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September 27, 2015 — 71 Comments


The introductory week for the new term was a great taster for what lies ahead for me and over the coming months I can’t wait to share it with you. One of the reasons that I chose to study here at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is that they allow you to follow your own creative pathway.  Dance and music have always been so closely intertwined in my life, though opera is my true passion I was delighted that as part of my final year I got the opportunity to audition for an own choice module which if I was accepted would enable me to take RAD advanced 1 ballet classes.



I always found that dance was a great way to keep fit and it really helped me with my movement when on stage.  It was fantastic fun to get back to practising, with my tights and leotard on. (Even though in the travel from the changing room to class I kinda wanted a pair of gym shorts).

In the audition we had to wear pinned numbers so that the three teacher panel could make notes on our technique and abilities. It has been over three years since I last participated in regular ballet classes so the audition was quite nerve racking.  As we went through each element in turn it reminded me of Latin and Ballroom dance exams that my brothers and I took part in when we younger.

When the audition was finally over you could tell that it had been a while since my last regular lessons, exercises that I used to do so easily had really taken their toll but inside I felt fabulous.

I’m really excited to tell you that I have been accepted and I will participate in my first class on Monday 28th September. Ballet has many attributes, optimum fitness, deportment, core strength and stamina all of which I can apply to my own performances on stage.


I can’t wait to get back into my ballet, it really is a joy and a challenge, but one that I know will complement the work that I do in movement classes.  You know me I will give 100% and work hard to try keep up with the ballerinas, (but perhaps not with my legs so high!), they are all lovely and very friendly so I’m looking forward to the classroom atmosphere.

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    Annette Rochelle Aben September 27, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    Happy to know you are on your toes! My mother was a ballerina in her high school years. We have photos to cherish even though we do not have her. So, I shall cherish you and your ballet experiences! <3


      I’ll have to build back up to pointe work, so happy to have bought back lovely memories of your mother dancing ☺️. It felt so good to be back in ballet class.
      Best wishes


    why was I not surprised to see that you were accepted. Well done – you are one incredibly talented young lady and I look forward to seeing you on the big stage one day – most likely sooner rather than later I suspect!


      It must be the right time to have fallen into place for me this year. It’s nice to have a fitness break in the week when I have so much to learn, remember and perfect in my singing.
      Best wishes


    Congratulations Charlotte ! it’s great ! Toutes mes félicitation !! You are a great professionnal artiste me Dear ! and and example , as you know mix pation and work ! All the very best for you ! Very proud to be friend with you Miss !


    Wonderful news Charlotte!


    Totally talented totally beautiful!!


    Charlotte so happy for you and proud of you and your accomplishments. Sending wishes to you for a wonderful year.


      Thank you Mary, I just hope I can regain my previous competence 😊. I was reading over my old British Ballet Organisation certificates to remind me what to focus on.
      Best wishes



    In later life, circumstances may force compromises on you, but these are the years in which to be yourself as hard as you can. We none of us are afraid that you won’t get as much out of the experiences as you possibly can.


    Ex Charlotte semper aliquid novi!
    Ballet well done rising (literally, when you do leaps) to the challenge!


    Congrats! You will be at your very best in whatever you do. Blessings & hugs, Charlotte. Love the photo with the mirror and the one of you so young.


      That’s always what I aim for to be the best that I can be 😊. I loved ballet exams, the preparation, the excitement waiting my turn, this photo was just before I went in for the exam. I’m glad you liked the mirror photo 😀.
      Best wishes


    I love the photo of you when you were small – so cute! Congratulations on getting into the ballet class. I am sure you will do really well! Best wishes, Clare xx


    Look after your back, your knees, your toes and your ankles!


      Will do 😀 all the years I did ballet, tap and karate my accidents came falling off a bicycle at speed, a friend on a pogo stick! And falling upstairs! I’ve had a fabulous first lesson in the boys class! 👍🏻
      Best wishes


    Lovely post, Charlotte! It’s a great sign of your talent that you got into the ballet class after three years. You really rock. And I love the picture of you as a sweet little ballerina.


