Flight – RCM Opera Scenes


Esme Hurlburt, Davidona Pittock, and Me


On Friday, I participated in an evening of opera scenes along with my fellow students at the Royal College of Music. I had a lot of fun taking on the character of the ‘Controller’ in Flight and it was very exciting – but nerve-wracking as I had to sing a top F in a public performance for the first time. It was a great challenge, but one that I enjoyed immensely.

It was lovely to see so many friends, colleagues, and family in the audience. I was especially happy to see my dear friends Hilary, Edwin, and Norman and it was lovely to be able to see them after the performance and share this experience with them.

These productions would not be the same without all the help that we get from Costume, Wigs, Hair, Makeup, and all the technical staff, and of course not forgetting the fabulous musicians who play for each of the scenes.


Hannah Crerar and Me In The Changing Room ( Photo Julieth Lozano )


Julieth Lozano and Me


The Whole Cast  ( Photo Julieth Lozano )




Our next set of scenes are on this coming Tuesday at 5:30 pm in the Britten Theatre at the RCM.

On Monday 4th June at 11:10, I will perform my final recital of my Masters of Performance. The recital will take place in the Recital Hall at Royal College of Music. It would be lovely to see as many friendly faces in the audience as possible, so if you are in the area please come along. Entrance to the performance will be free, but because it is an exam please arrive early. George Todica will be accompanying me and we will be performing pieces by Massenet, Gustav Mahler, Lliam Paterson, Grieg, and Bernstein.


37 thoughts on “Flight – RCM Opera Scenes

  1. I wish that I could be there to cheer you on! Best wishes for a great concert. I know that you will be doing your absolute best!!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun, and your outfit and hair remind me of Annie Lennox,whom I’ve always liked and respected. Thanks for mentioning the behind-the scenes people, since without them, you’re right that you’d be standing there in your own clothes singing a capella in a hopeful manner!

    1. I love Annie Lennox did you know she studied at the Royal Academy of Music flute and piano, she was a fellow at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland it’s inspiring to see someone classically trained really being successful and crossing into so many avenues of work all her career, changing and refreshing her musical style as well as being just a fabulous person.

      I’ve always had as many friends from behind the scenes as in front of house, I will miss everyone in London a really great crew.

      Best wishes

      1. No, I didn’t know she studied there–good to know. It’s great to get along with everyone behind the scenes, since stress makes it all worse than it could be, and it can be so fun and so rewarding with just a little more tolerance for what pressure everyone feels. As a stage manager, I tend to say, “There’s no place for drama in the theater!”

  3. Good luck. I’m afraid London, on a weekday, is beyond me, or I’d definitely turn up to give moral support. I’m sure things will go swimmingly for you.

    1. Aw thanks Martin you can be there in spirit too. I’ll be in Tideswell at the end of June although I guess that could be an awkward place to get to, it will be lovely to sing alongside my old chums from the Male voice choir again.
      All my best wishes

  4. All the very best for Monday 4th – it will be wonderful. Am sure all you followers here on the blog will be there in spirit along with your friends and other supporters 🙂

  5. Wonderful Charlotte, you are always so appreciative of the entire team that bring a show together, it’s lovely to hear that. You look fabulous and your photos help to give an insight into the work behind the scenes, well done. Good luck with your upcoming recital in June, I know you’ll smash it! I’ll be at Tideswell to see you so until then, 😘

  6. Wonderful to see that you are still pushing yourself in your every performance…I would have loved to witness you sing at top F. I told you the last time…you look beautiful in black <3 lots of love <3 🙂

  7. Holy creepers, you’re almost finished with your Masters? Where did the time go? I continue to enjoy following your journey. Congratulations, not only on the success, but the attitude and will to finish.

  8. Charlotte, it was wonderful to meet you at last and your performance was superb. Your voice is wonderfully suited to Dove’s modern score and your top F was dazzling. We both enjoyed the humour you bought to the role of the god-like Controller of the airport and the way you reacted to the other performers. Congratulations!

    Sadly we will be abroad when you have your final recital, and will not make it tonight either, but you will be seeing us again. We will pop up at any accessible performances we find and wish you the career your hard work and talent deserve.

  9. I hope all went well on Tuesday and best of luck with your exam performance on the 4th. I wish I could be with you but it cannot be. I am sure that one day I will get to see you ‘live’!

  10. Oh, I wish I could be there!
    You are the first Opera Singer I have ever admired. You rock the boat, Charlotte!
    I know this is leading me to much more appreciation of the world of Opera.
    LOL! Perhaps Faust should not have been the first opera I heard live.
    I am impressed with your generous words about all other departments in the production, after all, you are the one who has to hit that top F!

  11. Good luck with your recital, Charlotte! I’m afraid Allie and I will both be working then, but we will be rooting for you from a distance! All the best!

    Best regards,


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