New York, New York

After weeks of anticipation, Saturday finally arrived and team BambinO set off to New York for a week of performances at the Metropolitan Opera House. If you would have told me twelve months ago that working with this amazing team of creatives would lead me here I would never have believed it.

I was up bright and early, packed, and excited for the day ahead, eight hours after leaving Edinburgh we landed in Newark, collected our luggage, and met the drivers who were to take us to our hotel. The drive in from Newark Airport was a great way to see some of the City and I couldn’t wait to check in and explore the area around the hotel.

The Metropolitan Opera House

With a five-hour time difference, I was keen to stay awake as long as possible and not let the jet lag take hold. After a quick freshen up I arranged to meet up with Lliam Paterson, and together we set off walking to explore the area around where we were staying. It wasn’t long before we found the Lincoln Centre Plaza and I found it hard to contain my excitement as we approached the Metropolitan Opera House. It was only just sinking in that we would be here on Monday for the first of our performances.

Lliam Paterson, the Composer of BambinO and Me

This morning after a great nights sleep I met up with David Sneddon and Laura Sergeant and we set off to enjoy our free day in the City. Amongst some of the things we managed to do today were walking across Brooklyn Bridge, catching The Staten Island Ferry, and we walked through Times Square. I wanted to finish off tonight’s post by sharing some of the pictures we took.

I Can’t Believe That I Am Here On Brooklyn Bridge, New York.
Laura Sergeant, David Sneddon, and Me On The Brooklyn Bridge
Laura Sergeant and Me On The Brooklyn Bridge With The New York Skyline Behind Us
Statue Of Liberty


Times Square
New York County Court House
New York City Fire Station
Madison Square Park Looking Down 5th Avenue Towards The Empire State Building

Check out the trailer for BambinO on the Metropolitan Opera’s YouTube Channel:




39 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Dear I have been watching your schooling and blooming career since you started .Its just the beginning love. Welcome to America.Just think the whole world is yours. Good luck at the Met. Love your smiles .Keep going. Your fan Ken McFerrin in California

  2. Charlotte: It is SO exciting to see you in New York—in places that are so familiar to me and my friends. I knew you were destined for the Met, and it sure didn’t take you long to get there. 😉 I hope you have a wonderful time in the city, and please keep posting your thoughts! and photos.

  3. Wonderful Charlotte. I just can’t imagine the excitement as you saw the Met and it beginning to sink in you would be performing there, following in the footsteps of so many ‘greats’. Your excitement and happiness comes through in this super blog post and the wonderful pictures. And in all that you made the time to let us share in your experience. Thank you.

  4. I’m so excited for you! Looks like you enjoyed your sightseeing in NY! I watched the TV series about how the Brooklyn Bridge was created, an amazing feat of engineering! Have a great week of performances xx

  5. I haven’t been to NYC in many years, but it doesn’t appear to have changed much – glad you’re seeing it as I remember it. How exciting to be jetting about the world while working at something you enjoy so much! See the sights and you’ll be seeing more than the New Yorkers do!! 🙂

  6. Wow Charlotte, I am so excited for you, the photo’s are fabulous as always.
    You make everyone feel we are there with you , have a brilliant time😉. Keep up the sightseeing and keep taking the photo’s and enjoy. 😘😘

  7. I hope you have a terrific time here, Charlotte! Looks like the weather – a bit chilly – was nice for your touring and thanks so much for the intro to BambinO.

  8. So exciting, Charlotte! Loved all your photos, and you are definitely a star! Reminds me of when I sang solos, enjoying my time in the spotlight (years ago). Great memories, though!

  9. I am so proud of you. You look happier than a kid locked in a Candy Store. lol. New York City is definitely on my Bucket List of Places to visit. Don’t forget to try the New York Style Pizza.

  10. WOW! Your photo outside the Met with “SOLD OUT!” across the poster! I think that’s a new photo. What could be more exciting! It is SO much fun reading all the coverage, Charlotte. I am just thrilled for you.

  11. Welcome to the USA, Charlotte!! I’m so excited for your group to be at the Met…I only wish you could stay long enough to visit outside the city and meet rural folks, too!!
    Enjoy and best wishes for your performances!!

  12. How exciting for you Charlotte ~ I think you were made for New York (or could it be, NY was made for you?!?). An incredible experience, for sure ~ you look super. Cheers and continued success my friend.

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