Singers, Scarves and A Scots Song

British summer time ended on 24th October, the clocks go back so we have more light in the morning but this means now its dark at 4pm.  It’s getting much cooler now, the heating is on more and germs are spreading maybe because we’re inside more?  A cold is a nightmare for singers and can mean having to rest your voice.

As a singer your body is your instrument and prevention is often better than a cure so you listen to all sorts of advice to keep a cold at bay from avoiding sneezing people; washing your hands regularly, taking honey; lemon drinks; chewing garlic cloves; steam inhalation; drinking infusions to constantly wearing a scarf and protecting your ears when walking outdoors in the cold.

I found this fascinating blog post on Opera Pulse that even warns singers of the dangers of molly-coddling and reports that the famed coloratura Luisa Tetrazzini in The Art of Singing (1909) says; ‘Personally I never wear a collar and have hardened my throat’.

As a general rule when I walk around outside I wear a scarf but tend not to wear one indoors unless it’s say a chilly church or rehearsal room.  It was wonderful this birthday to be sent scarves as gifts from family and Pascal Barnier and Nicola Heales, a lovely twitter friend of mine, so unexpected and immediately put to great use.  I’ve even been on-line to learn how to tie them better.

Some Great Ideas For Knots From ‘’


Pascal Barnier’s Designs

Click on these images to see a bigger image.








Here is a short demonstration ( click below )

I entered this year’s Scots Song competition at the Conservatoire I didn’t place but I thought you’d enjoy listening to one of the songs that I’d learnt for the occasion it was recorded at our Edinburgh Recital. I didn’t compete last year so this was a nice gentle competition to get back in the swing of things. I am still working on the Scottish accent 🙂

Happy St Andrew’s day to everyone in Scotland for tomorrow, 30th November.

‘Ay Waukin, O’ – Francis George Scott ( 1880 – 1958 )

68 thoughts on “Singers, Scarves and A Scots Song

  1. You look great with the scarves! Nice matching with plain white shirt. I also like your blue belt and its buckle. Consider a model as well ?

    Definitely enjoy your singing too 🙂

    1. There’s always another competition 🙂 I missed them last year they keep me on my toes.
      Thank you, I performed four Scots Songs and this was my Dads favourite.
      Best wishes

  2. And protecting against sore throats can be difficult for those prone to them. I have that problem and I hope you don’t, though I remember you had tonsillitis once. The scarves look great.

    1. I never had tonsillitis before that awful bout a couple of years ago, with knowledge I’d have sought treatment earlier without trying to carry on. I’ve noticed a few professional singers cancelling concerts recently it must be a nightmare.
      Best wishes

  3. I’ve had to make a screen grab of the scarf knotting! The Scottish accent is a tough study, it can’t help to be singing while minding it. As with all the other aspects of technique, it will be fine when you can forget about it. Keep well.

    1. I’ve learnt four new Scots songs in a couple of months and some are easier to accent than others because of technique like you said 🙂, I will put more work into them this year they’re a lovely series and I want to do them justice, out of coincidence I was told three of them were written by an ex-president of the Edinburgh Society of Musicians, Francis George Scott, so it was like bringing them home.
      Best wishes

  4. You know Charlotte I had never given that much thought since I live in Florida USA (hot, sunny) that you would have to protect from the winter months. Love the scarves and have fun styling them! No colds for you this season my friend. Cheryl x

  5. You wear the scarves as beautifully as you presented that lovely song. Happy to hear you are getting back into the swing of the competitions, they will serve you well this year. Cheers!

  6. Great post Charlotte! I am sorry you weren’t placed in the competition – it was so good to have another recording of your singing to listen to. Your voice is really maturing – I can hear such a difference! The scarves and knots were a brilliant addition to the post!

      1. Scarves are presents we women get given very often. I have about 25 at the moment and that’s after giving some away. My mother tells me she could open a shop with the amount she has!

  7. I’m so glad you posted your singing! Nice going, it seems like a difficult piece. True? I don’t know much about opera, except that I like it. Thanks for sharing. You look n sound lovely. I recently bought a scarf that is a circle eight or infinity, though in Atlanta we don’t need them too much. Is George your pianist?

  8. I always think about performers such as yourself whenever I get sick – I start wondering, what do they do if they are, say, on tour and all these people have paid money to see them? I imagine you would adopt that “show must go on” attitude unless you’re just deathly ill. I once saw a play with an actress who’d been phoned up literally the morning of the performance because one of the actresses had fallen ill that day, and they needed someone to perform her part that night since there was no understudy. Bless her, she performed the entire play with a script in her hand- can you imagine?! Honestly thinking about having to sing or dance or something when sick is one of those things that makes me realize, nope, i could never do it. All I want to do when I am sick is curl up in bed!

    1. It is an awful situation, the more people you mix with the more likely you are to catch bugs, you’d know that being a teacher, but you also get immune to lots of minor infections. I’ve always been quite fit and healthy but it’s hard avoid viruses no matter what you try 😷 😊.
      Best wishes

  9. I love this post and what a lovely song!
    I’m wearing my favorite scarves every day and this post has very useful instructions about.
    Thanks for sharing Charlotte!

    {p.s. Are you on Instagram?}

      1. You can create your own account on Instagram if you prefer can keep it private.
        I think it is an enjoyable way communication with pictures of our daily lives. Take a look of my account. You can find it -at my instagram widget on blog- click on the photos at the right on the first page.

  10. Beautiful series of photos ~ you look like the perfect beginning of winter with your scarf and smile. And to end this post listening to your angelic vocals, it is a very good start to the week!

    1. It’s a gorgeous dress my parents bought me for my end of third year recital and to wear to my concerts this year, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s pale pink 💓
      Best wishes

    1. One of the best things about training in Scotland is being introduced to their fabulous music heritage up here, from the folk singers to the bagpipes I ❤️ them all. I did learn a Scots song with a fiddle player last year it was great fun, I must try to do more collaboration this next year.
      Best wishes

  11. Hi,
    I know Annette and John.
    Thank you so much for following my blog! May I ask how you found my blog? I always wonder. Thanks again, and welcome!

    1. I see posts I like in the reader or shared articles on my friends blogs or just comments I like and check out new sites and follow, lots of different ways to make new connections 😊.
      Best wishes

  12. Lovely scarves and complex knots woven with your lovely voice and a gorgeous song.What a pity you didn’t place in the competition.Best always 🙂 Doda xxx

    1. Every competitor if they’re honest wants to place, however, for me the preparation, performance and feedback is as important . Hope you’re well Doda 💕
      Best wishes

      1. Absolutely,dear Charlotte!That’s what I keep saying to my Sts before sitting any exams.The preparation is what really matters and the experience and knowledge they gain through this important stage.I’m fine ,thank you.All the best of best to you too 🙂 Doda xxx

  13. I am way late to the party, but I just had to say you look so cute with those scarves! And very nice singing as usual. Also, your Scottish accent is probably better than mine. 😉

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