Such An Exhilarating Opportunity

Last night after a busy rehearsal schedule the Opera Britain production of Don Giovanni had it’s first performance.  Throughout the day we had busied ourselves as everything came together and the production took on a life of it’s own.  When you are caught up in it all sometimes it is hard to envisage how the final production will appear to the audience.  It is such an exciting experience and one that ceases to amaze me as the concepts put together by the Director, in this production Conleth Stanley, start to take shape around you.

The musical accompaniment provided by Jonathan Ellis was wonderful and we were all kept in line musically by the talented Tom Newall who as conductor brought the show to life.

My fellow cast members were:

Don Giovanni – Lewis Dillon
Leporello – Darwin Leonard
Donna Anna – Lorna Rushton
Donna Elvira – Heather Heighway
Don Ottavio – Catalin Lazurka
Masetto – Matthew Mannion
Il Commentadore – David Palmer
and myself playing Zerlina.

Catalin Lazurka
Catalin Lazurka
Darwin Leonard.jpg
Darwin Leonard
David Palmer
David Palmer
Lewis Dillon
Lorna Rushton Niamh St John
Lorna Rushton and Niamh St John
Matthew Mannion
Matthew Mannion
Rochelle Hart
Heather Heighway
Some Of Our Wonderful Chorus
The Whole Cast
In Costume And Ready For Act I

I must a say a very special thank you to Jayne Wilson, Artistic Director and Dr Robert Alderson, Chairman, for bringing us all together for this amazing experience 🙂

Now as if by magic I hope this post publishes on time as I have set the timer and will be keeping my fingers crossed as I will be assisting with lighting in tonight’s production as Niamh St John performs the role of Zerlina.

38 thoughts on “Such An Exhilarating Opportunity

  1. Great, very nice, congratulation Charlotte ! and very interesting that you assist on lights so it will give you an others looking about “to be in light” and the place of light around the music ….. All the best for you miss Rainbow Voice 🙂

  2. Love, love, love the costumes! Such a brilliant way to offer a fresh look at the opera. Congratulations, and good luck with the lights!

    Best regards,


    1. I think they were pleased with the lights and my performance the previous day, it was a lovely cast, I enjoyed meeting Darwen from the Royal Academy in London as he’s offered to meet up to make sure I’m settling in OK.
      Best wishes

  3. I am so pleased it went well and you enjoyed yourself! I love the photos and the introduction to all the cast members. I hope the lighting job was fun and successful.
    Best wishes, Clare

    1. Thanks Clare, I’ve finally had a night off tonight and a lie in tomorrow. I think it all went really well and I got an offer of work so that’s exciting.
      Best wishes

  4. Congrats Charlotte!Indeed,exhilarating performance,your beautiful “talking” photos clearly show how happy you are after the big success.All the best to you , Doda 🙂 xxx

    1. My Nana and Grandad, parents and brother came to watch so that’s always exciting. My Grandad knew several of the male arias as his Grandma used to listen to albums of classical music she he was a boy.
      Best wishes

  5. How wonderful to be singing Zerlina! What a great, fun role. Mozart makes me fall in love with Zerlina every time I see Don G.

  6. Well done Charlotte, pictures are fantastic and tell their own story of what a good time you all had. Thanks for sharing yet another fabulous experience you’ve had. I love it! X

  7. As always, lovely photographs and that infectious tells me you and the cast had a blast. Looks like fun and I guess you are going to be busy for quite some time. Excellent.

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