Up To Much This Weekend ?


Last Wednesday I took part in my first concert at The Royal College of Music, titled “Songs My Mother Taught Me”.  New Students were asked to choose a song from the country of their birth to demonstrate the wide variety of countries represented here at the Royal College of Music, I chose for my song “Dream Valley” by Roger Quilter. It was lovely to meet the other students and faculty members after the performance and I had a lovely evening.


This weekend I decided to have a bit of chill out and explore the local area.  Having already timed the best routes to and from the Tube stations and finding the best shops to buy food and essentials I now wanted to see what little gems were close at hand when you want to escape the bustle of London life.

On Saturday I took advantage of the weather and decided to visit Holland Park, which I had been told was a beautiful and tranquil place to visit. It was lovely to walk through the gardens and admire the designs, especially the Japanese inspired ‘Kyoto Garden.’


The Park also has several sporting facilities, woodland areas, and a café if you fancy a drink or a snack.  But for me, it was just nice to walk amongst the greenery, see the beautiful Koi carp and take in the splendour of the peacocks.




In London, I have been keen to keep up with my dance as it is a great way to keep fit and helps with my movement on stage. I discovered that we could join the Imperial College Students Union and become members of their societies, I knew I had to give it a go. So this morning ( Sunday ) I went along to a taster session for Jazz Dance and had a great time, and I would love to go back next week. I am also going to take part in a trial advanced ballet session which I am excited to do.


Then to bring an end to a perfect weekend my Brother invited me to his flat for Sunday lunch, so no cooking for me today  🙂

I would like to end tonight by thanking everyone who has downloaded my album “Haugtussa” and wanted to let you know that I have added a little write up about each track ( Here ) For those of you waiting for the CDs I am hoping they will be here in a couple of weeks 🙂

51 thoughts on “Up To Much This Weekend ?

  1. Not really actually, Charlotte, but thanks for asking. Glad to see you’re being your usual active and exploring self, it makes me feel less guilty about my total indolence today (actually, it doesn’t cos I didn’t feel guilty to begin with, but at least I can claim we balanced each other out). The weather looks as if it’s been good for you as well.

  2. heh. i like the need to believe in unicorns pullover 😀 wtg Charlotte! begging a search you might eventually like, black beans and rice…veggie treat it can be. I found An example lets see if it becomes THEE example 🙂

      1. pardon a snort of amusement. i hope you do try the black beans… not that they’re bad in whole or refried form but i’d how you’ll find a good soup version as I suspect tis the season about home.

    1. Ahh thank you GP, this is a good way to catalogue everything I’m up to, I don’t always document my set backs but it helps me to concentrate on the positives of each week.
      Best wishes

  3. What a great weekend you’ve had. Mine was really boring in comparison. A dog surfing contest and plywood boat festival was the only thing going on.. Other than that same ole same ole.

    1. One mans ordinary is another mans incredible. I’ve never seen either of those events and I’m sure I’d write a blog post about them, dog surfing wow. Sounds like something I’d pay to go and watch hehe.
      Best wishes

  4. What an interesting concept, beginning with the assumption we actually learned something other than lullabies or ditties from our mothers.
    I heard of something similar happening with an international ecumenical gathering where the Americans, coming from many different denominational traditions, settled on a shape-note hymn — and blew the audience away in wonder.
    As for your explorations, definitely a must. Could it be you’re just getting started?

    1. What a lovely comment, I certainly hope the adventures continue. The way you described the music event allowed me to imagine it visually I would have loved to have been there to hear it.
      Best wishes

    1. How wonderful to have a park near your home, I didn’t have a nice park where I grew up but there was a big one called Tatton Park we used to drive to that was near my school and Delamere Forest was nearby which was always fun.
      Best wishes

  5. Charlotte, What a little bit of heaven you have found in the Kyoto Garden. Love the pics with the peacocks. Hope that you had a great weekend and enjoyed it and had some special time with your brother. Darlene

    1. Hi Darlene, I can’t remember the last time I saw a peacock roaming freely around, I have a real affinity with them and did a project in textiles based on peacocks, the embroidered textile work I created was framed by my Mum and is on the wall.
      Best wishes

  6. As I read your updates, I often get off topic. Distracted. For example, today, I’m thinking there’s a unicorn on her sweater. Mind you, there’s no mention of your attire in the blog, but I had to smile: “I need to believe.” Anyway, I’m excited for you and understand it takes a while to settle in to a new location until it feels more like home. Happy you’re doing well.

    1. Thank you Eric, I’m very scatty so never apologise for noticing something that’s cool, the unicorn’s mane is rainbow coloured I love it. I’ve been here in London a month now, settling in nicely.
      Best wishes

  7. Do you know, in all my years in London I’ve never visited Holland Park. Looks like we should wander down there ourselves one weekend. Thanks for the photos and inspiration!

  8. Nice news and nice pict, thanks a lot for share with us. The best for you with London and with your fabulous Haugtussa album !

    You’re brillant, take care of you, always the best and nice for you

    1. Merci beaucoup, it’s great to be busy, you’re so right about keeping well, so many germs in a big City and some mornings on the Underground Tube we’re squeezed together like sardines in a tin. 👥👥👥👥👥👥👥.
      Best wishes

  9. We too had a beautiful weekend – warm and sunny with a temperature of 32c. I spent time down at the beach taking part in a photograph promotion for the upcoming performance of Mary Poppins. i.e. come to the beach – bring an umbrella. It was good fun in lovely weather.

  10. I have really enjoyed listening to your Haugtussa album! I managed to sort out my i-tunes problem at last and immediately bought your album. I like the look of Holland Park and your photo of the peacock is beautiful!

    1. Thanks for your support downloading my album Clare and I’m happy you enjoyed listening. I put a bit about each song in the album section of my blog. I love peacocks and their colours.
      Best wishes

  11. O Charlotte we were so close! I was in London last week to meet up with my cousin. She was visiting too. We stayed close to the Victoria Station area. Took the Tube to go up to Notting Hill and also went to see Abbey Road. What a joy to see all those people gathering at the zebra crossing! Glad to see your pics of Holland Park. Maybe next time I’ll go over there. 🙂 Glad you’ve had a wonderful first concert. Curious to know which countries are the students from?

    1. I’ve not been to Abbey Road yet I must put that on my things to do list. There is a worldwide student body here but for this concert they were from: China, Wales, France, Mexico, India, USA, South Africa and England 🎶😊 I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and the reception afterwards.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you, we’re enjoying some really good Autumn weather 🍂🍃🍁I’m trying to do something every week so I don’t end up working seven days each week which is very tempting.
      Best wishes

  12. Sounds like you are settling in well and getting to explore.
    Always helps to stimulate the mind, body and well being.
    good luck

  13. Brilliant blog as always Charlotte..
    You have such a hectic life I don’t know where you get the energy from.
    I love the peacocks, lovely photos too..
    Cannot wait for your CD.xx

    1. I’m eating well, I’ve got into a good routine and it’s very useful that the shops are open until 10pm. I’m hoping the CDs will be ready by next week, I didn’t order many because I’ve not got many recitals booked for this year, I’ll let you know when they arrive.
      Best wishes

  14. I read this a while ago and must have been distracted. I never managed to get to the Kyoto Garden, and now I grow maples madly. Dancing is the best. When I first lived in London, age 21, I decided to take up dancing again (I did ballet right through school), and used to go to The Place to learn contemporary dance which I loved. Keep healthy, keep sane and keep on singing.

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