A Week To Remember

It has been fabulous this week to perform in three separate events which were the culmination of several weeks of hard work and preparation.

On Wednesday afternoon I sang and gave a tribute to Gary Waller’s memorial service at St Stephen’s Church, Westminster, it was a beautiful and touching ceremony. As a friend of Gary it was lovely to see so many lovely people gather to remember and speak fondly about his lifelong achievements, passion for music and support for his colleagues in politics. It was also a pleasure to perform alongside the talented pianist Waka Hasegawa, and I hope that we find the opportunity to work together again in the future.

After meeting some of Gary’s family and sharing memories with them, I then traveled to the Lancaster Hall Hotel in order to prepare for the evening concert. Soon after I arrived, I had a rehearsal with Dr. Leslie Howard, he is the very talented and renowned pianist who specialises in music composed by Franz Liszt and I believe is the only pianist to have recorded all of Franz Liszt’s music for solo piano, which in itself is a huge achievement. The event began at 6:30pm and it was so lovely to perform alongside the talented Michelle Alexander, Andrew Yiangou, Dr. Leslie Howard, Simon Wallfisch, and Nigel Foster. We each represented a different music society, Wagner, Alkan, Mahler, Liszt, and Schubert. I represented the Gustav Mahler Society and really enjoyed telling the stories within the poetry and making music with Dr. Howard. The songs are truly beautiful and delicate and it was a great challenge to work on them. I look forward to performing them again. After the performance, we were invited to join the societies members for a meal and relax in each other’s company. At the end of the recital, we were presented with a gift of London Honey, which is a tradition of the event and one that I appreciated as locally sourced honey is a boon to a singer.

Me With Catherine
A Big Thank You To Catherine Who Helped Organise The Event
The Cast For The scenes
The Whole Cast Of Our Opera Scenes

A few days later, I presented my opera scene along with my accomplished colleagues at the Royal College of Music. On Friday we had a technical rehearsal at 10:00 am, which involves plotting the lights, practicing the scene in Costume and using any props/scenery. It was very useful especially because my costume isn’t usual daily attire, I had to practice moving, kneeling and hearing with my full habit on. It was very interesting and added another layer to the drama. At 14:15 we had a dress rehearsal in front of a few friends and teachers. Then we opened to the audience at 17:30. I performed alongside Glen Cunningham, who some of you may recognise from previous projects I have done with Scottish Opera Education. It was wonderful to work together again and build on our relationship on stage. It was also a great opportunity to be on stage with Davidona Pittock who I went to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with, she was Mother Marie.

Blanche De La Court
Glen and Me On Stage In Our Scene From Dialogues des Carmélites

Photo credit of Stage scene provided by Laura Pearse who also designed and selected the costumes for this year’s scenes, thanks, Laura.

Davidona Glen and Me
Davidona, Glen, and Me backstage

80 thoughts on “A Week To Remember

    1. Actually 🤒😷 cough cough been in bed most of the weekend, this cold doing the rounds has caught up with me 😴 made Janice Spina’s chicken soup this afternoon without the boiled eggs because I just didn’t feel like going shopping!
      All my best
      Charlotte 🤭😀

    1. I just love performing, the scene had a real profound effect on me though but I think it was because I was just starting to catch this cold bug that’s going around.
      Best wishes

  1. Charlotte, you have been one very busy lady. Wonderful work! What will you be working on next? No Flu bug, please. It has hit very hard around here. Stay well!!!

    1. Women in Music presentation and new song to learn but the scores been misplaced so I’ve got to sort that out. I need a quick remedy for a cough 🙄😷.
      Best wishes

    1. Thank you, Christine, I thought of you yesterday when I read an article about people in Russia (I think it was) that swim in freezing cold lakes! Definitely not for the faint-hearted.
      Best wishes

  2. It sounds so busy, and I love seeing the radiant photos of you and others–that usually means great performances! Thanks for the reminder to me as a stage manager about the HEARING aspect of costumes and props in any show involving singing especially–I’m glad it all went so well, and I hope you drink tons of water and feel well ASAP.

    1. I tried to borrow the head veil for rehearsals but the lovely costume lady couldn’t let any of the costumes out before final rehearsal so she suggested using a headscarf to practice in. Luckily for me, Pascal Barnier had made me a snood and scarf which did the trick, I was the most colourful nun ever in rehearsals!
      Lots of water, herbal tea, honey and lemon drinks, everything I can think of hehe. Chewing liquorice root, you name it if someone suggests a cure for me I’m trying it. I even chewed a garlic clove! I don’t think I’ll be repeating that one.
      Best wishes

      1. I am glad you got to practice in something similar enough to give you feel in your body as you rehearsed. Apple cider vinegar and honey, although that is more for preventing reflux and throat damage…? There are many things and I am sure your crowd knows everything likely to help–best wishes.

