Women in Music – Royal Academy of Arts -“In Tune with Feminist Futures”

February 26, 2018 — 22 Comments


To help celebrate International Women’s Day the Royal Academy of Arts approached the Royal College of music to suggest a collaborative performance entitled In Tune with Feminist Futures” inspired by revered female artists, including Royal Academicians Gillian Wearing, Sonia Boyce, and Phyllida Barlow.

This was an ideal opportunity for me and my friends on the Women In Music module to perform some of the pieces that we have researched and prepared for our recital lectures on the 8th March.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to work with accompanist Leanne Singh-Levett who has helped me to shape my songs, one of which is quite a difficult and quirky contemporary piece by Kaija Saariaho called “Il Pleut”.  Leanne will also be accompanying my friends Katy Thomson and Esme Hurlburt with their contributions to the evening.

There will also be performances by the Maconchy Quartet, Maren Bosma violin, Eloise MacDonald violin, Joanna Patrick viola, and Lily Hope cello.

The programme for the evening will consist of:

Lisa J Burgess Clouds
Judith Weir Lady Isobel and the Elf-Knight
N Boulanger Soir d’hiver
A Mahler Fünf Lieder: In meines Vaters Garden; Laue Sommernacht
Maconchy Allegro feroce from String Quartet no 1
Beach Take, O, Take Those Lips Away
Beach The Year’s at the Spring

The recital is to be held in The Reynolds Room, Burlington House, Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly and starts at 6:30 pm. So if you are in London on the 9th March and want to come along and join us you can get tickets from the Royal Academy of Arts website.

22 responses to Women in Music – Royal Academy of Arts -“In Tune with Feminist Futures”


    Best wishes. Sorry I will not be able to attend. 😀


    Sounds like a tremendous concert.
    Wish I could attend.
    Enjoy and good luck


    As usual with class


    Good luck. Wish I could attend. Looks like it will be very good.


    I am in tune with you


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    If you’re in London on the 9th of March and like some class and culture.. check this concert out.


    It sounds like a magical evening. I wish I could be there.


    Wow, great news ! Congratulations Charlotte !
    All the best for you !


    Hi Charlotte, this sounds like fun evening. Have a great time. Darlene


    Dear Charlotte,
    Very beautiful photo of you on the piano celebrating the women in music. May God bless you richly my beloved.


    Sounds fabulous and I know you will be amazing!


    Love that photo of you. It sounds as if it will be a fabulous evening. Good luck!


    Sounds like it will be a great concert Charlotte, well done 😘


    Wishing you a great recital, as I’m sure it will be. Sadly London is a bit too far for me. It’s a lovely picture of you too Charlotte. I’ll be trying to do my bit on 8 March, if only a post as usual.


    Lovely photo Charlotte.
    I hope you enjoy the recital good luck xx


    You know I’m hoping you enjoy the night. If you are having a good time, the audience will feel it in your performance!


    The recital sounds wonderful! I hope you enjoy the evening.


    Sounds wonderful! Have fun! I know you will be fabulous! Xo


    Wish I could be there. You’ll be amazing.


    Sounds like an amazing evening! How wonderful to showcase and celebrate female artists.


    OMG!I wish I was there. I want to hear “Il Pleut”. Will it go onto YouTube?


    I wish I could be there. Hope the concert goes brilliantly. Ironically, we will be coming to the RCM Midsummer Night’s Dream on the 10th. I was due to accompany a musician friend who has a protégé in the cast. She is now not well enough to come so my husband will be with me instead.

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