Allie and Me At Olympia

During the week I was invited to join my blog friend Cate McDermott and her sister, Allie on a trip to Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show at Olympia London in West Kensington. So, I agreed to meet them outside the exhibition centre today as I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to take a break from my studies and musical preparations and spend a couple of hours in the company of friends exploring all the exotic destinations on offer at the show. Unfortunately, Cate was taken ill and was not able to make the trip to London but Allie explained that she would still be coming in so we made arrangements on where to meet.

We had a wonderful time walking around the different stalls soaking up the worldwide culture, whilst sharing our dream travel destinations. We also discussed how visiting and researching different towns, cities, and countries influence our work, myself as singer and Allie as a writer and chef. This was really fascinating to me as I love to hear about people’s working methods and how fine details from History, architecture, personal memories, art can influence creativity.

The exhibition is a brilliant opportunity for people to get great deals on trips. Expert speakers were on site to inspire, some of these were Best Selling Travel authors such as Rick Stein, Katie Bowman, Mark Brownlow (producer of Blue Planet II) and many more. If you are set on embarking upon a backpacking trip, cruise or you have an ideal destination in mind, this is the place to go and the exhibition takes place every year, so keep an eye out for the next one.

Inside Olympia

As well as informative talks, the Destination show had street food stalls, travel health advice, and Experience The World Stages (Europe/Asia/The Americas) where we tried Isikate – South American Natural Energy drink, Soju Rice Wine, Mead and Low & Slow BBQ Pulled Pork.  Allie had booked herself on the Travel Photography Masterclass where Steve Davey and Paul Goldstein were giving advice on how to improve your pictures whilst on holiday, which I hope she found thought-provoking and inspiring. I can’t wait to discuss what she learned when I next see her.

I am now filled with excitement and I will begin saving for a holiday getaway. I am still undecided on what would be my dream destination as there are so many beautiful and inspiring places to visit but any recommendations would be gratefully received. Let me know what you think.

I have always enjoyed reading and sharing the experiences and travels of friends I have met through their blogs, here are a few that you may want to check out:

I hope that Cate is feeling better soon and I am looking forward to catching up with her and Allie again soon.

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    1. I could use some sunshine 🌞, at this time of year you just get fed up of blocked up noses, coughs and chilly weather. I hope Cate recovers quickly too.
      Best wishes Annette,
      Charlotte 🙋🏼

      1. I am feeling much better now; thanks for all the good wishes! The picture is lovely, and I’m glad that you and Allie had such a good time–you probably got to do more ‘travelly’ things without me there; you and I would have gotten caught up talking music the whole time :-)! I’m awfully sorry I missed the mead tasting, though–it’s a lifelong dream of mine to try it! Oh well, next year I suppose. Hope to see you soon!

        Best regards,


    1. It’s ages since I went on a holiday and it certainly got me in the mood for some 🌞 sunshine. Now just the little question of 💰 £s and time! 😄.
      Best wishes Nanette
      Charlotte 🙋🏼

  1. I hadn’t heard of this exhibition before – what an excellent way of discovering something about different countries before booking a holiday! I am sorry Cate was unwell – I hope she gets better soon. I am pleased you had such an enjoyable time with Allie.

    1. They are both lovely girls I was grateful Cate invited me along and sad she was poorly today. I’ve been so busy catching up on work it was nice to have a little break from it all.
      Best wishes

    1. I have met several of my long term blog friends, just as lovely in real life as they are in the blog world. Cate and Allie came to watch one of my first recitals in London i’ll always be grateful to them for that because it’s not just around the corner for them and I only had a small scene.
      Best wishes

  2. Sorry to hear that your friend’s ill, and hope that she recovers soon. How is your throat feeling? This Destinations sounds so exciting. A nice break from work. Hope that you have a wonderful week, Charlotte.

    1. I’m having to be careful not to overdo the singing and I really need to be on top form at the moment 🙄. When Allie went off to do her photography course I headed back to the practice room, no lessons next week so a good week to try to get back on track.
      Best wishes

  3. I don’t think either of my preferred destinations would be what you are looking for Charlotte, but if I had the chance I would either choose the Lake District (if I could go back far enough to climb into the high fells again) or Madeira (but I would just be trying to relive my honeymoon).

