Paris In The Springtime

April 9, 2018 — 73 Comments

I arrived in Paris with the rest of Team BambinO and we were immediately welcomed by everyone at the Théâtre du Châtelet.  The French audiences have been amazing and with the first few shows successfully completed I can’t wait to continue the run.  It is crazy to look out across the city skyline from each of the venues and see so many iconic landmarks.

I have managed to practice speaking French and more importantly understanding replies and been happy to walk around Paris in the Spring sunshine. Here are a few photographs that I have taken for my scrapbook that I wanted to share with you all.


Paris IMG 07

Tim Connor, Alison Reid, David Sneddon, Stuart Semple, Lissa Lorenzo, Me, and Laura Sergeant on the balcony of our changing room at the British Consul, Paris.


Paris IMG 02.jpg

The set laid out ready for our performance at the Conservatoire Municipal, Les Halles, Paris

Paris IMG 06

Paris IMG 04

Paris IMG 03

The three pictures above are from the Flower Market on the Île de la Cité, Paris.

Paris IMG 05

Stravinsky Fountain, 2 Rue Brisemiche, near the Pompidou Centre, Paris.

Paris IMG 01

This stunning iron-work sculpture is on the wall of the building next to the Le théâtre de la Tour Eiffel, Paris.

Paris IMG 09

The view of the Eifel Tower across from the British Consul, Paris

Paris IMG 12

Basilique Sainte-Clotilde, 23B Rue las Cases, Paris

Paris IMG 14

Paris IMG 16

At the bottom of the Rue des Dechargeurs as the Paris marathon passes on the Rue de Rivoli

Paris IMG 13

The Metro at Place Colette, close to the Musée du Louvre, Paris

Paris IMG 15

In the Jardin Nelson Mandela near to the Chatelet Les Halles, Paris

Paris IMG 17

Inside the In the Chatelet Les Halles, Paris

Paris IMG 11

Inside Galeries Lafayette,Paris.

Paris IMG 10

The view from the roof of the Galeries Lafayette Paris

73 responses to Paris In The Springtime

    Peter Alexander April 9, 2018 at 9:41 pm

    What gorgeous photos! Wow. I am so envious, as I have been in some of those places, but so long ago. How wonderful that this trip is going so well for you.
    I was amused by your comment about “understanding replies.” Years ago I knew an American couple who spent a year in Paris as Fulbright scholars. They arrived, full of French vocabulary and stopped a gendarme to ask directions. After three attempts to understand his reply, he said (in excellent English), “Just get in my car and I’ll take you there.” 😀 Hopefully, you did better than that.


      Haha, I could happily live here for a while 😀. Although my Cinderella ‘early to bed’ usual routine is counter-culture and I’ve been persuaded to try a couple of wines because it’s just not believable that I just don’t like the taste 😁.
      Best wishes


    A lovely city. I envy you so much.


    Sensational photos! Love Paris.


      I could easily sell Spring breaks to Paris I can’t recommend the experience enough, although I’m told it’s very busy on the roads because of the tourism.
      Best wishes


    Oh my gosh, what fun! <3 Thank you for sharing.


    Great success, dear Charlotte! You are becoming the international star! My congratulations!


    Hi Charlotte, thank you for sharing. Photo #7 is my favorite. (the one above the Eiffel Tower). The Style of the Architecture is amazing. Oh, and nice dress. I will not bother you about the ‘pink’ purse. I lost that discussion long ago. :o)


      The ironwork is amazing, it really appealed to me, what a great way to liven up a plain wall.
      I’ve had so many compliments for my pink purse 👛 hehe, I had to buy a matching pink scarf 💖. The photo opportunities here for you are amazing.
      Best wishes


    Magnifique, bravo !!


      Merci, I started the week saying ‘ fabuleuse’ when asked how I was, I was advised it was the wrong adjective – a bit too much – but I just don’t think they were used to my level of exuberance 😂.
      Best wishes


        you are right ! Only you can say if it’s ok or too much 🙂 and , “fabuleuse” comme from “fable” (legend, story with fairy, princess, … ) … and, when you are ask about your own feeling, you can sais : bien (well) très bien (very well) merveilleusement bien (like be in paradise) 🙂


    Dear Charlotte,
    I love all the beautiful pictures of you in BambinO in Paris I cannot wait to hear of all the success you will have. May the Lord bless you richly my Beloved.


    Is the Théâtre du Châtelet open again? The last time I walked past it was closed for renovation.


