope we hear more soon about your songing.Great experience to be there.

  11. I am glad you had such a lovely time.I can fully understand how being in Grieg’s composition and touching his piano would really put you in touch with the spirit of his music.

  12. Glad you’ve had a marvellous trip, Charlotte. What a treat it was to be right there in Grieg’s house and playing on his own piano and you singing right in there. I’m sure you’ll cherish this experience for the rest of your life. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. I congratulate you from my heart Charlotte! What a wonderful experience and you showed such presence of mind when others would have panicked and given up. Well done!

    1. It happened so fast I will stick to water the future. It wasn’t half as dramatic as Enrique Iglesias did you read about his accident with a drone camera so happy to read he’s on the mend.
      Best wishes

  14. How fantastic to perform Grieg’s songs in Greig’s house on Greig’s piano! It sounds as though you were able to get a true sense of the composer. I have experienced something similar when I visited the apartment in Baden, just outside Vienna, where Beethoven wrote the 9th Symphony. It’ll be an experience that you’ll carry with you forever.

    And of course, there is a Scottish connection to take back to Glasgow with you. Greig was of Scottish ancestry – just reverse the ‘i’ and ‘e’ in his name and see how many Griegs you come across in Scotland!

  15. Charlotte, what a fabulous story you tell , I feel when I read your blogs I have been with you. Really pleased you both had a good time, and fit so much in. Wonderful experience.
    Hope your leg is better:((((
    Lovely photo,s cherished memories that will last for ever😘😘

  16. Dear Charlotte,

    Your dress is lovely–hope it wasn’t ruined! And I hope your leg heals quickly. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time, and did so much; I’m sure you sang beautifully. As you learn more Grieg pieces, I hope you put up some recordings of yourself singing them! I love his music, too, and I’d love to hear you sing them!

    Best regards,


  17. Few know that burns are one of the most painful of injuries. Sadly, children are the most frequent victims of burns as they try to pull something off a counter top they can’t see only to find the electrical cord is attached to a boiling kettle, or that the bathtub water is too hot due to a not infrequent lapse of attention.

    And as you discovered, clothing can make a burn worst, especially if there is a little bit of metal or some plastic that will melt into the skin. Quick action is needed and it’s too bad someone wasn’t there to immediately pour cold water on you. Which is why I’m making this comment. So that all who read of your wonderful experiences may also read of the need to act quickly to protect themselves, others and their children from burns, the nastiest of pains.

    1. I’ve spoken to lots of people since who’ve spilt hot drinks into their laps! We did very quickly put cold water on my leg and hip and it is healing now. Loved your new leggings by the way.

      Best wishes

  18. Très heureux que ton séjour soit un succés. Et les professeur confirme ce que j’écrits dans le livre, tu as une voix arc en ciel et tu sais faire varier l’intencité des couleurs pour nous donner Ton interprétation personnel qui est a l’image de la penser du compositeur. Tu es une grande chanteuse. You are a fabulous singer, when we hear you we undertand the feeling of the composers of the songs that you sing !!! Thanks a lot Charlotte

  19. Never a dull moment! Well done for seeing it through in spite of burns. That will stand you in good stead one day. Thanks for the tour of Grieg’s gardens. I must try talking to my iPad.

    1. That’s what my Mum said; I’m like an episode of Hollyoaks. I can recommend the voice notebook, it forces me to use clear diction too, bonus!

      Best wishes

  20. Sorry about the mishap, not a good one, dear Charlotte, but I am sure you are better if not already done with that issue… The post is stunning as always and I enjoyed the retelling here… I wish you the best of luck!… 💗🌺💞💖💕 Love and happy week ahead Aquileana 🌷

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