    In the end, we can’t say where you will be happiest to go: your own destinations are the truest.

    1. I like the Lake District but it always rains when I go, we went on a cycling holiday there and got soaked through every day 😄. I’ve never been to Madeira I’ll look it up.
      Best wishes

  4. Wow, great ! About travel, I think we all have different approaches and desires. In addition, each country in the world to beautiful places and often unknown tourist agencies – An interesting way to choose is also to go to the sites of embassies or choose a theme and travel around this idea. Wish you the best !!

    1. I’m still in the dreaming stages right now 😀. I need to find some work first, I’d love to try to combine the two, or persuade my parents we really need a family break 🤞🏻hehe.
      Best wishes

      1. hehehe of course! Combining the two can be to make Lyrical Show proposals on cruise ship, luxury hotel. With cheerful pieces that are related to the place, the country, maybe very entertaining for you and for the public – Making Lyric’s song come out of the traditional scene can be a great professional experience. .. and of course, break with family before starting would be fine :-).
        Best wishes

      2. I sang several years ago at Princess Corsini’s Palace in Italy and it was a great experience. You know me I’m very versatile 😄 I just want to share classical music wide and far.
        Best wishes

      3. I am sure you will have a wonderful and unusual career because you are unique with your voice, your way of being, your love of music, your big heart and your luminous soul! wishes you all thee very best !!

  5. Well if you are ever in North America there are 2 absolutely fabulous holidays.One is New York City…truly amazing place.I have stayed at the Wellington Hotel there and of course Carnegie Hall and The Met are the must see bucket list destinations!I had the pleasure of going to the Met to see Turandot . Just fabulous!
    The second choice is Banff Alberta.This is a Summer Destination as right now not so warm.The mountains are lovely and the energy is very healing with hot springs nearby.
    Wherever you go enjoy.I really enjoy your blog.
    Leila Keith
    Calgary, Alberta

    1. I’ve been to New York on a school drama trip, we stayed four to a room and saw lots of shows it was brilliant, very cold, but just amazing. Oh Canada I have blog friends there I’d love to visit and sing there to pay for my trip perhaps 🤗. Thanks Leila.
      Best wishes

  6. Realistically I needs me some more info singing one. I can easily color you with MY hopes and interests travel…. so I just haven’t bombed your comments lately and thus – happy new year! I am still certifiably me!!! Now I moved from an army base in Georgia USA to greater Tampa bay metropolitan area Florida in hopes of ahh love but sister was moving on with an upcoming family addition and so I was going somewhere! (Matter of opinion and or conjecture). And so I’m here. I haven’t hit up the Salvador Dali museum only one beach etc! I’m a lousy tourist unless the evening is pajama clad trips to the party store. I am rather curmudgeonly and or odd. So- let’s cover the world! I want you to consider east Liverpool Ohio – Because wedgewood is good but you need an excuse to America :). Next as you’re likely to appreciate porcelain which is fun why not Wine? – unlike Ohio having a variety of colleges to boost your actual career why not wine? – I list a wiki so you can investigate the town more. I would think you’d wow the socks off em in town bringing to light culture most haven’t dreamt of even over their movies. If not eff it and have yourself a wine! Now as to MY town? Oh my word! I’m so new here still I hardly know where I could see you professionally improving our lives yet but I’m working on it. Well? That’s not a skeleton coast trip to watch everywhere lichen yes but to feel the Bible begin to make possible sense? Think now Manna in our exodus tradition MAY be manna from heaven sure but it also could. be lichen in curious times. The world is your oyster hug. And purple soup for ye and wish me luck, I might charm someone to put up with me? That’s got to be an eyebrow lifter. Smiles

    1. Hello Starman, lovely to hear from you, you always give me lots to think about, big smiles to you. I saw the Dali museum in Barcelona but the queue was too big, beautiful building though. I have been to the Wedgwood museum in Staffordshire, I painted a plate there and made a jasper wall plaque that I think my Mum still has, it was a great day out.
      I’ve been to Florida, we did all the usual theme parks and wet n wild which was a great day. We saw white horses there but I can’t remember what that show was now. I’m usually teetotal not a big enjoyer of wine, although I will have a prosecco if someone’s celebrating, or Asti topped up with lemonade 😂. Good luck with the charming.
      Best wishes

