Spring Term Exams

March 19, 2017 — 67 Comments

Rehearsal Picture 01

I have had a fabulous day today, both productive and entertaining.  It is Spring term exams next week and everyone is busy preparing repertoire for assessment.  I was up early to get some rehearsal time in with my very talented friend, Prajna Indrawati. Prajna is from Indonesia and is currently studying for her Masters in Piano at the RCM and kindly agreed to accompany me in my exam.


Prajna and Me

It was a lovely bright spring morning and the RCM looked very majestic in the sunshine.  I enjoyed the rehearsal and it helped me to get a feel for how the pieces are developing. My exam slot is 10:00 am on Wednesday but on Tuesday I will be singing an aria with Prajna as part of her assessment, and also singing two Lieder with another student Laura Ayoub as part of her accompaniment assessment. It is going to be a busy couple of days.


The Royal College Of Music

This afternoon we were offered the opportunity to watch the dress rehearsal of ‘Faramondo’ which the RCM is staging in conjunction with the London Handel Festival. The Festival runs from March 18th through to April 24th and also hosts a number of amazing concerts and recitals.  You can watch  ‘Faramondo’ on Monday 20th March, Tuesday 21 March, Thursday 23 March and Saturday 25 March, in the Britten Theatre at the RCM.

It was wonderful to watch the dress rehearsal and see my fellow students from the RCM and the RCM International Opera School perform this fabulous opera.  They brought the story to life in a dynamic interpretation under the watchful eye of the conductor Laurence Cummings and accompanied by the London Handel Orchestra. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon 🙂


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    Sounds like great fun and Good Luck on Exams! x


    You all have a busy week ahead , good luck to everyone.
    Lovely photo’s too . 😘


      Term ended yesterday, still busy with a concert and a couple of first rounds so staying in London. Got a bit of Year-end work to do too, this next months going to fly by.
      All my best
      Charlotte 😘


    Best of luck to you lovely lady xx


    Sounds a wonderful day! Good luck with your exams! Love the picture of the blossom tree in the final picture 🙂 x


    Great ! nice share, thanks a lot Charlotte – All the best for you and fingers cross for your exams !! 🙂


    Best wishes on the exams.


    Thinkin of you for the exams.


    Best of luck on your exams Charlotte! The Royal College of Music is so lovely.


      It’s a beautiful building and is being done up at the moment, in fact there is lots of building work going on over the Easter break so that’s exciting. I must ask if I can get some photos for my blog when the upgrade is complete.
      Best wishes


    Wishing you success in your exams.


    I won’t wish you luck. Don’t believe you need it.


    Best wishes to you!


    I hope your busy week goes well, Charlotte! I love Handel’s operas and would love to be able to attend!


      Terms over now so it’s a good time to catch a break from routine. I’ve a couple of songs to perform on Tuesday and a couple of first rounds first week of April to look forward to. I’ve got the long Easter weekend off with all the family too. Hope you’re enjoying the lovely Spring weather.
      Best wishes


    Good luck in your exam! And good luck to the two young ladies you’ll be working with for their exams!


      It was quite enjoyable, singing for someone else’s exam can be a little more daunting than my own as daft as that sounds as I want to do the best job for them.
      Best wishes


    Best of luck with your exams! I bet you will ace them all!

    I gave your blog link to my grandson, Dan Cain, He is in college majoring in music and will be singing in an opera in May, I told him to connect with you. Maybe you can give him some pointers, He has a beautiful voice and doesn’t usually sing opera. It’ll be a new thing for him.

    Blessings & hugs,


    Hello Love I have been following your education for sometime now and wish you the Best ever. One day hoping to hear you sing Four Last Songs of Richard Strauss. Oh my so many composers to choose from. . Watching your career bloom.


      Hello Ken, thank you for your lovely message, I love singing Strauss, the Four Last Songs are a cycle id love to learn I’ve got lots of new music to memorise soon, I wish I had one of these photographic memories 😊.
      Best wishes


    Good luck, it sounds like a busy week for you. I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your friends.


    Good luck with your exams Charlotte, try to relax and enjoy😘


    Yay for you, Charlotte. Handel’s music and exquisite and so full of life. Hope it gives you a lot of life to be performing it. 🙂


    Best of Luck with your exams Charlotte.


    Exams this week? And you still find time for a post? Amazing. Good Luck!


      The blog post was fine, it’s finding time to keep up with everyone and your lovely messages that I wish I had more hours for. It was the end of term on Friday so I went out to celebrate with some friends from college. My brother cooked my evening meal yesterday and we watched a couple of good films so finding time to have a bit of fun too.
      Best wishes


    Best of luck on your exams!


    Good luck with your exams but I know you’ll do just fine! 🙂


    Lovely Spring blooms and a bright day… goes well with a positive start for exams. Great photos of you and your friend from Indonesia, Charlotte. All the very best! 🙂


    Dear Charlotte, it’s wonderful to read you again, I somehow lost track of your blog, so glad to find it, you are as beautiful and talented as ever. Good luck with all your endeavors 🌺


    May you shine brightly next week.


    Good luck Charlotte!


    Hope the exams went fantastic ☺☺❤❤


    It was beautifully written loved it . All the best for Exams

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