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July 30, 2017 — 68 Comments

[ This is a new promotional video from Scottish Opera for BambinO ]

With August, almost upon us and preparations for the ‘BambinO’ performances at the Edinburgh Festival about to start, I am busy working on my rehearsal schedules for the coming months.  One of the most important things that I have found whilst studying music is the need for good forward planning.  If you don’t sit down and spend quality time working out rehearsal schedules you can find yourself feeling overwhelmed quite quickly.  I try not to put things off, it is better to know what needs to be accomplished and set time aside to achieve the goals that you have set to complete.

I try and work through my diary and schedule my time as accurately as possible.  I set myself tasks for each day and then again for each week.  This allows me to be realistic about what I can achieve in the time available to me.  Knowing what concert and College commitments I have over the horizon is so important as these need to be introduced into my schedule with enough lead time to complete them.


Back in December 2016 I received an e-mail quite out of the blue from Gary Waller, the chairman of the Gustav Mahler Society. Having read my blog and listened to my recording of Strauss’s ‘Zueignung’ he invited me to perform at a recital as part of their 2017 programme of events.  I was quite taken aback at the time and was thrilled to have been asked, the fact that the enquiry had come after reading my blog was just ‘the cherry on the top’.

Following the initial enquiry, we exchanged several e-mails, met on a number of occasions, and a date and location for the concert were agreed.  Over the months Gary has been wonderful, supporting my recitals, enthusiastic with his encouragement, and understanding of my work and college commitments. I am hoping to perform a mixed programme with a little something for everyone.  With pieces by Mahler, Strauss, Schubert, Wolf, Liszt, Grieg, Quilter, and Dvorak.  The date is Tuesday 10 October 2017 at St Botolph-without-Bishopsgate Church Hall, Bishopsgate, EC2M 3TL Tickets are available from The Gustav Mahler Society.

Gustav Mahler

To prepare a rehearsal schedule for an event such as this, there are several areas that I need to factor in and work on. For each new song, I have to translate the lyrics, both literally and poetically, trying to visualise in my mind what I think the composer or poet wanted to achieve with the song. I then learn the music and how this interacts with the accompaniment.  I then bring the lyrics and the music together working on the alignment and clarity of vowels and then concentrate on how to articulate each consonant so that the text can be understood, whilst making sure the legato line is not disturbed. Finally, it all comes together so that I have my interpretation of the song which I hope reflects a little of my own personality too.

To close tonight I just want to thank everyone who downloaded a copy of ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ and I hope that you enjoyed it and that it made you smile.


Update: Monday 31st July 2017, I’ve just received the very sad and quite shocking news that my friend Gary Waller died suddenly and unexpectedly last weekend. We had only spoken recently when Gary asked me to learn Schubert’s ‘An Sylvia’ for the concert as it was one of his favourites and I’ve been singing it today. I will remember him every time I sing it. Even though I’d only met Gary this past year in London, I feel we knew each other really well as he read my blog religiously and always sent me a supportive message to encourage me. Our concert has been postponed whilst the Mahler Society come to terms with his immense loss. We shall miss him, I send my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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    That is great that you are the person who makes plan and manage time. I think it helps you operate smoothly. That is a very good thing.

    Wow, being known and contacted based on reading your blog are wonderful. I am so happy for you!!!


      I’m happy once my plan is in place and then I can just have fun learning 😊.

      I really do enjoy making connections through my blog I have made some great friends and am truly grateful for all your support too 🙋🏼.

      Best wishes


    Wonderful news, dear Charlotte! I wish you good luck & success there! I’m sure they will appreciate your talent! 🙂


    Congratulations on being asked to perform at the Gustav Mahler Society! The programme sounds wonderful, I’m just wondering: do you know if the event will be during the day or the evening, or will timing be decided closer to the event? All to help with journey planning of course! 🙂

    I agree on the importance of daily and weekly task lists, without them I’d be totally lost!


    It just goes to show that your blog is more than just a delight for your fans.


    A soprano who does synthesis. Hmmmmm good way to create a new process in an area well trod.


    Very cool! I guess there is a great reason to keep up a blog.


      It’s been a constant in my life for four years now and I get a lot of pleasure from it and all my support. Sadly the concert has been postponed, I’ve updated the post about it 😔.
      Best wishes


        I am very sorry. I do hope they can reschedule it and that you can sing Schubert’s ‘An Sylvia’ in memory of your friend.


    Best wishes for the Edinburgh Festival and congrats on the Gustav Mahler Society invitation.


      Thank you John, BambinO refresher rehearsals start up again tomorrow in preparation for the show. Sadly the Mahler concert has been postponed, I’ve updated the post about it 😔.
      Best wishes


    Great news ! Congratulation, I hope I will be free for coming !!
    All the best for you !


    Hi Charlotte, you are so very organized, and it matters. Congrats on the Mahler invite.
    How goes the studying? You are terrific, keep up the great work, Darlene


    Oh to have an ounce of your energy and organisation. Time is so elastic for me these days! Hearty congratulations on the Mahler engagement and good luck at Edinburgh.