      1. That’s a bit of thin notice sorry but by virtue of who you are you fit already ;). Estes Park has trail ridge road which is Rocky Mountain National Park and of you visit the purple shirt version me on Facebook I’ve a few pics of scenery of it. Chicago the band via caribou studios then the seventies sensation was where much magic was recorded and that particular band played in Estes Park bar and parks the bar (little bear). You’ll be close to Stephen king of horrors novels as the shining was filmed at the Stanley hotel king also wrote some our modern times at. And in general it’s durn For the song but look over the very real venue that is the current Scots Irish festival. Perhaps this gets you continuing to scout out life and passions :).

  7. Sounds as though you had a lovely day Charlotte.
    The exhibition looks great, I’m glad you were feeling better to be able to go out with Abbie.Hope Cate is feeling better soon..xx

  8. Hello Charlotte! I came to Reblog your wonderful performance, then I realized that the Reblog would just be text on my blog. That may not entice people, so I did a LINK thing, where a pic of you and your performance are featured, and very tempting to watch.
    I have linked to “A Video Recording For You At Christmas” and to your blog in general.
    You may need to approve the links. Sincerely, Resa

  9. So many thoughts crossed my mind as I read this and your community’s comments. If I were looking for the perfect place to go on holiday, with sun but not too hot, I would head to Barcelona. It is one of my all time favourite cities.

    I have the opposite problem here: too much sun. So, when I dream of places, I think of St. Moritz or Vancouver Island in Canada or Copenhagen. I am longing for some snow or at least rain.

    We should switch places, Charlotte, LOL. I do hope your friend is better.

    1. I love Barcelona and Spain in particular but they’ve been marching and stuff saying they don’t want British tourists there this year so I’m not sure we’re welcome.

      I melt when it’s too warm and have to use high factor sun creme so I understand that. When I see your gorgeous photos I’d love to be there. You’d love London but I’m not sure you’d like my student room 😊 it’s bijou compact if I was trying to up-sell it 😁.
      Best wishes

  10. Thank you Charlotte for the mention! I’m so honored to be on your list of recommended travel bloggers/writers. At this time of year where you are one craves plenty of sunshine and warmth, so Southeast Asia with its tropical climate and balmy beaches is always an attraction. Stay healthy for the rest of the season my friend!

  11. Midwinter sunshine is always good for the soul, Charlotte! You could look at Key West, Florida, or the Bahamas, I’m looking forward to finding out what you choose for a vacation. We are off to Iceland this summer. After that, it’s Ireland and then Italy, but not sure of when. My big hope is to go to Antarctica, but it costs a lot of pennies.

    1. Ooo you could do a British Isles cruise they go to Iceland too, so you’d go around England, Ireland, Iceland and Scotland.

      Cindy Knoke a blog friend of mine has been down that way, her photos are fabulous check out her blog, linked above.

      The pennies are the problem 😂.

      Best wishes

  12. Well, MY dream destination is Scotland, so you could probably tell me all the good spots to visit there! I also want to visit Australia (which I swear I will do one day, once I have the money).
    If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, I would be happy to show you around! 🙂

    1. Scotland has so many lovely things to see, you would love the Kelpies in Falkirk, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Lochs, Highlands and Islands.
      Are you still in the south of France? Nice to hear from you Stephanie.
      All my best wishes

  13. Sounds like you and Allie had a lovely time. Hope Cate feels better soon.
    I enjoy traveling too. I wrote a post about some of my travels at to Italy, Sicily, Aruba, and other places. We are traveling to Madeira and Portugal in June and back to Aruba in October. Happy travels! Hugs xx

    1. I’ve never heard of Aruba I must investigate. I love Italy Janice, the people in Portugal are just lovely, we only spent one day in Lisbon on holiday with my parents a few years ago it was a great day.
      Best wishes

    1. I spent a day in Slovenia it was beautiful, we went white river rafting and cliff jumping, whilst my parents and Tom went to an underground cave, they said it had a performance area next to the stalagmites and stalactites I’d love to go back.
      Best wishes

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