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August 12, 2018 — 33 Comments

We have had a productive week of rehearsals here in London for Waterperry Opera Festival’s production of Mansfield Park. Next week we travel over to Oxford to start the staging at the venue.  I can’t wait to see where we will be performing and soak up the atmosphere of the house to see if we can bring a little something extra to our characterisations.

I will try and get some pictures over the course of the week and share them with you once the performances are over or put them on Instagram.


Scottish Opera are putting on a Scottish tour of BambinO this autumn and I have been asked back to perform alongside Samuel Pantcheff who will be taking on the role of Pulcino, with Andrew Drummond Huggan on Cello and Michael D Clark on Percussion, they are currently performing at the Edinburgh Fringe if you are in Edinburgh next week with your baby check it out with Hazel McBain as Uccelina.

Bambino Tour 2018.jpg

The tour will start in Aberdeen where I will join up with the cast and my first performances of the tour will be in Inverness on the 10th and 11th September 2018.

We then travel to Perth with performances on the 14th and 15th September 2018.

The next stage takes us back down to Motherwell with performances on the 17th and 18th September 2018.

Motherwell 01


Finally, we fly from Glasgow to Lerwick, on the Shetland Islands for our final performances on 21st and 22nd September 2018.

Hopefully, there will be opportunities to get some pictures with the new cast members to share with you as the tour progresses. I am looking forward to meeting and working with

the new cast and also catching up with old friends, especially David Sneddon our tour manager, who always keeps things running so smoothly for us all.


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    What a picturesque tour you have ahead of you, Charlotte! I know you will find lots of thing to amuse us with! I would say bring some woolies though – Lerwick looks very far north. What is the name of that island? Have fun!


      I think it is the Shetland Islands, and yes after a sweltering London I best dig out my thermals 😄. I never got that far North in the four years I lived in Glasgow so that’s exciting.
      Best wishes


    Charlotte, you are going to be so busy!!! We watched the PBS series Shetland and know where Lerwick is, they filmed there. You are going to have a great TIME!!! Keep up the wonderful work dear Charlotte, Darlene


    BambinO is rapidly becoming *your* signature role, Charlotte, you’ll have to take care not to be typecast…


      Uccelina is a great role it will be interesting to see what the new team have created, when I see them in Aberdeen and adapt my performance to fit in with them. I’m very fortunate with the variety of roles this year and this latest Mansfield Park is very different from anything I’ve done before.

      I’m so happy with any work Martin being freelance can be stressful for musicians and too many have to stop to take up regular jobs, i’ll be happy over the next few years for all experiences that help me cover my living costs and if I’m singing and performing I’m happy.

      All my best wishes


    Lovely areas to tour in. You are certainly getting stacks of experience in entertaining tiny children in preparation for if or when you have any of your own!


      Scotland is just beautiful, I’m excited to see more of it. I’ve always had lots of empathy with children, I was in a practice room with my teacher a few months back and I was running through some arias and Rosa signalled me to look through the window, there was a little girl with her head pressed against the railings listening and when her Mum tried to tug her away she insisted on staying to listen it was lovely. Never changed a nappy though! Hehe

      Best wishes


        Such unsolicited applause is priceless! Nappies are easy, as I learnt when I had to be a mommy for a few weeks. Just a matter of deftness and breath control The secret is to hold one’s breath until the job is completed! That’ll come easily to a trained singer.


    Best wishes. i loved Inverness when there last summer.


    Sounds like you have a busy schedule ahead of you. Best of luck with the show. You’ve got this one down to a science now. Hugs xx


    Sounds like a great tour and will be a lot of fun. Please have a great time!


    You are going to be a busy lady with some great places to see too.


      I’ve got a couple of weeks between shows to try and sort the rest of my life out, like trying to find somewhere to live in London at the end of the tour on a tight budget 😳!
      All my best wishes


    I love that the joy of Bambino is still alive and being shared. <3


    So scenic! Thanks for sharing, and good luck to you!


    That is awesome! Well, you know Scotland is one of our most favorite places (I’m sure Kirkwall would have loved to see you too, perhaps next time). Have fun!


    Bravo, je suis très fière de Toi chère Charlotte – Very proud of you my dear ! Take care, prend soin de Toi – Wish you the best Lady rainbow voice !


    Amazing. And thank you for sharing all the photographs.


    Fantastic Charlotte, I love Scotland and used to live in Inverness. The places you’re visiting look awesome, I’ll look forward to following your tour and looking at your pictures as you travel along. Best wishes for your Mansfield performance, you’ll nail it as usual😘😘


    Dear Charlotte,
    Congratulations on being asked to perform in the opera in the fall you will be a great success. May the Lord bless you richly my Beloved.


    I’m so happy for you! I wish you all the luck 😊 have fun and good luck with everything.


    Charlotte, Good luck for Mansfield park performance..
    I’m excited for you to be doing Bambino again, I know how much you enjoyed it last time. The venues look fabulous , love all the photo ‘s.xx


    Wonderful to hear your professional career is off to such a busy start! Congratulations on being chosen to do BambinO in Scotland. It must be magical to sing for babies and see their engagement in the opera.


    Great post. Scotland must be so beautiful. While in the Shetlands, keep an eye out for their ponies! We had a couple of those wonderful animals in Holland. Boy were they headstrong.


    Scotland is such a feast for the eyes. All the best.


    That sounds like the best adventure! Wow!

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