An Evening With Friends

Last Saturday, the 2nd July George Todica and I were asked if we could perform a recital in support of the Pendsey Trust by my friend Jane Froehlich. Lucy Laycock, Jane’s Godchild has been raising money for the charity and Jane suggested to her that a small recital may be an excellent way to raise some money.

Jane Froehlich, Me and George Todica

The Pendsey Trust raises money to help educate children in India who have type 1 diabetes. The cost of the insulin needed by these children is so expensive for their families that many of them do not survive into adulthood. Whilst in India in 2011 Lucy interviewed an Indian doctor, Dr Pendsey, who explained the problem and what he was doing to help. Dr Pendesy, believed that by providing financial scholarships to educate the children they could find better jobs, which in turn would help them to fund their own medication and go on to have a healthy and happier future. On her return to England, Lucy along with three others established the charitable trust and through the trust continue to raise awareness of the problem along with well needed funds.

Pendsey Trust

Both George and I were happy to be able to help out and had a lovely evening. It was a real treat to meet everyone and chat during the interval and after the performance. Jane felt that the evening was a real success and has already been asked if she intends to host another recital .


Following my post about my graduation I received so many lovely comments, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your tireless support and heart felt encouragement. I cannot tell you how much it means to me, knowing that so many of you are willing me on, it is such a huge boost.


I have several projects on the go at the moment and I can’t wait to share them with you over the summer. My Dad has managed to prepare a couple of the videos from my recent performance of Zerlina in Don Giovanni which I wanted to share with you. The first is “Giovinette Che Fate All’Amore” and the second is “Vedrai Carino”, these were fun to perform and I hope that you enjoy them.

39 thoughts on “An Evening With Friends

  1. That was a noble thing for you Charlotte and George to do. I have Type II Diabetes, and I know first hand how expensive it can be to treat. I am thankful God blessed me to be married to a Dietitian. Thank the Lord that it is under control and I have not suffered any major complications. May the Lord bless y’all for your service.

    1. It might be the last time we get to perform together for quite a while sadly. In the UK we can take our health service for granted and it sometimes is a shock to discover people can’t afford to buy medication they need. I’m glad to hear that you have yours under good eating control.
      Best wishes

  2. Great ! very nice of you and George !! Congrats ! and very nice video, happy to see and ear you ! it’s woow !!! You’re voice have grow , with more light and colors ! fabulous ! The best for you my friend !

  3. A wonderful cause! Good to see you and George together again. Your Father took some great videos, too. Thanks for posting Charlotte, Darlene

  4. Very nice doing a recital for a charity. It sounds like a great cause.

    I enjoyed the videos. The first one made me think of a Mozart version of Grease. I almost said it looks like it was a fun production, but, uhm, Don Giovanni? No, I think I’ll leave the word ‘fun’ out of it….

  5. My word, Charlotte, you have certainly become the whole package. Your voice is beyond description, your character is realistic and you’re light on your feet. I feel quite inadequate to give a proper review!! BRAVO to you and George!!

  6. These videos clearly show incredibly talented you are, Charlotte! You love what you do, is also evident. It’s all for a good cause too. Congrats on a job well done. ❤️

  7. Very impressive. I am amazed that George? can sing while he’s lying on the floor, especially when he’s on his belly. Yu both have amazing diaphragm control. zSnd zi swear that fellow hit George hard. Great staging.

    1. The guy singing on the floor is my dear friend Matthew Mannion, he did a great job. I’m glad it looks like a real fight, Lewis our Don Giovanni will be happy.
      Best wishes

  8. Wonderful videos and what a lovely voice you have Charlotte! I am glad the recital went well and I hope that plenty more money was raised for such a worthy cause. I am working my way backwards through lots of missed posts from when we lost our internet connection recently. I’ll get to your graduation eventually! Congratulations!

      1. It is amazing how important the internet has become! We are all very well thank-you Charlotte and staying in Germany at the moment.
        Best wishes,

  9. What a wonderful treat this morning as I was doing some early catch-up on missed posts, to find these lovely recordings. I’m so happy to hear how your voice is developing. More please, they gave me great pleasure!

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