All Systems Go

July 31, 2016 — 70 Comments


All systems go this week as we launch into an exciting project that will span over the next few weeks.

Earlier in the year I successfully auditioned for the part of Frasquita in the Berlin Opera Academy production of Carmen, and today, I’m travelling to the fabulous city of Berlin in Germany to join the rest of the cast for the rehearsals. I must thank the Hope Scott Trust for generously agreeing to cover the costs of my flights so that I could take up this opportunity. The Director has been inspired by choreographer and dancer Bob Fosse so I’m very excited to be part of the production because I get the chance to incorporate dance movement with emotive arias while wearing fringe, mesh, and velvet costumes.


Some Of The Buildings Here In Berlin Are So Colourful

But before getting stuck in I was invited to work with Scottish Opera Connect on the role of ‘Serpina’ in “La Serva Padrona” by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi. I enjoyed preparing this role, with a character that packs a punch with a lot of cheeky smiles.  On my arrival back in Glasgow, I was thrilled to be asked by Scottish Opera Connect to take on the role of guest vocal coach and teacher.  It felt strange at first for me to be the person leading the lesson but I quickly settled into it and taught one-to-one lessons with Ruth Wilkinson a wonderful experienced pianist accompanying and I worked with a team of fabulous musicians to coach the ensembles.

Participating in the project was a great experience for me as it provided me with my first official teaching job after completing my degree and it was so exciting to work with young voices and use exercises and games to help improve and create what I hope were positive results for the students.

On Friday morning, alongside Andy McTaggart the former Scottish Opera Emerging Artist, I performed for the Connect Company and Andy and I held a “Question & Answer” session about music in higher education and the possibilities available to graduates moving onwards into the business. This experience was very surreal for me as it made me realise that I am now considered a professional singer, and over the last four years I have accomplished some exciting things. When answering I tried to be as honest and helpful with my answers as I could be, then afterwards I thought to myself that I would have loved an opportunity like this at the age of the group (14-17), who were all on a summer residency a training week for young singers auditioning to become members of the Connect Chorus.

Last night ( Saturday ) I went to support my friend Keanon Kyles from Chicago, America. He was performing his first UK appearance in the role ‘Colline’ from “La Boheme” by Puccini with Clyde Opera. The performance was thrilling and full of dramatic character and beautifully set. It was so wonderful to see the result of the hard work he had put in, as he told me all about the build up to the performance during his visit to Glasgow.


Keanon Kyles and Me

70 responses to All Systems Go


    It’s all just beginning…


      It’s starting to feel like that it’s getting very exciting, it feels like I’m learning so much I’m in my element. Hope it can continue as long as possible.
      Best wishes


    Sounds like you’re keeping busy, which is great! Looks like you are leaving the nest of your school on wings.


    Congratulation Mademoiselle Hoather ! Félicitation Charlotte ! You’re the one !

    The best for you with Berlin ! (and take care of you ) 🙂


    Wonderful, you are really motoring now!


    It seems like you have few things that could line up for you in the future. Nice ..


    Sounds so exciting. Hope you enjoy Berlin.


      It’s been very exciting so far, I’ve filled my day off today, very busy but exhilarating.
      Best wishes


        I know when I was in theater, days off were excruciating. It almost seemed as if life had stopped and then began again when rehearsals and performances took all the time. Walking on the stage was a rebirth. (or so it seemed)


    Wow! Fosse inspired, eh? There sill be so much fun in this production. Have the time of your life and be sure to allow yourself to become “one” with the experience. Brava to you, dear Charlotte! <3


      Ahhh thank you I’m trying to get as much out of the experience as possible, even a half Italian, half German conversation in the pizza restaurant was great fun the other evening after a late finish.
      Best wishes


    Congratulations. Excited for you.


    Wow, a voice trainer, singing and swinging to different cities; well done you are certainly getting around and known, be a jet setter soon. Enjoy it all, best wishes and blessings, Charles.