    1. Thank you for your blessings. Apparently, I was told the light was shining in through the window putting me in the spotlight whilst singing during the memorial I’d like to think that was Gary lighting up the stage for me.
      Best wishes

  3. So sad about Gary but I believe you did him proud. You look as though you really enjoyed your opera scene, I managed to see you rehearsal and it moved me to tears and I don’t cry easily as you know! Well done 😘 look after yourself and rest to help get over your cold😘

    1. It was great to have Mum down to watch the rehearsal she gave me a few pointers :/ hehe. She recorded it for Dad otherwise he wouldn’t get to see it.
      All my best wishes

    1. Thanks Cheryl, only ventured out to visit the Doctor, one of my friends has tonsillitis and this cough has kept me awake for two nights now. Says it’s viral so there’s nothing to take other than what I am! So slothing around in bed 🛏 reading it is 👩🏼‍💻.
      Best wishes

  4. What a busy and incredible week you have had, Charlotte! You are an amazing performer. You not only have to be a wonderful singer but you also have to be an accomplished actress to make your performances come alive. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos. May you have many more wonderful experiences and performances. Hugs xx

      1. I hope one day you will come to the USA and I will get to see you! I will be one of your biggest cheerleaders ( even if I am only 5 feet tall)! 😆 🤗

    1. No choice, I’ve been stuck in for two days with another couple of days staying in resting, bored, bored, bored couldn’t even be bothered to read. Bought the most foul cough mixture – I think my Mums having a laugh recommending this one!
      All my best wishes

  5. I hope you feel better soon, Charlotte! Take care of your cold and coddle yourself for a bit–you deserve it. Your costume was lovely, and so was that burgundy dress of yours! You have really phenomenal taste when it comes to what suits your style.

    See you soon,


    1. My friends Esme and Katy have been very poorly and I believe some people are struggling on with their coughs for weeks but I feel like I’m on the mend now. The lovely Alex brought me a bag full of essential items mid-week as he knew I didn’t feel up to going shopping.
      I’d like to take full credit for my outfit but my Mum discovered it and she bought me the burgundy and floral one for Christmas. However, I did spend my Christmas Present money on a matching coat and hat in the Sales.
      Best wishes

  6. Bravo, agréable à lire et à voir que tu continues à aimer apprendre de nouvelles choses! Très fière de toi Charlotte, et fière d’être amie avec une jeune femme talentueuse et gentille comme toi! félicitations Mlle Rainbow voix!

      1. Avec plaisir Charlotte – alors ta part (part =à toi=ta partie, une part de gâteau = a piece of cake –
        Voeux = Wishes …. vieux= old 🙂 …

        Yes, french is strange part, feminine = ta part and aide, féminine but ton aide is correct. because we not use “a” and “a” so, ton aide, ton action, ton année ……
        not “a” and ” e,é,è,ê ” too…. ton école, it’s the same with all vowels … even with “h” in front : ton habitation (ta maison) …..
        A bientôt 🙂

  7. Beautiful feature and… it seems you are happily busy doing what you love the most. How great is that. I love the photographs dear Charlotte. <3 Sending love & best wishes!

  8. I am sorry you have succumbed to the awful cold that is doing the rounds – get well soon! I am so pleased your performances went so well – your photos are lovely! Best wishes, Clare xx

    1. Thank you, Clare, the cold wiped me out for a couple of days, friends have tonsillitis and one thought she was dying the week before so I’m annoyed I succumbed – too busy for bed although I did start listening to new music and towards the end of the week caught up on lots of typing. Not being able to sing is like a punishment.
      Best wishes

  9. Such a sad and yet exciting week. Too bad you are sick. Lots of honey and hot water, now.
    Your Mum buying foul tasting medicine reminds me of when we were sick, Dad would put some sugar in a cup of hot water and then add horse lineament, the same kind you rubbed on a horse’s leg if it was limping. We got over the cold in a hurry. I think the reason wasn’t the tonic but the fact we willed ourselves well so we wouldn’t have to drink any more of Dad’s remedy.

    1. Where do you get this linament from? hehe. I was very fortunate to be given a bottle of London honey from my concert it came in most helpful. This cough mixture I bought tastes like I expect smoking tastes eugh.
      Best wishes Don,

      1. There was a peddler that showed up at the farm every couple of months taking orders from the company’s catalog. Mom would always argue about Dad giving us his tonic. She would point out the warning that it should not be taken internally. I think you should stick with the London honey. Ciao.

  10. How did you like wearing the habit? Hope it wasn’t too scratchy. One of my friends is a Catholic nun. She entered her Order long after habits were no longer required, but does have the veil in her dresser. Donna had asked one of the older sisters what it was like wearing a habit in those days … “not too comfortable on hot summer days, or when you were sick.” 🙂

    1. I thought wearing the habit was good for character awareness and I’m glad I had my hair covered up because then there’s no faffing about. It was soft cotton so it wasn’t scratchy but I only had to wear it for the duration of the scene so I could take it off quite quickly.
      Best wishes

  11. Busy, busy, this all sounds wonderful, I am a great Poulenc fan, and have this wonderful opera in my collection, and have studied the play on which it was based.

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