      Thanks Peter, I do incorporate several ballet exercises in my daily routines thank goodness and Zumba, yoga and swimming do help to keep me fit but I’m so happy to be regularly dancing in class again.
      Best wishes


    Congratulations! That little you are so cute.


    Dance is a gift from God. King David danced before the Lord with all his might, and the Lord blessed him for doing it before the ark of the covenant. So Charlotte, does the dance before the Lord, and sing with all your might. Be sure the Lord will reward you for doing so.


    Congratulations. One of the things I have noticed is that successful artists usually have a second artform they practice. Tony Bennett and Joni Mitchell paint. Clint Eastwood plays and composes music. Jack Lemon played the piano.

    barbara patersonn September 28, 2015 at 5:16 am

    Congratulations you are doing geat keep it upxx


    This is great, and I would just echo what Gert said about taking of yourself. I’m thinking of yoiur toes here.


    I love the #3 pic. Born to entertain. 🙂


    100% That is definitely you Charlotte. Ballet, an all around fitness, mental, and stamina building exercise. Best of luck on your first day. Have fun with it.


    Be happy and always follow your own creative pathway,dear Charlotte!Enjoy Ballet,I’m certain sure you’ll be a brilliant ballerina 🙂 xxx


      I’ll never be a ballerina I made that choice when I was much younger, the other dancers are far more technically talented, I kept up, and I love the exhilaration and beauty of this classical dance, it makes me so happy to pick up the lessons again it’s nice to have a hobby and challenge that is personal to me.
      Best wishes


    Best of luck, Charlotte! I love ballet, but have never been able to reach even a moderately high level–just do basic steps and positions for exercise! Have fun!

    Best regards,



      I took classical ballet and tap classes for about fifteen years Cate, I really did miss it and found it really difficult to keep up with private classes because of rehearsal schedules which happen on different evenings. I hope this course will just allow me to get back my learnt technique and regain some strength.
      Best wishes


    ♥ My sister took ballet for many years and was offered a spot in her third instructor’s Japan-bound troupe. I used to watch her lessons occasionally and can remember quite a bit. I have a copy of her second instructor’s memoir, which one of her fellow students gave me not long ago.


    I hope you enjoyed your ballet today! 🙂


    Way to go, Charlotte….. I am very happy to read these updates. Good luck with whatever comes next. Love and best wishes. Aquileana 😍


    There is nothing better than ballet for building strength in every muscle. I did it seriously until I was sixteen and although I took further courses later in life I have missed it ever since.


      It’s hard to explain isn’t it, I think the discipline and structure of this particular dance suits my personality, I’ve kept up other external dance classes but I’m just really happy to be given this opportunity again.
      Best wishes


    Charlotte, You are amazing, I don’t where you get the energy or time to fit everything in..
    Have a wonderful year enjoying everything you love to do…💞💖 xx


    How exciting! I have no doubt you will excell! 😀


    You were so cute, Charlotte! My Dad make me take ballet lessons when I shot up several inches and became quite clumsy, At my height, I was great at basketball and tennis, but ballet was NOT my thing! I still remember the arm and foot positions, though! Have fun and enjoy it!


      The classes started off very large then dropped off as each year went by, by grade 7 there were only two of us left in ballet and tap 😕. I loved the grade tests they helped me focus. I’m holding my own the exercise is great.
      Best wishes


    As current success proves, I believe you have been gifted as a multifaceted performer. Best of luck towards fulfilling your dreams.


    Yay on getting back into ballet! I’ve never done it myself (my sister did for a few years), but I have a huge amount of respect for ballet dancers because I know it’s a lot more physical than it looks. Enjoy your classes! 🙂


    Ballet is always so breathtakingly beautiful!

    Dear Charlotte, I hope you are well, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Please visit my page to find out more: You so deserve it! <3 Kemdirim Okezie


    Standing on your toes seems very painful. Don’t know how it’s done.


      With lots of practice and specialist shoes, but you have to build the muscles up in your core and foot arches and are preferably lighter than I am at the moment 😋.
      Best wishes


    You dance, too? You’re truly creative. 🙂

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