    Wow, that is wonderful that he picked you from your blog. That was quite a compliment! Congrats, Charlotte! You have a wonderful blog! You are not only a talented singer but also a blogger too! Hugs xxoo


      I’m really happy Gary introduced me to new Mahler songs and gave me lots of encouragement. Sadly the concert has been postponed, I’ve updated the post about it 😔.
      Best wishes


    Cheers to YOU! So very excited to celebrate these success with you.


    The Gustav Mahler event sounds wonderful, and I have to admire your rehearsal schedule for each event. Wow! Best Wishes


    Charlotte, Organisation is always a good thing, especially with you being so busy,
    How exciting the Gustav Mahler society invitation is for you ..
    You will be fabulous as always good luck.
    I love reading your blogs, so varied and lovely reading .xx


      I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog it makes all the effort worthwhile to know you enjoy it. Sadly the concert has been postponed, I’ve updated the post about it 😔.
      All my best wishes


    Congratulations Charlotte, your blog is a fantastic window for your talent. I am loving ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ it is it is something different and so enjoyable👏👏👏✨😘


      Thank you Gilly I love it that you enjoy my blog 😘. Sadly the concert has been postponed, I’ve updated the post about it 😔. Thanks for downloading Down the Rabbit Hole I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it.
      Best wishes


    Your organization, ambition and talent will bring you to heights imagined!!


      Thank you GP 😊. Sadly the concert has been postponed, I’ve updated the post about it 😔. I’ve learnt all the new songs and will continue with my schedule I’m just happy to have these songs introduced to me by Gary.
      Best wishes


    How exciting. I love Mahler. My father performed much of this same music (tenor) in NYC and once at Notre Dame cathedral, so it is quite familiar to me.

    As for scheduling and planning, without both I get nervous. No wonder you are such a success, you are organised as well as talented.

    Brava, Charlotte!


      Fabulous to read about your Dad performing Mahler, I’m so happy Gary introduced me to it, I’ve enjoyed learning the songs this month. Sadly the concert has been postponed, I’ve updated the post about it 😔.

      I would get nervous without a schedule too, I like to keep some slots free to in order to fit in the unexpected but I do like a core with time deadlines.

      Best wishes


    Your amazing adventures continue ~ and I sit in wonder at how you keep reaching and achieving something new and exciting Charlotte. You are an inspiration. Engaging these young children with such a beautiful scene and voices, incredibly special and a gift you share so well. You look absolutely fabulous in the video as well. The Gustav Mahler Society invitation just another exciting path you’ve created. Wishing you the best ~ 🙂


      Lovely to hear from you Randall 😀. I’m glad you like the video I’m having a fab time, every show is different thanks to a changing audience.

      I’m enjoying learning the Mahler songs I’ve chosen so I’m happy that this opportunity came along.
      All my best wishes


    I can see you demonstrate the keys to success. Of course, there’s the inherent talents, nature, and equally important, your organizational skills, diligence, and personal management ability, nurture. Bravo to you Charlotte. I wish you all the best in these upcoming events, very special ones for your career indeed. 🙂




    Always a gift to the world your voice is. Im so sorry to hear of your loss. I do hope your heart is well and the show carried on ,with respect. Always B.


      Thanks Benjamin 😊. I’m enjoying singing my new Mahler songs, I’m just sad Gary won’t get to hear them, he was such a Mahler enthusiast. I hope your ❤️ is well too.
      Best wishes


    I had just sent off for tickets and had an email from the Mahler Society this morning about the postponement. I’m so sorry about this very sad news. Keep us posted.


      Gary was such a lovely man and so supportive of my training, he loved reading my blog, coming to watch concerts and my end of year recital I really will miss him. I’ve been learning some songs for his concert that were his favourites so at least the music will keep my memories alive, we’d put a lovely program together and I’m glad he introduced me to Mahler. It would have been lovely to have you in the audience and thank you for your continued support also.
      My best wishes always,


    I am so very sorry about the death of your friend, Charlotte. I am glad you are able to think of him when you sing his favourite songs – his memory will be kept alive by this. I am sure the Gustav Mahler Society will wish to keep in touch with you.


      Thank you Clare, I’ve been working on the songs this week and they’re lovely, I’m sad Gary won’t get to hear them but I’m really happy he introduced the songs to me.
      Best wishes


    Charlotte, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve lost your good friend.


    So sorry to hear about the loss,dear Charlotte.Thanks for the informative updating.Btw,I so much enjoyed the video.Great concept,children,even at early ages,are easily trained to quality music that enhances their intellectual potential.All the best to you 🙂


    So sorry to hear about your friend, makes you value life more when there’s news of a sudden death. Such a shame your Mahler concert is in London, I love Mahler! Good luck with the concert! x


    Sorry to hear they’ve postponed, but I applaud your planning ahead!


    Ps I am so sorry to learn about the death of your friend. Keep him in your memories.

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