      It is still being renovated but we’re on tour, we’ve been to The Conservatoire Mozart, The British Council and the Mairie Annex de 14e, in the future we go to The Bibliotheque Jacqueline de Romilly, and the final week will be in the Cent Quartre /Atelier 7.
      Best wishes


    Paris in the spring…what more could you ask for! Thanks for taking us with you through those spectacular photos. I’ve only been there once, in August, when it was miserably hot and there was an inversion layer of smog. Awful. This is a better time! You look absolutely adorable with that black topknot!


      It’s amazing how quickly the babies accept the hat, when I first saw it I wondered if they would like it but they love the plume, Emma and Giuseppe Belli did an amazing job with the set and costumes, so imaginative. You would love Paris in the Spring – the weather has been good.
      Best wishes


    So thrilled for You and your BambinO group. Paris looks so pretty. My husband and I watched the marathon race that was held on Sunday, through Paris. I can honestly say that I am Jealous! Have fun dear Charlotte! Next stop, New York!


      We walked quickly with the runners for a while to soak in the atmosphere and beating drums, it was a lovely dry day for them. We walked up a good appetite too 😀.
      Best wishes


    I am so pleased you are enjoying your stay in Paris and that the audiences are loving BambinO! Gorgeous photos!


    Fabulous photos Charlotte. So pleased your enjoying Paris and that the show is a success. Next stop the big apple😁 bravo!👏👏👏👏


    Great photos looks like you are having a wonderful time. I hope the rest of your time in Paris goes as well! (I wish I was in Paris… 😉 )


    It looks like you have a wonderful time in Paris..!!!


    Wonderful photos. Beautiful time of the year. You look very happy.


    Wow, beautiful photos and so pleased you are enjoying your time there.


    Nice from the city of lights.

      Charlotte Hoather April 16, 2018 at 7:48 pm

      I love this City in the evening, people sat out in the street cafe/bars, talking, facing out and watching the world pass by, it’s very easy going, no drunkenness, really just lovely.
      Best wishes


    Wonderful photos. I am soooo envious. Make the most of it.


    That looks like such a fantastic time!

      Charlotte Hoather April 16, 2018 at 7:44 pm

      It’s a fabulous opportunity, I’m very grateful for this opportunity.
      All the best Karen,


    Really amazing pics…


    Fabulous photos Charlotte. Thank you for them and the post. Delighted it’s going so well, though there was no doubt about that!

      Charlotte Hoather April 16, 2018 at 7:42 pm

      It’s lovely to see that it carries across into a different Country and culture, and the parents and carers smiling at the babies reactions.
      Best wishes


    I beam with pride on your life and successes as though you were my own child. I am so happy for you.

      Charlotte Hoather April 16, 2018 at 7:39 pm

      Aww thank you 😊. That’s lovely to hear 🙋🏼💜.
      All my best wishes


    Beautiful photos Charlotte, I love the flower market ones .
    I’m so pleased everything is going so well in Paris, it all looks fabulous,
    Enjoy the rest of your time there, looking forward to your New York experience next .😘😘


    Glad to see you are having so much fun. Paris looks beautiful! Great pictures x


    I’m so happy you are getting the sunshine in Paris. Really enjoyed the pics, but couldn’t open 11, 13, 15. Sing on and have fun.

      Charlotte Hoather April 16, 2018 at 5:54 pm

      Oh dear, I hope they’re working now. Having great fun, thanks Hilary 😊.
      Best wishes


    What magnificent photos! All of them are stunning. And you are, too!


    Lovely photos! From the top, where were the 2nd and 7th photos taken?


    Thank you for sharing the lovely photos,Charlotte. Paris looks wonderful! Happy to see you are having a fun time. Hugs x

      Charlotte Hoather April 16, 2018 at 5:49 pm

      I wish I was a better photographer but my phones ok and it saves carrying around a camera.
      Best wishes


        We use both. Our camera takes the best photos. I have an IPhone and my husband has a Samsung phone. The camera on the Samsung is much better than the IPhone. 🤗


    So glad you’re having a good time! Hope the rest of the performances go well – and that it doesn’t rain too much so you can do some more sightseeing! (It’s really wet where I am right now.)


    And Charlotte takes over Paris in the Springtime ~ what an amazing time you must be having, enjoy, enjoy as I’m sure you are. Bringing smiles to all (especially the kids!). Take care.


    What a city!… perfect to visit during springtime… You look beautiful in those pics, dear Charlotte!!!. All the very best to you <3 🙂


    Beautiful snaps 🙂 Keep Glittering ,…..Love TGA by Misha <3


    Love the pictures! Great post!

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