Autumn Term


This week has been Induction week at the Royal College of Music, also known as ‘Freshers Week’ by many students. This involves meeting the heads of departments, the helpful and delightful Vocal Faculty, matriculating, group lectures and introductions to the different and many wonderful things the Royal College of Music (RCM) has to offer.

The other side of Induction week involves many social activities organised by the Students’ Union to help introduce and encourage new friendships between students. This year they held events such as a Jazz night; Pub quizzes; a Boat Party and Post-Graduate Speed-dating, (which despite the title is more like speed-friendshiping), you go around and have a short burst of time to meet new people and is a fantastic way to mingle.


It is a great week to introduce you to the RCM and to experience living in London. One of my favourite activities of the week was watching some of my colleagues perform in a public masterclass with Malcolm Martineau, a wonderful piano accompanist who has worked all over the world with many distinguished Singers, in the Britten Theatre at the RCM. The session started at 14:00 and lasted until 16:30, there were four singers who took part, each prepared two songs. It’s really wonderful to be able to participate and watch these masterclasses as you can learn so much from observing your peers and how the Guest Artist shapes the musical pieces. You can come away with new tasks to try and implement into your own practise and insight into pronunciation and the craftsmanship of storytelling.

They are also very interesting to anyone who has a love for music and would like some more insight into the technical demands of singing, as it is like watching a lesson and can give you an idea into what we have to work on in order to stand up there and give a live performance. If this interests you the next masterclass at the RCM in London will be with Sir Thomas Allen on the 11th October 2017.

Here is a video of a masterclass he has done before at the RCM in 2014.

It will be lovely to watch him work live again as I saw him a couple of years ago in Glasgow and I’m really looking forward to that.

It has also been so wonderful to catch up with all my friends and hear about their summers and share stories of our experiences.

Next week our lessons commence, along with autumn, and I can’t wait to hit the floor running and make the most of my second year of Masters of performance training here.  The nights are drawing in and daylight hours shorten and you can definitely feel the nip in the air so cardigans out from under the bed!

45 thoughts on “Autumn Term

    1. I’m enjoying studying lots of new modules to get my teeth into. Thanks for visiting, hope you sorted out your WordPress my Nana had problems logging in too.
      Best wishes

    1. I’ve got a hectic quarter coming up but I’m planning better in London now my transport knowledge is good and I know the routine at the RCM so it should be easier.
      Best wishes

  1. Wouaw, great! this week I met singers Corsica and Basques, they made songs together, a mix of very interesting voices!

    Good week, take care of You, Wishe you the best Charlotte !

  2. It warms my heart to know that you are enjoying every step of your education and making such wonderful friends – friends you will remember always.
    The young man in the class has a magnificent voice.

  3. Wonderful time, dear Charlotte! I wish you more new impressions, more fresh lemonade & more fun! Studying without fun is impossible! 🙂 🙂 A joke a day keeps students fresh & all the sorrows away. 🙂

  4. A great year is lining up for you, and from the look of your first photo, you are more than ready to head into it with success. We all are behind you wishing you further success Charlotte ~ cheers to a relaxing weekend (if there is such a thing for you!).

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