A Busy Few Weeks

January 22, 2017 — 48 Comments


This weekend I have been able to catch up with some sleep and spend a little time with friends ahead of what will be a busy three weeks for me.

Next Friday I will be performing alongside some amazing singers from the Royal College of Music in the first set of opera scenes for 2017.  The rehearsals for these scenes enter their final week, and I am so excited to see how they all come together.  I will be singing the part of Flora in a scene from Benjamin Britten’s ‘Turn Of The Screw’, directed by Lorenzo Mariani, with Josephine Goddard, Carly Owen and Ashlyn Tymms.

I will also be singing the part of one of the fairies in a scene from another of Britten’s operas, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, directed by John Copley.  The cast for this scene is a little bigger to accommodate all the characters needed and is made up of Rory Carver, Amy Manford, Steven Mills, Feargal Mostyn-Williams, Beth Moxon, Carly Owen, Ida Ranzlov, Eleanor Sanderson-Nash, Harry Thatcher, and myself.

Each scene was cast before Christmas, and we received the music in time for the Christmas break so that we could be off copy by the beginning of January.  At the beginning of January, I had a couple of one to one coaching sessions with the conductor, Christopher Middleton, to go over my musical part in isolation of the others but with piano accompaniment.  Following our independent study, we had a music call bringing all of the singers together to see how we performed as an ensemble.  Then we did a music call on stage for the director, enabling him to get used to sound in the performance space.  Once the director was comfortable with our sound, we started work on the staging of the scene. Each Director brought a little bit of their individual flair to each scene which the actress in me found fascinating.

The whole process of how the performance is brought together is quite amazing, the way the Director visualises the scene and goes about instructing and inspiring us all to bring their idea to life never ceases to amaze me.  To be part of their vision is something quite special for me and I hope that I do the parts justice for them.

It has been a wonderful experience for me to work with everyone who is involved in the production and I want to say a special thank you to the staff in the costume department here at the RCM who have the task of producing and altering all the costumes.  Putting on the costumes really helps you become the character that you are being asked to portray, which I hope adds that little bit extra to our performances on stage.

There are just a few tickets left for this performance, and if you are in London on the 27th January and want to come down and support us the show starts at 17:30 and is free, but you need to order a ticket from the RCM website.

I will try and get permission to take some pictures backstage next week and if I can I will share them with you.

48 responses to A Busy Few Weeks


    Great ! Very interesting , thanks Charlotte.

    All the very best for you dear great friend !


    Whew. Sounds busy. Wish London was on the schedule for the 27th, but it’s not. 🙁


    Love your new photo, good luck with your performance xx


      Thanks Christine, my friend Sam Pyatt a photographer I met in Manchester at a Youth Positive event has moved to London and is working in the fashion industry so we met up for a photo shoot, great fun!
      Best wishes


    Busy is good! And it sounds like fun.


    These are exciting. I think to dress in a costume even makes it feels more than singing part but actually playing the part too. Have fun!


    Sounds interesting and exciting! Have a fun and great performance!


    It all sounds so exciting. Hopefully we will get to see some photos with you in them.
    Your hard work does pay off Charlotte!


    Sounds divine!


    I really like the photo, Char. We’re still rooting for you.


    So exciting! Best of luck for the performances, Charlotte! I have seen Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and it’s beautiful!


    Wishing you all the best with your performance! Sounds wonderful! Nice that your parents will be there for you. Hugs ❤️


    😃 Love the photo of you in this post, you look ready to tackle any obstacle with wit and grace! Good luck with your performance.


    Sounds fantastic Charlotte xx


    I hope you are healthy and happy. Just touching base.


    Wonderful times. Enjoy them!


    You have to get your rest or you will rob us of that talent you share with the world!
    I only know about the ‘behind the scenes’ workings of the stage from what fellow blogger and stagehand Don Ostertag writes about. You would probably find his site interesting, being as you two are “in the business.”


      Very interesting site GP, thanks for the referral. I always enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes work that goes on, lots of my friends made the sets, props, costumes etc. Thanks for the advice, I’ll get there 😊.
      Best wishes


    Best of luck!! As for the process involved, it sounds intriguing.


    You will do GREAT indeed Charotte


    Thanks for your kind words and GP suggesting my blog. He gave you some good advice about getting rest during this busy period. And say hi to your friend from one stagehand to another.


      Thanks `Don, I will say Hi to Rob, he found a full time job as soon as his training finished up in Scotland. I’m trying to learn to balance everything 😊.
      All my best wishes


    Best of luck on the 27th, see you on the 3rd Feb!


    Best regards with your upcoming performances. Wish I could be there in lovely London to see them.

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