      I never thought I’d be someone who was going to have an international life and these experiences have shown me that I can make myself at home with lovely people wherever I go with a sense of exploration and adventure.
      Best wishes


    You have been so busy since your last post – teaching and performing, question and answer sessions and then supporting a friend. Hope all goes well in Berlin (glad you got there at last!).
    Best wishes, Clare xx


    What exciting opportunities you continue to have! Best wishes!


    Such great things in store for you, and every new post and opportunity is another great step. Keep the smiles coming Charlotte 🙂


    What a wonderful opportunity, Charlotte! It looks like you are on your way to great things. This is only the beginning! Have fun. 😘Xo


      Hi Janice, we had frequent reminders at University that people you think will make it – don’t and others do. It’s such a tough industry you’ve just got to keep your feet to the fire.
      Best wishes


        I have confidence in you that you will succeed at whatever you do, Charlotte. I wish you well in all your future endeavors. 😘


    Congratulations on your opportunity, it sounds like your career is off to a great start!


      Well my training is staying on the tracks and any opportunity I can find to sing publicly I take, I’ve still got a few years before I can truly start on my career but I need to earn as I don’t want to be too dependent on my parents bailing me out.
      Best wishes


    Well done Charlotte, so proud of you! X


    Student to Teacher within a short period of time – That’s impressive. Scottish Opera must think very highly of you. My son visited Berlin and Munich early last year. Loved both cities.


      I’ve always enjoyed helping out with coaching the younger stages in groups I’ve trained with. I was thrilled to be asked to come in by Scottish Opera as it’s all helping me to take on more training myself, this is a great opportunity in Berlin, I’d love to come back professionally.
      Best wishes


    Wow! What a lot of exciting things you are doing right now, Charlotte! Congratulations on all your latest successes and opportunities. Frasquita is such a delightful role, and Carmen such a fabulous opera, that I know you’ll have a marvelous time in Berlin. (If you can, have a fellow cast member take a picture of you dancing, and put it up on your blog!)

    All the best, and take good care of yourself and your voice!

    Best regards,



      I’ve got a couple of pictures in my blog post today, Frasquita is a great role like being in Charlie’s Angels or a girl gang. I’ll have to try to get a friend to take a photo of the fosse inspired chair dancing or the flamenco.
      Best wishes


    Those dance lessons are coming in handy! I know you’ll be wonderful. Will someone be taking a video for us to see?


    Things are obviously going well for you Charlotte.


    So awesome! Love the things you’ve been doing. 😀


    Never one to let grass grow under your feet, Charlotte!
    Best of luck with your new endeavor in Berlin, Darlene


    Congratulations Charlotte. You are always so busy and open to every opportunity which comes your way. All the best for the time in Berlin.


    Congrats on the Carmen part, Charlotte! How exciting. All the best and enjoy!


    Take on whatever challanges lie ahead.Have a good team around you and if you think your good now……..try aiming for amazing!
    Hope to hear you sing live.
    good luck


      Thank you Max, that sounds good, I hope you get chance to hear me live too. People in Berlin get a chance next Saturday and the following Thursday.
      Best wishes


        As you set out on your journey.
        I would like to be your


        As you set off to London on the next stage of your journey.
        I am here to offer motivational support should you need it.
        Drop into my blog anytime.
        Leave your audience spellbound and your critics in love with you.
        Sparkle and show great strenghth.
        YOU have the amazing talent…..earned thru hard work.
        With your music take yourself and others into a place few can go
        good luck✔


    Enjoy Berlin and all she brings!


    Such a busy young woman you are! And your career is just taking off ! When will I get to see you in the Lincoln Center in Washington?


    This is wonderful news. Berlin? You do travel. Congratulations. 🙂


    Congratulations on the step to ‘professional singer’ and teacher. Well deserved. It must feel amazing! Cheerios, CC


    What a wonderful time you are having, such great success on the way for you. Enjoy.


    Is this the first time you will be performing as a dancer and a singer?


      No I’ve danced in La Rondine and was dance captain in Sir John in Love and I’ve done loads of music theatre. It’s high intensity and I’m loving every second.
      Best wishes
      Charlotte 😊

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